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New Democrat petition on the conflict in Sri Lanka


Russia Chides UN on NATO, Ban and Japan, Sri Lanka Not on Agenda


As UN Accused of Spying in Sri Lanka, Satellite Photo Withholding Continues


Jayalalitha reiterates vow to create Tamil Eelam


UN concerned at ongoing military operations in Sri Lanka conflict zone


New evidence of Sri Lankan army atrocities


Think of civilians, commit to ceasefire, Oda tells Sri Lanka


'Drop food now if the concern is humanitarian': Vanni civilians


Tamil protest postponed as Oda visits Sri Lanka


Genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka


A Paradise turned into Kingdom of Vultures


Tamils cancel human chain

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I'd like to echo the thanks for your efforts to keep us informed here. I've learned a great deal over the last few weeks.


Interview: Both sides of the Sri Lankan conflict

Looks like Al Jazeera is finally getting tired of Sri Lankan government control of the Media.


Lard Tunderin Jeezus,

We should have kept the Canadian public informed long ago, instead many of the Tamils were busy making money and clearly failed in every aspect to reach out to many Canadians.


Open letter to IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn about loan to Sri Lanka


Queen's professors demand action in Sri Lanka


Petition drafted by prominent seven Singhalese and two Tamils to send by electronic mail.


New Democrat petition on the conflict in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankans Find Death on a Voyage to Safety

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Sorry I need to close this for length.


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