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Geez, if the Libs were jealous about the bar shot, they're going to be tearing their hair out over Jack's appearance on Rick Mercer showing off his solar-powered house and chinese cooking.

... the LEAST Mercer owes him, by the way, after the cheap shots he took at Jack on Twitter before his news conference announcing he was having treatment for prostate cancer.


Whatever. Trying to deal with Mike Harris AND the Olympics in 1996? Sure, that would have worked out well.


I was as the British say taking the piss. Yes Jack was opposed to the TORONTO games because he was a city councillor at the time and he had the  power to block the bid . He was never involved in Vancouver city politics nor was he involved in BC provincial politics where he could have taken action against Van's games. He is a frigging federal politician and has been since Van secured the games in the first place. When he announced he was sick he said he would have more time to WATCH THE OLYMPICS where were Slivers and Powers then.They never went after Harper for not building that firewall 'round Alberta or dismantling our "second tier European welfare state" right after being sworn in as PM well the Tory one wouldn't anyways. Jack's fucked if he does and fucked if he doesn't. if he protested in front of Canada Hockey Place, they'd decry his lack of patriotism or whatever. 

For the record I did watch the games (mostly everything I found interesting, Hockey, bobsled, biathalon, freestyle skiing) and yes I did enjoy it. 

Yes I realize that Jack may be guilty of pandering to photo ops and what other federal party leader doesn't ? Its fucking politics. 

Besides no one replies to my posts anyways.


which doesnt mean they arent appreciated

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