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Power & Politics The extreme right own the CBC edition

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I watched last night as Evan useless Soloman had the balls to argue with Don Newman about the Israeli conflict. Seriously it was bad enough with Kory being on their spewing the most ridiculous talking points, but for the two of them to trun on Don Newman made me want to drive to Ottawa to spank these kids. Its not like Newman is some commie pinko lefty.


I want to document the rightward drift on this program. Drift is not enough clearly. But if the national post can have a CBC watch under the libs. I beleive we should under the cons. I am watching the CBC turn into the worst type of propaganda tool. Under the libs it was a lot closer to even handed. But right now they parrot what the cons want them to say.


ALL the political panels have 2 cons to maybe a right of centre lib. Seriously what about the other 50% of the population?

I would love to start a petition against Evan Soloman, his hack "journalism" grates on my nerves so much. I say if the cons can do it so can we. I also plan on sending email to the P&P sponsors.

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I wish Solomon would stop saying "...and you are where you need to be". F*ck you Solomon, until you get rid of the neocon hacks on your show, I'm not interested!



Also did you hear Kevin O'Leary last evening on Lang and O'Leary report? Banks need to be bigger so they can compete globally, business is war -- or words similar.

Not taking in the CBC so much these days.



Me either.CBC has taken a huge hit in the last 4 years. I cant watch Lang and Shithead. Seriously hated this guy as a dragon and now they give him another platform to spew his garbage.

I mean Don says he is an Israel supporter and having problems agreeing with this. Kory compares it against the germans in WW1 and WW2. Don says its not the same at all.

Yeah boom boom. I hate that line and the way that asshat smirks all the time. What marketing wizard thought that sounded good to start with. It sound so contrived. Politics never had a catch phrase other than maybe "Welcome to the broaoooad caaast" I can't wait till this show changes or something its simply awful. 2 hours of politics with less content than Don had in an hour. You have the same hacks on there all the time. Scott Reid, Kory, Flanagan

I mean when you have Don Martin as the left moderate on your panel..you are no longer balanced.


I do love how Newman put Kory in his place. But Evan trying to criticize Don is just sooooo laughable. Shut your mouth idiot. Don has covered the middle east longer than you have been alive. Nice to see Don speak his mind now that he isn't the moderator for the show. He even had Kory backpedaling.."That must be why you aren't in the prime ministers office now" LOL go get em.

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I heard Evan Solomon try to attack Terry Eagleton in a radio interview becuase of his Marxism. Eagleton calmly made mincemeat out of him. Solomon, whom I hated the first time I heard his show "The Contrarian," is a first-class idiot.


The CBC merely pushes our elites message that deep integration with the imperial empire is in Canada's best interests.  The CBC is the state media so it presents deep integration as inherently good and not to be questioned.  The face of imperialism is Friedman and the CBC only hires true believers in the Invisible Hand, that being of course the state ideology of the empire.

According to our state media Ready Aye Ready is once again our national slogan.

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I doubt I'm going to watch P&P any longer - because of Evan Solomon, it's a piece of shit. How is the CTV equivalent - Tom Clark - faring these days?

ETA: Don Newman was 100 times more interesting and 1000 times more knowledgeable than Evan Solomon is on his best day.


I could not stomach the pro-Israeli slant that both the National website and the National on TV gave yesterday. A month ago or so they had a story on the Harper tilt toward Israel but no Palestinian groups or individuals were interviewed. There really needs to be a protest against the CBC's slant on Israel, preferably not on a Saturday. Does anybody know of any? I have search but cannot find anything.

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kropotkin1951 wrote:

The CBC is the state media


I read that first as "the state meds". I quit CBC long ago.


..a week and a half ago i was watching p&p and they were discussing greece plus europe. both experts were claiming that the cuts need to happen here. their wisdom was that it should be done quickly and it should be deep.



CBC: Your publicly funded corporate broadcaster.


So, did anyone notice who was advertising on P&P?


I note that  (lang) and O'LEARY  are proudly sponsored by the Bank of Nova Scotia's I-Trade. 


I'm sure you've seen the fake BP add, with the BP icon underwritten by the slogan "Bringing Oil to America's Shores".


If the people who advertise on P&P like to support Solomon's take on things, then they wouldn't mind having their logo and brand combined with the things Solomon or his guests say, I suppose.







I'm about to sit down to see what kind of turd he is going to lay today. If I think its worthy I may send an email off to the ombudsman. truly sickening. I tried CTV today but its so messed up it get thrown into their video mashing machine with constant commercial and the likes of their comedy/drama shows.

The one with Taber is pretty crap, but bird face(I know lookism is bad!) oliver makes me want to throw things at my PC. What a suck up this asshole is. He interviews the ministers and lobbs beach balls across the plate. I think he is hoping for one of the duffy patronage positions. Someone should tell him he would be out of a job in a few short years. I believe he is closing in on the senator cut off  age.... Looked it up he is 72. Just another neo-con dinosaur...but he has proof man walked with T-rex he was there!!! Sorry I really had to. I just can't stand these supposed unbiased reporters.

On a related note, why have we NEVER seen a lefty on P&P..I think I saw jim Stafford on there once. CCPA gets the odd mention. Last week they devoted a whoel section to how iggy is being beat up in the polls for leadership compared to Harpy...but couldnt find the number or display the ones that had jack in the lead...oh they made mention of it later in the show for about 2 seconds, but spent a good 7 minutes on the iggy harper debate. Don't want people to know there is an alternative. If people think the NDP has a chance they could swing some votes.

Jacob Richter

The CBC is meant to suck up to whoever's in power.  The National Post ilk have hushed down on their calls to privatize the CBC because their guys call the shots.




evan soloman owned by chomsky!


I remember this from some years ago. He absolutely destroys Evan. I liked his interview with Strombo though IIRC. But given how inept this guy is, you can see why they gave him the part. Mouth piece for power. Given his reaction and from what I have seen from Evan lately, he didn't actually follow up or believe any thing chomsky stated.

Which is the real problem. If you don't dig and use critical thought , how will you ever examine an issue not just unbiasly but knowledgably. All he does is read of his cue card, unless he thinks he should bash an opponenet which in most cases is the less extreme right person on the panel.


They didn't rebroadcast P&P on the cbc website last night, so I have no idea what may have happened. Didn't layton come out with a decent statement asking for a full investigation from an independant state.


You people have nerve questioning the actions of Isreal.


You people have nerve questioning the actions of Isreal.

The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment

Among American Jews today, there are a great many Zionists, especially in the Orthodox world, people deeply devoted to the State of Israel. And there are a great many liberals, especially in the secular Jewish world, people deeply devoted to human rights for all people, Palestinians included. But the two groups are increasingly distinct. Particularly in the younger generations, fewer and fewer American Jewish liberals are Zionists; fewer and fewer American Jewish Zionists are liberal. One reason is that the leading institutions of American Jewry have refused to foster—indeed, have actively opposed—a Zionism that challenges Israel’s behavior in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and toward its own Arab citizens. For several decades, the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism’s door, and now, to their horror, they are finding that many young Jews have checked their Zionism instead.



Kory the tory was allowed to just spew nonsense for a full 3 minutes as everyone on the panel was too afraid to say anything on it. Fucking embarrassing. They did say Canada was not in line with world opinion...and I see either CSIS or Mossad has sent one of the fact checkers to straighten out "perception" here.

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The most liberating act I've undertaken in the last decade has been cancelling my cable and giving the TV away. We read more, we spend much more time outdoors, and we no longer perceive the world through a lens so brutally shaped by consumer marketing and corporate thought control.
TV is like smoking for the brain except the cancer is certain and far more pervasive. I encourage you to give it up.


Your preaching to the choir. I watch hockey a couple times a week and watch politics online from my pc. No TV as all I have is antenae and the CBC moved their broadcast tower 4 years ago for HD and moving CBC radio 1 to the FM dial. Guess what in 4 years nothing has been done. And the reception is whats left from their onsite tower(1/3 its former size) is terrible.

I think the TV would be better than the amount of time I spend on my computer. Oh the P&P question of "Did the PMs response go far enough" Or perhaps good enough was 19 yes and 81 percent no...Evan said "This is certainly a polarizing event"...ummm how is it 4 out of 5 canadians think the PM didn't do enough polarizing? I dont think we have anything in this country that has that much support. Even getting out of Afghanistan isnt that high. Otherwise anything that was not an outright unanimous decision would be "polarizing".


Finally found were they hid yesterdays show. Don't know why I torture myslef watching this , but I do.


"Finally found were they hid yesterdays show. Don't know why I torture myslef watching this , but I do."


It's pretty sad, what we have to watch for political coverage.

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Ya I  know this whole polarizing spiel is amazing in the face of numbers that indicate NO polarizing and a hardened position in the majority against Israel.


But you know that is a thought terminating clich, where people hear "polarizing" and think a split so perhaps might be open to change, moreso than they would be if they knew they were in the majority.


Evan Soloman, is quite obviously the product of hyper parenting....

George Victor

Frustrated Mess wrote:
The most liberating act I've undertaken in the last decade has been cancelling my cable and giving the TV away. We read more, we spend much more time outdoors, and we no longer perceive the world through a lens so brutally shaped by consumer marketing and corporate thought control. TV is like smoking for the brain except the cancer is certain and far more pervasive. I encourage you to give it up.

That has also been my experience...for nearly two years now...but we really must stop meeting (minds) like this.  :)


Soloman appears to be in training for Robert Fulford's spot in the doctrinal system, though with less of a veneer of high culture.


As media is the key to any country's voting decisions, I believe the CBC needs to see a nation-wide protest against its increasing right-wing bias.

Progressive groups have thus far been afraid to criticize the CBC, thinking it might lead to further cuts or that their spokespeople might be ostracized, but I think it's time that the elite at the corp realize they are turning off their own demographic base, en mass. The political programming has been increasingly biased these past few years, and I for one, am sick to death of the same-old right-wing guests, week after week, spewing their poisonous opinions as part of a so-called "balanced" panel - this is true in TV and to a lesser degree in radio. I would have less issue in letting the draconian dinosaurs regurgitate their ludicrous opinions nightly if the other side is allowed equal and fair air time; instead, we merely have smaller dinosaurs singing from a similar song sheet, in their place.

Nothing will change unless the directors and exec producers hear this from a good number of its progressive listeners. Ian Morrison's Friends of the CBC, which I've donated to in the past, needs to change its tactics.



I just heard the CBC radio calling the blockade of Gaza an Israeli and Egyptian blockade during a news cast saying how quickly Israel is releasing people from the ships.



Hey Pat Martin got a lot of air time today.  Long enough to infer that the Priest who heads Opus Dei in Canada is a fascist.


Cool.  Well, Pat Martin was cool.  The guy from Opus Dei was creepy.



I missed the later segment, where Solomon had Jaime Watt on.  We might remember Watt from such heroic deeds as the character assasination of Darcy Allen Sheppard.  


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Jamie Watt is on P&P every week with Scott Reid, they're both unbearable. I forced myself to watch P&P tonight, Pat Martin was squirming a little, he was under attack from Solomon the whole time. What Solomon doesn't get is this:  If Opus Dei has a presence on Parliament Hill, doesn't that open the floodgates for all the religious groups to be there as well?


I know what you are saying, Boom Boom. It was very much Pat Martin on trial, and the Priest got lobbed some softballs while Martin got the high heat. 


But then, Martin throws them high and inside himself, and if Solomon thought himself the CBC's Tomas de Torquemada, he had a rude awakening.

Martin always expects the Spanish Inquisition.


"As media is the key to any country's voting decisions, I believe the CBC needs to see a nation-wide protest against its increasing right-wing bias."

I agree but in more directly right now I would like to see a protest against the CBC's pro-Israel bias; does anyone know if one is being organized? I have checked a few pro-Palestinian websites and thus far nothing but I could have easily missed something.


I've found Ceeb radio coverage of the Israeli\floatilla story to be decent.  AIH's Off grilled the Israeli spokesperson and The Current has had on a variety of stories on this, all well handled.  I don't think the Ceeb itself should be in the business of denouncing Israel.

CBC TV?  Couldn't tell you.  I haven't had a tv in a long time.  I see PandP when I'm at the gym.

I met Evan Solomon in the winter.  He was speaking at an Ag conference I attended.  He seemed like a genuine and sincere person, in person.  His speech was really good, clever.  Does that mean he's suited to P&P?  Can't say.  I imagine CBC TV hosts are often chose for reasons other than their skill and knowlege.

Cool thread idea, Thorin. 

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I never watch CBC anymore....You can't even watch hockey on the CBC without a right wing cheerleader--Don Cherry.The guy is an old dog and like an old dog he needs to be put down.

The man is a douche bag...He talks like a douche bag,he dresses like a douche bag and he thinks like a douche bag..Forget the bag,he's the whole douche BOX...And only a douche bag could love a douche box like Don Cherry.

Talking about there being no representation from the left on TV..Can someone explain why only fat extreme right wing pigs land their own radio shows?...And why does the lunatic fringe have a million soap boxes and critical thinkers and intellectuals have none?

Clearly,if you have one point of view constantly and relentlessly at the forefront of the public's ears and eyes that inevitably you'll eventually capture their psyche...Isn't that the point of propaganda?

I guess there's an agenda at play.

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Hi alan smithee, welcome to babble.

I understand that you post mostly to the rabble main page and maybe don't quite have a handle on babble's culture. To refresh your memory, take a look at the babble policy (you agreed to it when you registered for rabble), which states:

You understand that racist, sexist, homophobic, classist (e.g. poor-bashing) and other excluding language is not appropriate on babble

That means that sexist terms like "douche-bag" are not allowed on babble, nor is commenting, like you did in this thread, about how "hot" you think certain women are. babble is an inclusive, anti-oppression space, and I would encourage you, if you aren't equipped to interpret the babble policy yourself, to read babble and get a grip on what is acceptable to this community before you employ gendered language here again. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Just went back on line to catch the "Point of Order"  bit on Solomon's Power and Politics.


Whenever Newman had Watt or Sears on, at the end, he'd give a quick blurb about them working for Navigator, and ask them if they were commenting on anything that fell within the sphere of working for one of their clients.


I found that questionable, particularly when Navigator likes to brag how it works behind the scenes.    But, at least Newman lead the public horse to the water, even if it didn't want to drink.


I note Solomon didn't even do that, trusting to Watt to disclose that he works to promote the reputation of Brian Mulroney, before launching on an unchallenged commercial for Brian Mulroney's reputation.


If Solomon is a good guy, a nice guy, he should be more protective of what he puts his name on.  I'm sure Jamie Watt would even tell him that.


Now, you might be inclined to think I foamed at the mouth and fell over backwards raging at the love fest between Watt and Ried, the tweedle dee and tweedle dumber of the current political situation, but I finished my viewing feeling very, very good indeed.


These two guys don't know their ass from a hole in the ground, and they can't lie worth shit.




Oh I turn it off when those two show up. Its such a farce. If I wanted fox news I would steal it on satellite.

What I noticed is how the producers at CBC decide in what order and what the "power panel" is goign to discuss for the day. Sometimes not even covering a very important issue.

Feel free to document such brain farts so we can forward them to the braintrust at the ceeb.

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

Catchfire...Sorry that I trashed your Canadian hero...First off,since when has the term 'douche bag' been a sexist statement?

Secondly,if I was to go to court and make a case for Cherry as being indeed a douche bag,I don't think I'd have a hard case to prove it.

Thirdly,my comment in the thread about the woman who lost her job over her appearance...READ IT AGAIN...I merely stated that the woman is hot,again in a court of law it'd be a pretty easy case to prove AND I said,if you'd READ the damn comment,that her bosses and coworkers should have moved on from the obvious.

Fourthly,I will say whatever the hell I want to say as everyone else can...You don't agree with it..TS,Buckwheat...It's called free speech and I have yet to post ANYTHING dripping in a derogatory or blatantly false pretext.

Better luck next time in your quest to shut me up.

Catchfire Catchfire's picture

Thanks for that thoughtful response, alan. Believe me, I'm not trying to shut you up.

To be clear, as it says in the babble policy which you agreed to when you registered, this is not up for debate. "Douche-bag" is sexist because it uses a feminine hygiene product as a pejorative term. Objectifying women by commenting on their "hotness" is also sexist. Again, this is not up for debate. If you can't abide by the rules of this forum, stay out of it. If you can't do either, as a moderator, I will be happy to help you.


I have been saying for some time that there is a danger to letting the national government fund (and therefore control), our media.
Kneejerk reaction, of course, was to dispute that, pointing out that the CBC is better than corporate media, which is true. However, if those employed by the CBC are more interested in power, wages, and security than they are with telling the truth, then we may see a large tilt to the right, as the Conservatives increase their stranglehold on Canadian politics.

A much better solution would be to guarantee their funding in such a way that the government of the day can not touch it, and give control of the CBC to the universities.

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

@Catchfire...It's individuals like yourself that is killing the progressive cause.Hypersensitive with an obsession with political correctness that borders on outright paranoid hysteria.

Calling me a sexist is going to get me angry because it's clear you have no idea who I am..Sexist?..Yeah,and I'm also the the King of Spain.Clearly you don't know what you're talking about.

If there's one thing progressives can learn from the right is that there is nothing to gain by not rocking the boat or worrying about who you may or may not offend.I suppose your answer to any quarrel is to blow kisses at your adversaries and sing Kum Bai Ya.

Just look at the 'leaders' who are supposed to be representing progressives...They're all bland,passionless push-overs..I for one am not.If I get pushed,I'll push back twice as hard and am not afraid to actually FIGHT for my freedoms.I'll never turtle..When it's time to fight,it's anywhere,anytime--even if it becomes bare-knuckle.

Hitting the high road,trying to be bipartisan and trying to appeal to the opposite side DOESN'T WORK..Just look at what's been going on in Washington for the last 18 months.

You want to ban me over calling a spade a spade...Feel free...You'd only prove yourself as a stereotypical wishy washy wimpy FAUX progressive.

BTW,remember who you're defending the next time you're watching Saturday night hockey and you get to hear a clown in a loud suit go on about you 'lefties' and 'left wing kooks' with YOUR and MY tax dollars paying this person.

And again,I used the term 'hot' in making a point of that woman's bosses and co-workers who have clearly objectified her.

Oh but yes...acknowledging a person as being sexy is something a sexist chauvinist pig would do...I forgot...To be a progressive,you must also be a freakin' ASEXUAL.

I find your threats and your objectiveness plays right in the hands of the people out there who believe liberals are ELITISTS.

Ban me...And the next time you bash the Reform Party as fascists,you will then be forever a hypocrit.

Marg Bedore

Evan gave Opus Dei a platform as if this was a mainstream group.  I can just see Jason Kenny flagellating.


alan smithee wrote:
Hitting the high road,trying to be bipartisan and trying to appeal to the opposite side DOESN'T WORK..Just look at what's been going on in Washington for the last 18 months.

Speaking of faux progressives, if you're so down on the Right as you say you are, then why do you insist on employing their demeaning terminology to prove your point. For all that you are attempting to gain with this level of intensity, you lose in needlessly assisting capitalist patriarchy with barricading victims behind walls of demeaning vitriolic. Political correctness is also a term used by the Right. We should insist that the lexicon of oppression be discarded, and new narratives and definitions take their place.

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

This is great...I can't believe how people have no clue what they're talking about but try to turn things around and unload them on me.AMAZING.

Truly you have NO CLUE if you think I lean ANYWHERE close to the right...Jesus H Clause.....I'd laugh if this was not so pathetic.

I've been called alot of things in my time but a CONSERVATIVE?!...Wow...Clearly there's people out on rabble who've been smoking banana peels.

I suppose Che Gueverra was a neocon too......Stay out of the sun,you're going to get a stroke.


This thread is now about you apparently, due to your choice of words that are anything but benign.  Why don't you just clean up your act, learn from the error of your ways, and move on to the substantive discussion underway.

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

Look,first I was called a sexist..Then a fuckin' conservative...All out of what?...Calling Don Cherry a d-bag?....Using the word 'hot' in describing an attractive woman?

Seriously,I didn't start anything and if you can't see that I'm being ganged up on for speaking my mind then you're blind.

I've read MUCH worse comments than what I have wrote.

Oh and BTW,Slumber...Our progressive 'leaders' ARE wishy washy and wimpy..They flip flop and back pedal to try to appease a portion of the electorate that will never vote for them anyhow.

Maybe if progressive MPs stood up and said STFU or Fuck you to their adversaries,people would pay attention and take them more seriously...Or they can have a vision and policies that they keep solid and quit changing their positions with every poll that pops up.

This thread is all about me?...That would make me arrogant and sorry---It's you and the moderator who are being arrogant...If it's objectable to call someone a d-bag or hot,then it's JUST AS DEROGATORY to call someone sexist or conservative. 


Hi alan.  Seems catchfire's diplomatic approach isn't effective, and you refuse to grab a clue.  Catchfire really does the diplomatic thing well though, doesn't he?  I taught him everything he knows.  I'm so proud.


Anyway, I'm suspending you pending further discussion for mysogeny and general orneryness.  Oh, also that you admit upthread that you're the King of Spain.  I thought our side cleared up that infestation of Bourbons over 200 years ago, but I guess it's time to spray again.



alan smithee alan smithee's picture

I like how you can say Fuck you,Soloman but you can't call Don Cherry a douche bag.

So fuck you,douche bag.


Oops, clearly my vacation was too long.   Close the account, THEN write the pithy little comment, not the other way around.


Not that I'm in the habit of using the term, but how is writing douchebag worse than, say, dork?

Back in 1973, a guy I knew in school was slapped by his mother for using the "d" word to describe someone.  He didn't know the medical background of the word, and so was somewhat taken aback by his mother's reaction.

bagkitty bagkitty's picture

oldgoat, damn you really need to brush up on your world leaders... Spain is still a monarchy and, coincidentally, Juan Carlos the 1st actually can claim Bourbon descent. And general orneryness... oh, just imagine the typos that could generate (not to mention how quiet the place would be if that was uniformly enforced).

Welcome back from vacation.

ss atrahasis

When I got called on using that word, I apologized, not really knowing the etymology of the word. I did so because it clearly offended some babblers. It shouldn't be a big deal to NOT use words that upset and cause distraction. It always seems to be a big deal for some people, though.

Anyway, I tried watching newsworld or whatever it is called again yesterday for about 5 minutes. Still didn't work for me. Glad Al Jazeera is coming (or already here).