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Favourite Current Canadian Show

So what's Canadian Shows are good for those of which want to up our Canadian content.

Right now I'm watching Republic of Doyle and Lost Girl, love both shows, I occasionally watch Mosque on the Praire, but I can't really get into it. Mr. D just seems goofy and I have no interest in it. I can't even think of any other current Programs.

Everything else I watch seems to be American 2 broke girls, whitney, big bang theory, Secret Circle, that new one with,Tim Allen. I'm hoping,for extra Canadian content. So anything good.


Well apparently due to federal funding cuts to the CBC, it's been proposed that TV show titles be changed to reflect austerity imposed on our national broadcast agency. Some programs could undergo name changes so watch for them in your TV Guide:

Degrassi [s]High[/s] Elementary

Quirks and [s]Quarks[/s] Fraser Institute Findings

This Hour Has [s]22[/s] 12 Minutes

Republic of [s]Doyle[/s] Dole

As It [s]Happened[/s] Halfened

Hockey [s]Night[/s] Hour in Canada

Just [s]For[/s] Four Laughs

Little [s]Mosque[/s] Mosquito on the Prairie

And someone suggested that the 10 am time signal be shortened to just a beep.


I enjoy humour but rarely laugh aloud. Fidel's list made me laugh twice.If the CBC had any sense, they'd hire him as a scriptwriter.

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F-P, are you still around? I just quoted your review of Tony Judt's Ill Fares the Land in another thread. And here you are like I conjured you out of the ether. Why don't you head there and give us your thoughts. 


When I was a kid I liked Wayne and Shuster. They were the best. My parents watched them, too. 

I rilly liked Seeing Things back in the 80s. 

Today it's RMR and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.


W&S were a little broad, in some respects, but on the other hand, I'm wearing a watch.  No, seriously, their Shakespeare parodies were brilliant.

I'm not sure how we define Canadian, but I think "Hell on Wheels" is Canadian enough.  Although broadcast on AMC, it is filmed in Alberta, and there are Canadian actors amoung what is a fairly international cast.

So, it's my favorite.

Cast member, and Canadian actor Christopher Heyerdhal ("The Swede") on the characters:


I like "May Contain Nuts" on APTN.  I was looking for a Graham Green clip, but couldn't find it.  This will do.





For situation comedy you could do alot worse than Don Martin's Power Play.  I like the Chef at Home series, a few of the home, garden and DIY shows, Land and Sea, and some local community telecasts.


  Don Martin's Power Play. Good one.  :)


I always watch shows that my neighbours in the Lower Mainland make. They are most often not set in Canada and are geared to the US market. In that category I am enjoying Once Upon a Time from ABC that is airing on CTV.  Storyville Maine is Steveson and other locations south of the Fraser while the dark foreboding valleys shown in the fairytale side of the stories are filmed on the North Shore.  The sound stage for most of the indoor scenes is in Burnaby.


Slumberjack wrote:

For situation comedy you could do alot worse than Don Martin's Power Play.  

Is that like "The Trouble With Tracy"?


No, nothing that good.


I didn't realize that Once Upon a Time was Canadian, I love that show!

Actually alot of my favourite sci-fi fantasy shows are or were made in Canada, which is awesome because I love the Genre stuff like that.

As for 22 minutes I love that show and Air Force and RMR (although on,RMR Rick seems mascotistic do the stuff he does)


I watch most of the Sci-Fi stuff also. I have often thought of exhibiting my pictures of the Pitt Polder and surrounding mountains as Searching for Goa'uld. I also love seeing SFU on other planets. 


Its good to see another sci-fi fan here.

To liven up this thread and lead by Example I'm going to review 2 shows and why I think babblers should watch them.

Spoilers Alert

Lost Girl- Its about a Succubus named Bo who was raised by humans and feeds off sexual chi. Because she was raised by people she never learned how to feed on humans without killing them so she starts the show on the run as a tragic serial killer ala Dexter. She learns that she's a Fae Succubus and how to control her feed to people don't die when she feeds on them. Okay as to why Lost Girl show appeal to Babble is that the heroine the Bisexual Bo is a very gay positive character as is Lauren her primary lesbian romantic love interest. This problably the better known reason, but the other reason is this show deals with issues like class warfare, economic exploitation by the elites and the problems of a 2 party state where both parties serve the elites like we basically had most of Canada's history and currently do in the states. Its all done through A Fae metophor, but its extremely blant about it.

See Faedom is split up into Dark and Light Fae, but these don't automatically fall into Good or Evil (Dark Fae think Tories and Light Fae think Liberals). Light Fae think of themselves as more civilized because hunting humans for sport is frowned upon, humans are only for feeding upon, no senseless cruelty, but they still feed on humans and Light Fae Elders own humans as property. Some Dark Fae have no problem hurting humans for sport, but some aren't complete assholes.

Into this ends up Bo who like many New Democrats tells both groups to go frack themselves, unlike other fae she's not picking sides, she chooses humanity (humanity being normal people and the NDP).

The show has episodes where the Rich feed illegal immigrants to a Plant Fae in exchange,for wealth granting fruit, The Leader of the Dark Fae is a high Power Talent agency owner, that drives her talent insane, but profitable, and so much more, that Bo like a Succubus revolunary fights for humanity. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Republic of Doyle

Funny show, likable characters and in your face Newfoundland accents. I never realized Newfoundland was so lovely. Less Political edginess then lost girl, but the show seems to distill the essence of Newfoundland within it (as far as this outsider can tell anyways).