Student strike - on summer's edge #13

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Student strike - on summer's edge #13

[center]Amir Khadir in handcuffs[/center]


[url='s student uprising: rabble interview with Amir Khadir[/url]

ETA: And for continuity, here was cco's post and link from the end of the previous thread:

cco wrote:

Ethan Cox wrote:

If we lose this struggle, if we allow ourselves to be bowed and beaten yet again, I promise you it will not end here. This is our moment, our line in the sand, our primal scream "This far, no further!"

Captain Picard approves, Ethan.

Jean-Luc Picard wrote:
We've made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done.


Here is a press release from Québec solidaire about the arrest of Amir Khadir and other peaceful protesters taking part in a "casseroles" march - 65 in all - and the double standard in the enforcement of laws:

Le député de Québec solidaire arrêté et menotté avec des citoyens pacifiques: un geste aberrant de la police de Québec

QUÉBEC, le 6 juin 2012 /CNW Telbec/ - À l'instar de plusieurs manifestantes et manifestants pacifiques, Amir Khadir a été arrêté hier soir au cours d'une marche aux casseroles déclarée illégale par la police de Québec. Les 65 personnes arrêtées par le Service de police de Québec recevront une amende de 494$ pour avoir contrevenu à l'article 500.1 du Code de la sécurité routière.

"Décidément, le ridicule ne tue pas! Un député arrêté et menotté alors qu'il participe à une marche pacifique comme tant d'autres qui se déroulent tous les soirs dans plusieurs villes du Québec! Les policiers de la Capitale nationale n'ont rien de mieux à faire?," de questionner Françoise David, présidente et porte-parole de Québec solidaire.

"J'ai participé moi-même à plusieurs marches de casseroles de même qu'à celle du 22 mai. D'autres politiciens et personnalités connues l'ont fait aussi. Pourquoi cette intervention policière alors que tout se passait bien dans la marche de Québec?" d'ajouter madame David.

"On voit bien ces temps-ci que les lois ne sont pas appliquées de la même façon pour tout le monde. Les entreprises de génie-conseil décident de ne pas respecter la loi sur le lobbyisme sans encourir de conséquence. Des commerçants décident de défier la Charte de la langue française en affichant uniquement en anglais, et ce, en toute impunité. Mais la police sanctionne des manifestantes et manifestants qui protestent contre une loi injuste et arbitraire, et eux, ils sont arrêtés. Le peuple québécois a bien raison de s'alarmer d'une justice à deux vitesses et doit continuer de manifester sa réprobation", de conclure madame David.

Renseignements : David Dubois Responsable des communications-QS 514 208-0454


Thank God this could never happen here:

[url=]Russian legislators pass protest-fines bill[/url]


Tony Tommassi. Defrauds the government. Gets a golden handshake. 

Amir Khadir. Protests peacefully. Gets arrested.


Unionist wrote:

Thank God this could never happen here:

[url=]Russian legislators pass protest-fines bill[/url]


Russian authorities routinely deny permission for opposition rallies or offer rally organisers venues away from the city centre.

"This odious bill is an attempt to scare the people and shut their mouth "

- Sergei Mironov, Fair Russia leader

Police often use force to break up unsanctioned protests.

Opposition leaders and rights activists, including the US-based group Human Rights Watch, say the law violates the 31st article of Russia's constitution on the right to free assembly.

The Kremlin wants the new bill to become law by next Tuesday when the opposition plans a major protest in Moscow.

The bill will require approval by the upper house and Putin's signature, but both steps are formalities.

Since returning to the presidency in May, Putin has toughened his line towards the opposition, whose protests over the winter drew up to 100,000 people in an unprecedented challenge to his rule.

No similarities at all.



On June 11, the Global Elite Gather in Montreal: Will the Maple Spring Say Hello?

From June 11-14, Montreal will be hosting the International Economic Forum of the Americas at the 2012 Conference of Montreal, which will bring roughly 150 speakers from the global elite to speak to an audience of other elites and sympathetic media spokespersons. This year’s conference will include as the keynote speaker, Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (the U.S. central bank), who was once considered for nearly 20 years to be “the most powerful banker in the world,” and as such, was largely responsible for causing the global financial crisis, along with the heads of the central banks of Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. There will be delegates from 24 countries around the world gathering at the Hilton Bonaventure Montreal Hotel to discuss the theme of “A Global Economy in Transition: New Strategies, New Partnerships” in front of roughly 3,000 participants. Along with formal discussions, “the Conference of Montreal will also enable the world’s various economic and political players present on this occasion to strengthen their relationships and develop new business opportunities.”

Here is the website in English: The Conference of Montreal

Here is the website in French: Conférence de Montréal

Here is a Facebook Event for a protest/manifestation at the Forum....


How sound proof is the venue?  The sound of a casserole cacophony would be an appropriate backdrop for their gangsters retreat.  The real action is for the high rollers in the Executive Club. I wonder if some innovative people will find ways to disrupt the meetings of this cabal.  The Executive Club should be kettled by citizens and tried for conspiring to commit crimes against humanity.


Executive Club

Networking opportunities essential to your success

As a member of the Executive Club you will be in a position to maximize the benefits of your participation through privileged access to the many speakers from Canada and around the world who address the meeting and to the distinguished guests and experts in attendance. In addition, attendance at the next International Economic Forum of the Americas/Conference of Montreal will provide you with opportunities for the level of networking essential to your success and for profitable bilateral meetings in an ideal business environment.

Advantages of Executive Club Membership

As a member of the Executive Club, you will benefit from the following:

  • Special visibility for you and your company (the member’s surname, given name, title and company name are listed in the official program);
  • Exclusive access at all times to the BNP Paribas Lounge and pre-luncheon receptions with guest speakers;
  • An invitation to a private dinner attended by national and international speakers;
  • An invitation to the opening cocktail party with the guest speakers, in the BNP Paribas Lounge;
  • Breakfast and newspapers every morning in the BNP Paribas Lounge, in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • Wine and hors d’oeuvres served in the BNP Paribas Lounge daily, with access to the private patio;
  • Access to meeting and work space in the BNP Paribas Lounge, pleasant atmosphere, ideal for bilateral meetings, equipped with computer, Internet and telephone facilities;
  • Wine served at all four working luncheons;
  • Priority registration service;
  • Reserved seating at all sessions, including working luncheons;
  • Private meetings with select speakers.


Breaking news - sit-in on the corner of Mont-Royal and St-Denis in support of Amir Khadir and other people arrested last night in Québec City:


Parallel to this, a sit-in is now under way in Québec at Côte de la Montagne:


Thx for the pics


Montreal, Night 43: Sometimes Less Is More
This evening, I returned to Montreal for another taste of maple spring, stepping out of the Metro at 7:45 p.m., just in time for a chilly rain to start falling in the Plateau, and then made it to where I’m staying by 7:55 p.m. After some 2.5 weeks of almost no sleep, exhaustion finally caught up with me. I had this notion that I’d be sensible and take it easy–on the 43rd night in a row of illegal street demonstrations in this city. But about 8 minutes later, in the distance, slowly growing louder: pots & pans.

Three days ago, while I was far away in Baltimore at the Mobilizing and Organizing from Below conference (where I heard a Quebec student striker, also at this conference, say that the key to this Canadian uprising was and is the assemblies), there was a daytime demonstration here in Montreal. It was raining then too, but several thousand people marched through the streets anyway–yet again–with their resolve seemingly only strengthened–yet again–by the government breaking off of negotiations with the students last Thursday. A banner at the front of this march read: “This isn’t a student strike, it’s a society waking up.”.....


About 8-10 police are searching Amir Khadir's home right now. They apparently have taken Yalda Machouf-Khadir into custody (not sure if she's formally been arrested, or just "accompanied" them downtown). She is a Cégep student at Vieux-Montréal and an activist who was last reported detained and ticketed during a brief blockage at a local bridge a few weeks ago.

Seven locations are being raided this morning, allegedly looking for 11 individuals police say they suspect of involvement in Métro smoke bombs and other actions.

UPDATE: They've been in the home since 6 am and are still there. They're confirming that Yalda was arrested, though they haven't stated the charges. Amir will make a statement at the National Assembly about an hour from now.


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Seems the police had bragged to the media beforehand, so they were able to be on hand to take shots like this.



knownothing wrote:

Piece of shit article, typical of the contemptuous coverage in the rest of Canada of the student movement.

It calls QS "ultra-left", says Khadir lives in the "trendy" Plateau area, presents the smoke-bombing of the Métro as being bigger than the bombing of the Twin Towers (after all, they counted up 200,000 people who suffered "rush-hour chaos", akin to nuclear holocaust), and makes sure to emphasize that the number of students at the nightly demonstrations has been "dwindling".




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God help us. Now some marchers are playing vuvuzelas. Laughing


The CBC link also has this:

Free tuition?

Quebec student group CLASSE laid out a proposal last month for how to make tuition free in the province. In most EU countries, tuition is either free or a nominal fee. See here for a comparison.


Boom Boom, that's a circumstance in which it might be to your advantage to be hearing-impaired. :D My friend made this video with Game of Thrones characters reacting to the vuvuzela. Video contains bad language.

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Imagine a crowd of 1,000 playing the vuvuzela. In Montreal. At night.  Surprised


Tonight - at 7:30 pm, at Place du Canada - the biggest MaNUfestation (nude demonstration) in the history of Québec (we hope)!


The Great Big F1 NUdeIN!

NUdeINs are BACK and we invite you to join the biggest NAKED demonstration in Québec’s History!

Dressed only in our bodies, we are all one. By removing our clothes, we shed labels imposed by a consumer society. We also BRING OUR LOVE and the Sixties’ Spirit to today’s protests.

Why during the Formula 1?
The student movement is opposed to the sexist, elitist, economic and environmentally unfriendly values that this event promotes. The F1 is a big hit among big money. Each year the rich swarm here in droves to enjoy Montréal’s charming dancing girls, escort services, prostitutes, VIP events and luxury car shows. Does such elitist tourism benefit all members of our society—or just rich men with close ties to power? We hear about the Grand Prix’s great financial fallout, but not about how it opposes our collective identity. This Great Big NUdeIN demonstrates our opposition to body worship, aesthetic standardization, excess consumption and luxury tourism at a time of dire economic hardship for so many. What’s worse, we pay for Grand Prix racing out of our taxes, turning over millions to F1 magnate Bernie Ecclestone—who never misses an opportunity to bring our leaders to their knees so he can fund his expensive whims and glorify totalitarian regimes.

“I hate democracy as a political system. It stops you getting things done.” Bernie Ecclestone (

We look forward to seeing you at Place du Canada to put our bodies on the line and show, during Canadian’s most widely covered event, that the Québec people support the students’ struggle against phony liberalism (commoditizing education) and for democracy.

We also welcome artists (body painters, buskers, improv dancers, etc.) to come and show their support for this festive happening!


Amir Khadir reacts to the arrest of his daughter:

[url="My daughter will assume her responsibilities"[/url]

[Hard to translate that.]

Basically, Amir said he doesn't know the details of the accusations against his daughter, but that she's presumed innocent and the courts can decide; he's sure she acted for the "common good"; he hopes this isn't connected with his own arrest two nights ago; and he holds the Charest government responsible for the social climate in Québec.


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CBC did a piece on F1 today and said that the security there will be 'quadrupuled'. Also F1 hotel and restuant bookings are down 30% from last year's event.

I was reading a previous article from the last 'naked' demo in Montreal that said the police will have zero tolerance for full nudity - anyone expressing full nudity would be thrown in police vans and busses and charged under the law.


A Dozen Protesters Arrested During March On Michigan Avenue

with video

CHICAGO (CBS) – A dozen protesters were arrested Wednesday evening, during a protest march through downtown Chicago, as part of a show of solidarity with a student strike in Quebec.

Dozens of demonstrators, many with Occupy Chicago, started out at the intersection of State and Harrison Streets, then made their way north to the Canadian Consulate, located at the Prudential Building, then up Michigan Avenue to Ontario Street....


Showing that the so called need for insanely high tuition is complete and utter bullshit.


Here's a 26 minute press conference, with questions and answers (some portions in English), given today by Amir Khadir. He is an amazing person of courage and conviction, and he proves it here again

[url=]Amir Khadir reacts to the arrest of activists, including his daughter[/url]



Speaking of convictions, I attended an informal social function last weekend where seated nearby were a couple who had plans to attend the F1, and an ex-RCMP narc; how he managed to pass for anything other than a cop in his previous line of work I'll never know.  Once the introductions were made and my ex-military status had been offered up by someone on my behalf; a few drinks later and the stage was all set for a largely one sided conversation about Montreal, the protests, and the social landscape in general.  They clearly felt comfortable enough to share with me what they really thought about things.  No worries..I bought enough alcohol and what not to play the part of the amused listener.  Had to be extra discrete about the what not though.


It's amazing to see how the student movement has divided the entire society - even, increasingly, outside Québec.

All the strata of privilege, all those with a significant stake in the rotting old order, are scared shitless. They instinctively see, smell, and feel the end of their world in the street celebrations. Their reaction is mockery, condescension, and calls for repression.

The rest of us are inspired as we've rarely been before.



Unionist wrote:

Here's a 26 minute press conference, with questions and answers (some portions in English), given today by Amir Khadir. He is an amazing person of courage and conviction, and he proves it here again

[url=]Amir Khadir reacts to the arrest of activists, including his daughter[/url]


Thanks, Unionist.  The entire video is excellent, even with my poor French.  Answers to English questions begin at 19:15.


Did I post this? It was a brief interview with Yalda's mother, while the cops were still searching inside. These people are amazing:

[url= Presse this morning[/url]


The CLAC demo - followed by the nude demo - lots of excitement and optimism. The police, as usual, acting like little fascist monsters, "protecting" Bernie Ecclestone and his mob of extravagant exhibitionist wealthy parasites. Pepper spray, kettling, arrests, mindless attacks. But the students are marching on.

Among the parasites - Jacques Villeneuve, the renowned... sorry, I forgot what great contribution he made to world civilization. The gratuitous comments of this ignoramus were reported lovingly by the MSM:


L'ancien champion du monde Jacques Villeneuve a fermement exprimé son exaspération devant le conflit qui s'éternise et «le manque de réflexion de certains jeunes individus».


«Ça coûte une fortune à la Ville, à la province et au Canada. Ils disent que le gouvernement doit payer, mais d'où vient l'argent du gouvernement? Ils disent: prenez l'argent des riches! Mais les riches vont déménager dans un autre pays. Nous vivons dans une démocratie: on vote pour des gens, et quand on n'est pas content, on vote pour d'autres gens la fois suivante.»


Il déplore qu'à l'étranger, une seule version soit rapportée, celle des étudiants. «Ils ont peut-être une idée un peu fausse de la réalité des choses», dit-il.


«Ils réclament de la liberté, mais ne se rendent pas compte qu'ils en enlèvent à beaucoup de gens. Je pense qu'ils ont passé leur jeunesse à grandir sans que leurs parents leur disent non. C'est ce qu'on voit dans les rues. Ça passe son temps à se plaindre.»


Un conseil aux étudiants? «Qu'ils retournent à l'école. Parce qu'un jour, ce sont eux qui devront payer leur contribution à la société.»

May humankind quickly move to the next stage of society, where creeps like this will have to get a real job in order to survive.



Those guys, from Ecclestone to Villeneuve, are the consummate "corporate welfare bums". Moreover, unlike his father Gilles, Jacques Villeneuve was no great racer. He mostly owned pretentious, ridiculously overpriced restaurants/bars, which were certainly not the highlights of our local gastronomy.

I find this funny as a year ago we had a rather twee little anti-Grand-Prix demo as part of a Slow Day event. I was at a memorial for François Cyr this evening; met Françoise David and all the Khadir family. They seem ok.



[url= Villeneuve's student strike comments spark flurry of reaction[/url]


Race car champion Jacques Villeneuve must know by now that his life is in the public eye, and anything he says, will be reported in media across the country. If he didn’t realize it before, he sure does now.

At a Grand Prix cocktail last night, Villeneuve offered up his opinion on the current student strikes during an interview scrum with the media. He didn't hold back. Here's a snippet from the Canadian Press:

“I think these people grew up without ever hearing their parents ever tell them, 'No.' So that's what you see in the streets now. People spending their time complaining. It's becoming a little bit ridiculous. They spoke, we heard, and now it's time to go back to school... 'Daddy, mommy, I don't like this.' Well, go back to bed now.”

It took about two seconds before just about every media outlet in Montreal and elsewhere in the province were reporting on what he said. Twitter blew up with users commenting on his thoughts, some agreeing and some outraged.

Of the arguments used against Villeneuve, was the fact that he was raised in Monaco and lived a privileged lifestyle. Reaction was particularly fierce to his comments that he was raised to believe in hard work and that money didn’t fall from the sky.

Check the first link above for sample comments from the Twitterverse - like this one:

Jacques Villeneuve just went from 0 to stupid in 5 seconds. Vote, complain, and give up? "Quebec born, Monaco raised" pretty much sums it up

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Actually Jacques Villenueuve was a truly outstanding racer - he became F1 champion, won the CART championship, and won the Indy 500. But his career went downhill fast after all that. His father Gilles Villeneuve was more charismatic but never won the F1 championship - his career was cut short by early death. Jacques remains the only Canadian to have ever won the F1 World Championship.


His skill at making left turns is unparalleled!


FI racing is the perfect metaphor for the oiligarchy.

Lets not forget Bahrain when we talk about brave citizens facing the same global forces. The oiligarchy and their minions are romping around Montreal surrounded by their fascist police and military forces but then that is the norm for them most places they go.


With the grand prix coming up this weekend, she told us, many activists had been rounded up in the past few days. One of her colleagues, a 19-year-old student, told us he had slept in three different houses over the past three nights after the police had come looking for him.

In Al Dair, the police kept their distance and everyone headed off after an hour or so to answer the call for evening prayer.

One man, who was wearing a red Ferrari polo shirt, approached us. “I love F1,” he said. “But not over our blood. They are forcing it on us.”

I had heard much the same thing from my taxi driver after landing in Bahrain yesterday. On our way into town, which, as we were assured it would be by Bahrain’s authorities, was ghostlike, he gave me his thoughts on Sunday’s race. “I have two emotions,” he said. “One is that I am proud to have such a big event in Bahrain. But the other part of me feels shame. You will be welcome here because you are guests in my country but you will be racing over blood this weekend.”

Asked if the race was not vital to the economy, he insisted that the average Bahraini would see little of the $400-500 million which the Bahrain GP organisers estimate it generates. “The government and their supporters own all these buildings,” he said, sweeping his hand in a wide arc to indicate the smart hotels of the diplomatic quarter.


Canadians owe a debt to Quebec’s student strikers

Speaking of debts, as most governments now do in order to explain why they can’t create anything and need to cut back on whatever is already there, here’s what I think we owe to those striking Quebec students.

We owe them for taking a shot at saving our national honour in the eyes of the world. We’ve lost brownie points on the environment, our even-handedness in areas like the Mideast, our commitment to peacekeeping — but their campaign for equal, publicly funded access to higher education hits a note closer to that other, previous Canada. I should add I don’t begrudge the Harper government its shifts; it’s what they said they’d do. But they don’t reflect the attitudes still held by more than 60 per cent of the population — at least according to how they vote.

We owe them for striking a blow on behalf of public discourse. I’m thinking here of the term entitlements, which has replaced rights in the discussion. When did health, housing, a dignified retirement, etc., stop being human rights and turn into shabby, whiny entitlements? It didn’t just happen. There’s a linguistic war on, and it isn’t French versus English; it’s over politically loaded terms.....


Students frighten Quebec Liberals (Le Devoir)

The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) fears the student vote. So much so that the party opposes putting polling stations in colleges and universities, as proposed by the Quebec Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), the Devoir has learned.

This was revealed in the minutes of a meeting of the CEO Advisory Committee’s technical committee on elections, a copy of which was obtained by Le Devoir. “Representatives of the Liberal Party do not support placing polling stations in teaching establishments. They say that such a measure would favour a segment of young voters, namely students,” as can be read in the confidential minutes of the April 26 meeting.....

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bwahahaha, yeah, no kidding.  if i were a quebec liberal, i'd take the elections officers to court to stop something that was sure to lead to a huge loss.  like, if you put aside the obvious class issues and just go with what the media is pretending the issue is, they think that we're infantile and idiotic!  when the people who oppose you often have less education that the 20 year old student in the street, and certainly less than the 30 year old student in the street, it's just mind-bogglingly cynical.  they appeal to the average quebecois basically by saying "these students want you to pay for their fast-track to a better future than you had" and they appeal to the more slightly more informed public by saying "we have a budgetary crisis and this is a reasonable way of spreading the pain" and they appeal to the truly informed public by saying "we're re-orienting spending priorities to allow universities better to extract and unlock unrealized value".  and then they just take the truncheon to anyone who falls on the other side of those axes.  so yeah, it would be electoral suicide to allow elections quebec to put polling stations in colleges and universities.


Lotsa shit going down. Hard to get a good picture of all the actions. CUTV just went offline, and #manifencours is zipping by. Here's the live Montréal police feed (until they know we're listening and take it down!):

2235: Cops say around 200 have arrived Crescent & de Maisonneuve.

2237: Cop asked permission to disperse a group of 40-50 "dirigeants" near Bishop. Reply: No dispersal - just ask people to circulate.

2238: We can block Bishop with motorcycles if required.

2239: The people who were on Stanley and René-Lévesque have dispersed - we're following on bicycle anyway.

2240: Order to get back in vehicles.

Couldn't be there tonight - this is almost as much fun!

2241: [HAHAHA - cop reported location as "de la Montagne et Drummond" - dispatch says, "excuse me, but those streets are parallel" - "no no, between de la Montagne and Drummond". To serve and protect!]

2243: [Something happening at St-Denis and Guilford - couldn't exactly catch what.]

2244: If you want to give a dispersal order, can do it - if just a warning, we can do that, I'm on the roof of a building on the corner.

-- seems the main problem stopping a dispersal action is that there are too many "good" folks mixed in with the "bad" ones. Oy, poor police!


22:54 [dispatch sounding a bit pissed off] Tell me about crowd movements. Don't tell me about little groups of 15-20.

22:55 3 arrested at Ste Catherine and [didn't catch the cross street].

22:56 Mode intervention ordered - dispersal and arrest as required.



CUTV is back on line.

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 from the facebook page:    Montreal, yesterday.




2310: [Dispatch] There's a crowd of about 100 on Bishop. Disperse them. Do you copy?

2310: [Cop] Is the crowd on Bishop or on de Maisonneuve?

2310: [Dispatch] I don't know, go look, find the crowd, and disperse them! Do you copy?

2310: [Cop] Copy.

LOL!! Shortly after:

[Cop] We're attempting to locate the crowd.

23:12 [Cop] 250 people at intersection Crescent and Ste-Catherine.

23:12 [Dispatch] Are they on sidewalk?

23:12 [Cop] Yes, they're red squares.


23:16 [Cop] Maisonneuve/Crescent, there are [b]no[/b] demonstrators, [b]no[/b] demonstrators at all!

23:17 [Dispatch] I want two good lines on René-Lévesque to make the crowd go south on Crescent toward La Gauchetière, and we'll disperse them there.

23:19 [Cop] We're getting projectiles - rocks!

23:19 [Dispatch] Well, disperse them, gentlemen, you are in dispersal mode!

23:20 [Cop] Should we do a charge?

23:20 [Dispatch] If there's a crowd in front of you, you charge, you disperse them, I want you to get back to me when there's no more crowd!



And the tweet which characterizes the evening:

Écoutez la sur CUTV et la radio de la police, c'est meilleur que le Grand Prix




And another report from "Crescent et Bishop" (two parallel streets). God, these police are dense! I hear someone told them tuition fees were doubling, so they dropped out of elementary school...



Poor little baby...

[url= gets death threats over Quebec protests[/url]

Reminds me of Cheri DiNovo. Neither of them called the cops. Just the media (social or MSM). There is no known cure for narcissism.



A CAQ candidate is no longer running for the party in Richmond, citing the CAQ's support for Law 78 as the breaking point, and encouraging Québecers to be proud of their youth.


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