Rural Library Community Model

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Rural Library Community Model

 Candida Höfer.)

Trinity College Library, Dublin. (Photo: Candida Höfer.)


The idea behind this conception is explained quite nicely by the
article that was written for our local Newspaper, under Opinions by
this gentlemen. To understand the full scope of this proposal one will
have top do some work with regards to reading on how this conception is
put forward, under the the statement of "Rural Library Community Model."


See: Rural Library Community Model 

George Victor

Will be taking a proposal for aid to ESL adults in bad economic times to a library board meeting tonight.

Because language is involved, I will not have to fight the usual battle for respect for "dead tree" products in the face of IT takeover.

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George Victor wrote:

Will be taking a proposal for aid to ESL adults in bad economic times to a library board meeting tonight.

Because language is involved, I will not have to fight the usual battle for respect for "dead tree" products in the face of IT takeover.


Hi George,


That's wonderful.

IN my developing perspective it was apparent that developing niches markets would arise from the developement of an incentive toward a "new economy" and not one supplanted by the "manipulators" who have brought to life, and of course with the newly help of a science proposal, some new version of Frankenstein(hopefully not), that will deal with the economy from a psychopathic response and behaviour.

It has been realized that such a "psychopathic behaviour" is one that dominates and betters deal with the economy from a Game theory response, to developing economic measures.

So what I saw happen first, is to challenge the current status quo, to form an inherent inflationary standpoint I thought to inject "an opposing force" to deal with the current strategies that have been implemented in our current economy to "better balance our lives" in the future.

So to begin with then,  think of the Library in this context, and apply this to the rural conidtions and developement of those comunities currenlty set at 71% in Canada. Such frequencies shall be implement in all major centers as well.

These communities are "non profit in terms of the Library" are be set up as distinctive entities in terms of the coproration driven by non-profit.These Smart towers will deliver frquency ranges that will be distribute to these comminutes to afford them  the new wave of Web Science and help remove the distance form education and resource of information currently sanctioned to the larger centers.

Second life will then be utilized to allow electronic versions of the book on loan, to be lent out, and knowing the capabiilty here of many resources in electronic issues we can help many people at the same time. Non profit shal set up a competitive version of Second life to create a "free access point" identification.

Currently lectures at unversities can be housed witin the second life format to allow respondents to particpate without out ever leaving their locations and working in real time.  This new method is one that I propose for all UNions in face of the economic conditons that we have to endure, to see that our rights are maintained and protected. Freeing up cash to implement further stratgies that support the non profitability of this opposing force of captialism at it 's worse. Freed up cash will go toward the developement fo those "smart towers" for frequency access. Developement of "boosters of the signal" for greater distant communication. Also, licensed wifi point location distribution by all non profits.

The market conditions are such, that employers wil become worse as the realization sets  in that an environment for self preservation will induce one for more fighing for money and survival to live our lives. It would not be good to see the concerted effort of association in this non profit scheme to be undermind by the cold and auster features of that new Frankenstein that is being developing currently in the economy.

See: The Library as a Wifi Point.

George Victor

Assistance for the ESL for adults in the community is being considered by library staff. Half the population hereabouts do not read above the bottom two of five reading quotients. The idea should fly - as long as more funding is not called for from a city as strapped as its citizens.

 As the IT element in the library comes under increasing fire for not putting filters on library computers, we may need to make other, diverting "news".

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Hi George,

Libraries Important during economic uncertainty Click on image for larger version


More specifics in terms of the article should be considered. Information is knowledge, and knowledge,  helps one to break free given the economic circumstances.

Also, in the spirit of internet developement and Libraries as a "focal point/wifi point" I also draw your attention too the following:

Tim Berners-Lee and Alberto Ibargüen

[i]A few years ago I chatted
with a woman involved in relief work in war-ravaged areas. I wondered
aloud whether Internet access should be low on the priority list after
clean water, and other critical resources. She responded by telling me
the story of a young man who had taught himself English, and with a
connection to the Internet, how he set up his own translation business.
This business provided income for the village as well as opening up new
communications opportunities. I learned that I should not prioritize
for others. Instead, I should listen to their concerns and
opportunities and then do what I can to help.[/i]Tim Berners-Lee Speech before Knight Foundation

Michelle once wrote about Is Google's Safe Search to Safe. IN that same spirit how shall one choose on their own whether such a point access shall be automatically locked based on the card holder's access to information? Current access is already allotted so much time, and then expires to make room for others. What we want is to increase this access time to benefiting those who are looking to break free of whatever constraints which limit themselves in regard to what they want to do.

Laptop access is already feasible sitting within the library? Also, the point is to access current information unbiased by corporations and governments for profit. INtranets under corporate entities already have software that inhibits certain sites.

Wikipedia asks for money to continue it's expansion of it's data based. These are people who are trying to help inform others.

I would ask that you explain the basis of the "reading quotion" and your assertion of number alloted. Also,  to explain more the substance of the "Assistance for the ESL for adults in the community."