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Your questions for "Question Period"

Here is a link to the current Hansard debates in the House of Commons. A calendar appears where you can click on a date, and the record for that day appears.  It's tedious reading at best, but you can use your browser search function to find the interesting stuff.

This thread is about posing your own question in the House of Commons. You can pretend you are an elected MP (but not a real one), from any party of your choosing.  You can also be a member of the peanut gallery.

You must quote and/or provide a link to a  Hansard excerpt (or a previous post) to provide context to your question, and you must ALWAYS end by asking a question, unless of course, you are answering a question.

Thank you in advance, honourable Babble members, for observing these simple rules. I am confident that the debate that follows will set a high standard for respect and decorum.


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This is the only reference I have found to the Goldstone report in the Hansard debates for the current session.  Here the CPC ask and answer their own question.  To date (as far as I know), these outrageous statements have not been challenged by any of the opposition parties.


Mr. James Lunney (Nanaimo-Alberni, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, this week the UN Human Rights Council released its latest anti-Israel missive.

The Goldstone report began with a mandate to condemn the Jewish state in a process that Canada and many other nations would not support. The report accuses Israel of war crimes in the recent Gaza conflict.

Regrettably, war crimes is the same claim made by the Leader of the Opposition during the conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Could the minister of state please inform this House what the government's response is to this report?

Hon. Peter Kent (Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I would remind this House that the so-called fact-finding commission was the creation of one of the United Nations' most flawed bodies, the Human Rights Council, which includes some of the UN's least democratic states.

In commissioning this study, the Human Rights Council pre-emptively assumed Israel's culpability. This government has never equated Israel, a democratic state, with terrorist groups that seek to destroy both it and its people.

This government will continue to remind members opposite that it is one thing to offer support of words to Israel when it is convenient and quite another to stand with Israel in its--

Diogenes van Sinope, cynic party:

Mr. Speaker, I would remind the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas) that the Goldstone report deals with matters of the Mid-East and not the Americas, which suggests that he may not be the best authority to speak on these matters.

I would also remind the honorable member that Canada voted for the formation of the UN Human Rights Council in 2006 and was one of the original 47 members of the council, which we shared with other western democracies and allies like Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Switzerland and Italy.

I also remind the honourable member that Justice Goldstone is an internationally respected jurist, experienced in the prosecution of war crimes, who accepted this assignment only on condition that he be allowed to examine the actions and behaviors of both Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces, and which he has done in a fair an impartial manner.

Mr Speaker, now Canada has once again put itself forth as a candidate for election to the UN Security Council. 

Mr Speaker does this government support or not support the UN?  Does this government place no importance on whether those who are guilty of war crimes are held to account?  Why does Canada not support the findings in this report?


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From Hansard, September 18th, another question asked and answered by the Conservative Pary of Canada:


Mr. John Weston (West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, on September 18, before taking the stage to address the United Nations with his racist hate-filled rant against the world, his continued blatant disregard for human rights and his complete dishonesty about his true nuclear intentions, Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once again denied the Holocaust, describing it as a myth.

What is the government's position on the Iranian regime's continued bigotry towards the Jewish people and the denial of the Holocaust?

Hon. Lawrence Cannon (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, Mr. Ahmadinejad's repeated denial of the Holocaust as well as his anti-Israeli comments run counter to the values not only of the United Nations but also of the values that we all share here.

I might point out that the crackdown on legitimate democratic protests and unjustified arrests over the course of the last several months are things that are completely counterproductive and are completely abhorrent to Canadian values of freedom and democracy. In protest, my colleague the Minister of State for the Americas and I walked out of the speech to stand up for Canadians.

Mr. Speaker, we are very familiar with how the Honourable Minister and this government has been prepared to stand up for Canadians in the past. Mr. Aboufisian Abdelrazik, Ms. Suaad Mohamud, Omar Khadr, Maher Arar, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Elmaati, and Muayyed Nureddin, amoung others, all have first hand experience with how our government "stands up for its citizens".

And our own courts has found that  this government, Mr. Speaker,  has itself demonstrated a blatant disregard for human rights and the truth in its own dealings with certain Canadian citizens.

And, Mr. Speaker, our taxpayers are going to pay for the consequences of this reckless behavior. Over $800,000 spent in legal fees on Abdelrazik so far, defending the indefensible. And another $30 million in lawsuits before the courts.

When will the Minister of Foreign Affairs do what Canadians expect and demand of him, that he stand up and offer his resignation and leave this ministry to someone more competent and caring?

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Diogenes van Sinope, Cynic party, speaking from the peanut gallery,

Mr. Speaker, in March of this year Canada was the sole member to vote against an otherwise unanimous UN Human Rights Council resolution that called upon Israel to stop expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied territories; this is viewed by the council as a serious obstacle to peace.

Last month, in Vienna at the UN nuclear assembly meeting, Canada attempted to block a vote on the floor that urged Israel to join the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and put all of its nuclear sites under UN inspection.

At the same time, here in the House of Commons, Mr. Lunney called the UN Goldstone report an "anti-Israeli missive" that "began with a mandate to condemn the Jewish state in a process that Canada and many other nations would not support".

The Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas)  called the Goldstone report a "so-called fact finding mission created by one one the United Nations most flawed bodies".

Mr. Speaker, when is the government of Canada going to stop being a sock puppet for the government of Israel?

When am I going to witness the day when any member in this house below me will have the courage to stand up and support the Goldtstone report and demand that Israel to held to account for its actions?

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From the Commons debate on Monday, Oct 19, 2009.  A question about Nortel pensioners, severance payments, and former employees on Long Term Disability:



Hon. Judy Sgro (York West, Lib.):

Mr. Speaker, recent media reports talk about people like John Malik, who worked for Nortel and now faces ruin. His pension plan is underfunded and John may lose his health and life insurance benefits at a time when he needs them most.

When I last asked this question, the government said that this matter was not something we should be dealing with at the federal level. It said this issue "has no place on the floor of this House".

When is the government going to stop telling people like John that it is not going to help them and start doing the right thing and offering some help to him and seniors across Canada?

Hon. Tony Clement (Minister of Industry, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, there is no question that everyone in the House cares about people who are facing some difficulty. However, the fact is that when dealing with pensions and long-term disability issues, all of those are registered with the province of Ontario. They are a provincial responsibility. I know the hon. member is going to suggest making changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act but they cannot be retrospective.

We are trying to help build a better business and economic environment in our country, which will help everybody, including pensioners.

Diogenes van Sinope, Progressive Cynic Party, sitting in the peanut gallery:

Mr. Speaker, can the Minister of Industry explain how pointing the finger of responsibility at provincial governments and making vacuous statements about building a better "business and economic environment" that clearly puts pensioners last in line is different from doing nothing?


How did I miss this thread before?  This is excellent!  I don't have time to think one up myself at the moment, but just letting you know that I'm reading along with interest.  Thanks for posting!

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Too precious to pass.

Lawrence Cannon, Foreign Affairs Minister and Irwin Cotler former Liberal Justice Minister, duke it out in the House of Commons over Iran.

Both gentlemen were in Israel last week, probably for rehearsals for the next Punch and Judy show in the Commons, where they fight it out about everything but Israel's role in the Gaza Massacre.

Hansard debates, Oct.28, 2009


Hon. Irwin Cotler (Mount Royal, Lib.):

Mr. Speaker, yesterday, the minister avoided my questions on Canadian action to counter the Iranian threats.

My questions are: Will Canada seek sanctions in support of our United Nations resolution, including sanctioning the Iranian revolutionary guards? Will Canada, as a state party to the genocide convention, implement our legal obligations to combat state-sanctioned incitement to genocide? Will Canada support the Interpol arrest warrant against Iran's defence minister for the 1994 terrorist bombing in Argentina?

We need action, not just words, to protect human rights.

Hon. Lawrence Cannon (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, yesterday I made it clear that Canada is leading the way in the world to make clear that we stand up at the United Nations, that we table and co-sponsor a resolution against Iran's outrageous handling of human rights. We hope that that side of the House supports our actions against Iran.

Diogenes Van Sinope, (CPC (Cynic Party of Canada), speaking from the peanut gallery) :

Mr. Speaker,  I would like to thank both the Liberal and Conservative parties for debating the dangers of another WMD rumour.  It is important that history be allowed to repeat itself so we never allow ourselves be be drawn into another mess like Afghanistan.

My concern, Mr. Speaker, is with the here and now.  Earlier this year, Israel conducted a war on the people of Gaza. It was well documented. By all accounts, Israel used disproportionate force.

Mr. Speaker, it should properly referred to as the Gaza Massacre: 100 Palestinians were killed for every Israeli soldier or citizen that was killed.  The people of Gaza did not deserve this.  They have been under siege by Israel for 3 years and have no choice but to build tunnels to smuggle the food and other necessities to live.  Even before this war, since Hamas was democratically elected and Israel began the siege, Israel killed 50 Palestinians for every Israeli killed by a Palestinian. A 50:1 ratio before the war. A 100:1 ratio after the war.

Mr. Speaker, the Goldstone report sponsored by the UN Human Rights Council had a limited mandate to investgate both Hamas and Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity that were committed during the Gaza Massacre.  It has done so, examining some of the most egregious events of this war.  Judge Goldstone has called upon both Hamas and Israel to conduct fail and impartial investgations into their own conduct.

Failing that, he recommended that the matters be referred to ithe International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Mr. Speaker, my questions:

1) I there any MP in the house before me that supports the reccommendations of the Goldstone report and has the courage to say so?

2) Why does this government so strongly support Israel's efforts to evade responsibility and be held to account?

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Yesterday in the House of Commons debate


Hon. Anita Neville (Winnipeg South Centre, Lib.):

Mr. Speaker, until now, no Canadian Prime Minister has ever sought to turn the broad support of Israel into an issue of partisan politics.

Shamefully, the minister is singling out Canadian Jews for a special message that is based on distortion, innuendo, half-truths and fiction.

Real leadership is about bringing people together. As was asked in the McCarthy hearing 55 years ago, does the Conservative Prime Minister have no sense of decency?


Hon. Jason Kenney (Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, when the Leader of the Opposition was accusing the Jewish democratic State of Israel of war crimes, our Prime Minister had the decency to defend that state's right of self-protection.

The Prime Minister had the decency to defund the Palestinian Authority upon the election of Hamas. That was opposed by that party.

The Prime Minister had the decency to ensure that Canada was the first country in the world to withdraw from the hateful Durban process which, initially, was opposed by members of Parliament on that side.

Yes, the Prime Minister has represented this country's fundamental decency on the world stage.

Diogenes van Sinope (peanut gallery);

Mr. Speaker, in the last 9 months, this government has banned a British Member of Parliament from entering the country to speak to peace activist groups but granted refugee status to a white South African who claimed racial discrimination without providing any supporting proof. 

They refused to issue passports to three Canadians of Arab descent until they were either forced to do so because of a Federal court ruling or because of incontrovertible evidence that would result in yet another decision against this government.

Canada was the lone country to vote against a United Nation Human Rights Council resolution  deploring the expansion of illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied territories.  We are the only western democratic nation that refuses to repatriate our own from the debacle of Guantanamo Bay, even though the Obama administration would welcome this.

From what dictionary does the member from Calgary Southwest derive his definition for decency?

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Diogenes - I play by my own rules.

My question is for the Minister of Public Safety, Peter Van Loan. Peter, you sorry asshat, why are your goons at the Canadian Border Services Agency putting the boot to the gay community again? Are you not aware of the Supreme Court ruling in Little Sister Book and Art Emporium v Canada (Minister of Justice) where the justices acknowledged the CBSA is notorious for selective enforcement, and that they have been unfairly targeting the LGBT communities? That one of the films that the CBSA seized this week was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and has been rated PG? Can you explain to the house why what was acceptable at TIFF is now somehow obscene because it is being screened at the Inside Out Film Festival?