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Syria's al-Assad Being Used in 'Great Geopolitical Game' - Lavrov


"The process of tranforming the geopolitical map of the Middle East is underway and various outside players are seeking to secure their geopolitical footing,' argues Russia's Foreign Minister. Many outside forces 'have Iran, rather than Syria on their minds,' Lavrov noted.."


Syria Opposition Will Not Observe Truce: Analyst (and vid)


"Syria's General Command has announced a nationwide truce for Eid al-Adha holidays, though warning that it 'reserves the right' to respond if insurgents do not respect the ceasefire..."


Al Qaeda Leader Urges Support for Insurgents in Syria


"Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has called for support for foreign-backed insurgents in Syria to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad..."


Syrian Rebels Seize Lebanese Journalist Over 'Incompatible' Reporting


"...The rebels said on their Facebook page they found Fidda Itani's work 'incompatible with the path of the Syrian revolution and rebels..."

But CNN and FOX is fine...


'Truce Ineffective with US, Qatar, KSA Meddling in Syria' (and vid)



US To Focus Exclusively on Arming Al Qaeda in Syria


"US dumps Syria proxy political front in latest move to accelerate long-stalled regime change.."


'US Defeat in Syria Would Be End of US Hegemony in Middle East' (and vid)


"The United States is doing everything possible to salvage 'operation Syria' and in doing so hedging all their bets on its success, says Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst from stopimperialism.com/ But that strategy, Draitser believes will fail. Earlier, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US no longer sees Syria's foreign-based National Council as a leading opposition force, due to its lack of support on the ground. A new 51 member 'National Initiative Council' is due to be unveiled in Doha next week and will include only 15 seats for the SNC.."

watch for a delay in the attack Iran agenda, since the overthrow of Assad was a necessary pre-requisite


US Backed Terrorists Mass Murder Unarmed Civilians in Syria  -  by Tony Cartalucci (and vid)


"Washington Post claims 'soldiers' are executed - terrorists in video clearly refer to victims as civilian 'shabih'. Victims had no weapons, uniforms or IDs indicating they were soldiers..."

Hey Canucklheads, these executioners are supported by your pols and your tax dollars...



Syrian Armed Rebels Cannon Fodder for West: Analyst (and vid)


"The ongoing wave of terror and brutal mass killings is carried out by the armed rebels in Syria is a sign of their 'acute weakness', says  prominent analyst Webster Tarpley.


The Sore Losers of the Syrian Crisis   -  by Thierry Meyssan


"During a recent Round Table in Ankara, Admiral James Winnfeld, Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that Washington would reveal its intentions toward Syria once the 6 November presidential elections were over. He made it plainly understood to his Turkish counterparts that a peace plan had already been negotiated with Moscow that Bashar-al-Assad would remain in power and that the Security Council would not authorize the creation of buffer zones..."


Car Bomb in Syria Kills at Least 50 Soldiers - Activists (and vid)


"At least 50 soldiers and pro-government militiamen have been killed in a massive suicide car bombing, in the central province of Hama in Syria, activists allege. Two separate attacks in Damascus reportedly killed several civilians, injuring many. Reports suggest that an al-Qaeda inspired military group is behind the blast."


Syrian National Council Removal: US Coup D'Etat in Syrian Opposition


"After 20 months from the outset of the Syrian crisis, the US eventually decided to dismiss the main opposition leader and replace him with its own selected council. The so-called Free Syrian Army does not exist in Syria and the name is an umbrella for all the disparate groups conducting operations in the country.

The US is concerned that if the Syrian ruling system collapses, and these separate groups become rival factions, a Libya-like situation will be created in Syria. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood will hold control over the next council, as was the case in the previous one..."


Reshuffle of Syrian Opposition Will Not Fix US Failures: Analyst (and vid)


"...The US will not succeed in rectifying its failures in Syria by simply broadening and reshuffling the opposition groups."


Hillary Clinton's 'Democracy' For Syria


"...The aim is clear. The State Department wants a 'respectable' face for the grisly conflict that Washington has fomented in Syria, elevating the pro-US businessman Riad Seif and similar figures as a government in waiting, even as the fight is being carried out more and more by AL Qaeda inspired Islamist militias recieving covert US backing. When it comes to hijacking dissent, however, no one can compete with Washington. This is precisely what is being done in Syria..."


Assad: Erdogan Thinks He's Caliph, New Sultan of the Ottoman (and vid)


RT's Sophie Shevardnadze interviews Syrian President Bashar Assad


'Assad is Completely Demonized By the Press': RT Interviewer (and vid)


"The Syrian conflict is exponentially more complicated than portrayed in the press - and as for President Bashar Assad, he is a well-educated man who has fallen victim to media demonization, says RT's Sophie Shevardnadze.."


Syrian Opposition Agrees to Form Unified Coalition - Doha Delegate


"Syria opposition groups have signed an agreement to create a new leadership body united against President Bashar Assad. The announcement came after days of talks in Doha sponsored by foreign backers pushing for regime change in the embattled country.

Canada is one of the 'foreign backers'


Israel Fires 'Warning Shots' at Syria over Golan Heights Mortar Strike


"Israel has fired warning shots into Syria after mortars, launched from Syrian territory, hit an Israeli base in the Golan Heights. It is the first time that Israel has fired into Syrian territory since the 1973 war.."


Beijing Consensus: China Signals More Active Role in World Affairs


"China's four-point plan for Syria is a rare foray into international mediation for the rising power, a sign that Beijing's increasingly global economic interests can trump its traditional hands-off diplomacy. China's foreign minister introduced the plan for a political solution to the Syrian conflict to UN-Arab League special envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, during his visit to Beijing last week.

It calls for a phased, region-by-region cease fire, the appointment of representatives to negotiate a political resolution while maintaining 'the continuity and effectiveness of Syria's governmental institutions,' international support for Brahimi's efforts and steps by the international community to ease the country's humanitarian crisis..."


The West Wants to Install A Puppet Regime in Syria (and vid)


"France is set to raise the issue of lifting an EU arms embargo against Syria at an upcoming meeting with EU foreign ministers at an upcoming meeting with EU foreign ministers in Brussels. Journalist Neil Clark told RT Western imperial ambitions have come at the expense of Syria's popular will. ' My line on this is, the Syrian people must decide this. The majority of people want the government to stay..."


Is Qatari Money Why France is so Eager to Back the 'Syrian National Coalition'?


"...The Qatari ambassador to France recently said the 'country' may invest 10 Billion euros in big French firms..."


Drums of More War  -  by Stephen Lendman


"Cast Lead and Pillar of Cloud represent skirmishes. Syria's one on a higher boil. Expect full-scale war ahead. It could happen any time or perhaps next year..."


NATO Missiles in Turkey Increase Regional Tensions


"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Nov. 22, 2012, that the Turkish move could spark a regional conflagration..."


Russia Criticizes France Over Supplying Insurgents in Syria


"The question is how right it is to decide to support another political force if that political force is in direct confrontation with the officially recognized government of another country. And from the point of view of international law, it seems to me that it is absolutely unacceptable..'


At Least 34 People Killed in Twin Blasts in Damascus


"...Jaramana, a prominent Christian Druze neighborhood in South Damascus, has often been the target in recent weeks."


Turkey to Deploy Patriot Missiles on Border with Syria


"Advanced NATO patriot missiles are set to be deployed on Turkey's border with Syria.."


Canada is with the bombers. And wants you to be also:

Syria: Visions for Tomorrow


"...The panelists include Afra Jalabi, a member of the Executive Committee that produced the report.."

who is also a member of the Syrian National Council (SNC) aka the Western-backed, pro-NATO terrorists!


Grisly Video Appears to Show Rebels Murdering Unarmed, Terrified Loyalists (and vid)


"Gruesome footage has emerged apparently showing Syrian rebels executing loyalists while their victims pleaded for their lives..."



NDPP wrote:

Syria: Visions for Tomorrow


"...The panelists include Afra Jalabi, a member of the Executive Committee that produced the report.."

who is also a member of the Syrian National Council (SNC) aka the Western-backed, pro-NATO terrorists!

This panel is disgusting and vile.  Allowing terrorists to meet and discuss what they want to do after destabilizing Syria. Imperialism at its pinnacle and Canada is Ready Aye Ready. Fascinating that this imperial project would be promoted for free on Rabble.


Ecobar: Chemical Hype Behind Patriot Games on Syrian Border (and vid)


NATO Foreign Ministers have approved the installation of Patriot Missiles on the Syria-Turkey border..


West Moves in for Syrian Endgame and War on Iran   -  by Finian Cunningham


"US President Barack Obama's renewed warning against the Syrian president can be seen as the Western powers moving towards their endame of 'regime change'. After 21 months of international conspiracy, the American-led propaganda war on Syria seems to be moving towards the endgame of providing the political cover for direct Western military attacks on that unfortunate country. This is, of course, outrageously criminal.

But it is entirely predictable from the bigger picture strategic agenda of Washington and its allies: to roll over the anti-imperialist Syrian enemy, install a pliable pro-Western regime, and then pave the way for the next round of war in the region - against Iran..."


US Aircraft Carrier off Syrian Coast: Report


"American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower has reportedly arrived near Syrian coastal waters in the Mediterranean Sea, raising concern about a potential US bid for military intervention in Syria.."


NATO Intervention in Syria Imminent?  -  by Stephen Lendman


"On December 7, Voice of Russia headlined 'Iraq 2.0, Another False Flag Invasion Rated XXX,' saying,

'The US and NATO are set to invade Syria, something many of us have been warning about for a while now. It has been obvious that they have been looking for a pretext. And that pretext has already been injected into the public debate.."


Military Voyeurism or Invasion of Syria?  -  by Ismail Salami


"...It seems that a West-orchestrated plan to invade the country is underway.."


Russia Will Not Allow Libyan Scenario in Syria: Lavrov


"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has expressed Moscow's strong opposition to repetition of the Libyan scenario in the conflict-stricken Syria, stressing that the Kremlin will not allow such a thing to happen. 'We'll not allow the Libyan experience to be reproduced in Syria. Unfortunately, our Western partners have departed from the Geneva accords and are seeking the departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,' RIA Novosti news agency quoted Lavrov as saying on Sunday..."


Syria: EU Nobel Winners, Dodgy Deals, Clinton and ObL's Ally  -  by Felicity Arbuthnot


"Marking abaondonment of the last shred of pretense of observing the rule of law, the Nobel Prize winning European Union Foreign Ministers are to meet with the leader of the Syrian insurgency in Brussels on Monday 10th December, according to Lebanon's Daily Star. The Ministers' stragegy to end the tragedy in Syria is to arm the insurgents, it seems and 'to look at ways of loosening the arms embargo in order to help rebel forces, EU diplomats said...."


Canadian Citizens Urged to Flee Syria


"Foreign Affairs officials have renewed their call for Canadian citizens to leave the country as soon as possible..."


Ken Stone: 'Chemical Weapons Hysteria Pretext for West to Frame Assad & Intervene (and vid)



US, Britain to Assist Militants in Syria


"The United States and Britain have decided to provide military assistance to the militants fighting the Syrian government..."


Canada Ready to Join NATO Coalition If Chemical Weapons Used in Syria


"...Meanwhile the Canadian government is under mounting pressure to recognize rebel forces as legitimate representatives of the opposition..."



Recognition of Opposition to Worsen Syria Crisis (and vid)


"...While opposition parties in Syria agree that all sides should halt violence and start dialogue for ending the unrest, foreign backed and financed opposition outside Syria rejects dialogue and calls for more funds and weapons aiming at bringing down Syria's president Bashar al Assad..."


Grisly Video Allegedly Shows Syrian Rebels Forcing Child to Behead Unarmed Prisoner


"A graphic video recently posted to YouTube allegedly shows Syrian rebels forcing a child to behead an unarmed prisoner. A recent series of similtary brutal incidents has done little to dampen foreign calls to arm the Syrian opposition.."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Russia says Assad losing control, rebels could win


Syria's most powerful ally, Russia, said Thursday that President Bashar Assad is losing control of his country and the rebels might win the civil war, the first time Moscow has acknowledged the regime is cracking under the force of a powerful rebellion.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov also said Moscow is preparing to evacuate thousands of its citizens from Syria, where nearly two years of violent conflict have killed more than 40,000 people and turned Assad into a global pariah.

"An opposition victory can't be excluded, unfortunately, but it's necessary to look at the facts: There is a trend for the government to progressively lose control over an increasing part of the territory," Bogdanov said during hearings at a Kremlin advisory body.

Bogdanov's statement marks a clear attempt by the Kremlin to begin positioning itself for Assad's eventual defeat at a time when rebels are making significant gains.

If this is true that is not good when your strongest supporter starts saying stuff like this.


@ Bec: Russian FM says 'Rebels' now control 60% of Syrian territory - Syria 40%, doesn't look good..


US-Led Death Squads Fuel Chaos in Syria: Tarpley (and vid)


"A prominent political analyst believes that the recognition of al-Qaeda-linked groups by the US and its Western allies indicates that they want absolute chaos in Syria.."


Syria: 'Chemical Propaganda' and Fabricated Evidence  -  by Julie Levesque



Syria Chemical Weapons: Canadian Special Forces to Assist 'Opposition'?  by Eric Walberg


"...The Canadian government has no foreign policy anymore, doing exactly as it is told by Israeli advisers, so the reason for Harper's coyness must be found there. Israel itself is in a quandry about Syria..."


Syrian Opposition Urges US to 'Re-Examine' Blacklisting of 'Terrorist Group' (and vid)


"The leader of Syria's new opposition group, the National Coalition, says Washington 'must reconsider' its decision to blacklist one of the alliance's members. It comes as the US agrees to accept the coaltion as Syria's official opposition group. Friends of Syria, representatives from more than 100 countries, including the US, Britain, [Canada], and Gulf countries, gathered in the Moroccan city of Marakesh on Wednesday to affirm their support for the National Coalition..."


Damascus Street Notes  -  by Franklin Lamb


"...This observer had the help of a small group of Damascus university students in conducting a survey of the effects of the US-led sanctions regime on the civilian population. Virtually every person who expressed a view on this subject told this observer that the only purpose of the American sanctions is regime change by way of trying to force the population to suffer to such an extent that the long lines for bread etc turn violent and break the bond between the Bashar al Assad government and the civilian population..."


Militants in Syria Recruit Children, Footage Shows (and vid)



'US-Led NATO Arming Death Squads in Syria: Tarpley (and vid)


"US and NATO-backed Syrian militants create a deadly threat to all foreign nationals in the country.."


US Stupidity in Syria  -  by Patrick Cockburn


"...The picture of Syria most commonly believed abroad is of the rebels closing in on the capital as the Assad government faces defeat in weeks or at least a few months...This misperception of the reality on the ground in Syria is fuelled in part by propaganda, but more especially by inaccurate and misleading reporting by the media where bias towards the rebels and against the government is unsurpassed since the height of the Cold War."


Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah - Speech at University Graduation Ceremony in Beirut (and vid)


"..Those who think the armed groups can achieve their goals in Syria are mistaken..."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Mean while on the ground...

Syrian Islamist rebels take Aleppo infantry base


An Islamist faction of Syrian rebels captured an infantry base in the northern city of Aleppo, its fighters said Sunday, as forces fighting to topple President Bashar Assad advanced on the country's largest city.

This is the second major army base captured in about a week. The amount and types of weapons captured when these bases fall is substantual.


Taliban Militants Use Turkey to Infiltrate into Syria


"The leader of the Turkish Democratic Party says 10,000 Taliban militants have been using a camp in Turkey to infiltrate into Syria via the two countries' common border..."


Syrian Conflict Becoming Increasingly Sectarian - UN


"The Syrian conflict is becoming increasingly sectarian, as Sunni majority rebel forces fight government troops supported by the country's religious and ethnic minorities, a new UN human rights report has revealed..."

as per the malicious machinations/intentions of the Western powers


Syria's Liberating Struggle Continues  -  by Stephen Lendman


"Syrians struggle valiantly to defeat Western-recruited invaders. Islamofascists infest their ranks. They're cold-blooded killers. Assad is falsely blamed for their crimes..."


Thousands of Turkish People Protest Planned Deployment of NATO Missiles (and vid)


"Thousands of Turkish people have taken to the streets to protest against the plan to deploy advanced surface to air Patriot missiles near the Syrian border. 'Americans are trying to steal all the resources in the Middle East. We, the Turkish people, will do whatever it takes to prevent them,' another protester said. The demonstrators held signs that read 'NATO Go Home!', 'No To War!' and 'We Are Against Imperialism.'

Wish we were...


Al Qaeda Grows Powerful in Syria as Endgame Nears


"...For the first time al Qaeda is within striking distance of Israel..."


Interview: Professor Mohammad Al Ahmad, Homs on Syria Now (and vid)



Syria Faces Humanitarian Catastrophe  -  by Bill Van Auken


"Conditions have grown increasingly desperate as the Syrian winter sets in and many families are living in tents or unheated dwellings without adequate clothing...The crisis of Syria's health care system, which previously was one of the most effective in the region, is especially acute..."

Canada supports the destruction of Syria - and as in Libya, so does the 'loyal' opposition..

'NDP Foreign Affairs critic Helen Laverdiere says her party, which had asked for increased sanctions, is pleased with the new announcement. 'We are quite happy with the steps taken,' she said." Huffington Post, Oct 2011


Reports: Israel Operating in Syria, US Preparing to Join


"Various western, Arab and Israeli media reports have been claiming for over a month now that Israeli special forces are on the ground in Syria..."

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Assad calls on Syrians to defend the country


 President Bashar Assad called on Syrians to defend their country against Islamic extremists seeking to destroy the nation, dismissing any prospect of dialogue with the "murderous criminals" he says are behind the uprising even as he outlined his vision for a peaceful settlement to the civil war.

In a one-hour speech to the nation in which he appeared confident and relaxed, Assad struck a defiant tone, ignoring international demands for him to step down and saying he is ready to hold a dialogue — but only with those "who have not betrayed Syria."

He offered a national reconciliation conference, elections and a new constitution but demanded regional and Western countries stop funding and arming rebels trying to overthrow him first.

He should have done this long ago. Now that he's called the Syrian people out to defend their land those outsider rebels are now doomed.




NDPP wrote:

Al Qaeda Grows Powerful in Syria as Endgame Nears


"...For the first time al Qaeda is within striking distance of Israel..."

That's a laugh. Why would they want to strike at Israel, Egypt, Turkey, or any other colonial outpost for the vicious empire?

They are mercenaries and opportunists. No chance they would even consider setting up shop in Israel or any other state heavily armed by the empire.

"Al-Qaeda" is a myth. Al-Qaeda = AL-CIA'da

Elvis bin Laden was a kind of Fairy Godmother for Daddy Warbucks types on Wall Street. And the Qaeda bogeyman is just the imperialists' own narrative for their own inside job on 9/11. It's bullshit.

The entire bin Laden family are direct benficiaries of western imperialism for a long time. Saudi Arabia could just have easily been called Laden Arabia for all the difference there is between the two royal families. We are led to believe that for some reason Elvis bin Laden became upset with infidel military occupation of Saudi Arabia. Why? Why was Elvis bin Laden suddenly so upset over the same western imperialists who propped-up him and his family in power and wealth for so long? The imperialist narrative is total bullshit from the start. It's been one long parade of lies and deception.


President Assad Outlines Political Solution to Syrian Conflict (and vid)


"Syria's president has outlined a plan to end the country's conflict starting with a halt to international support to 'al Qaeda' linked terrorist groups..."

As a member of 'Friends of Syria', Canada is part of this international support.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

I guess a few bad apples spoiled the whole bunch.


Yeah I don't think we should be supporting Al Qaeda terrorism and this time in Syria, either.  Dunno bout our corrupt stooges and their aye-aye uncle Sam may we have anothers in Ottawa, but it's the way I roll. As the dragons would say on CBC, I'm out!


No Safe Place for Syrians As War and Winter Deepen  -  by Olivia Ward


"For Syrians beleagured by bombing, armed attacks and the crossfire of a deepening civil war, there is no comfort zone inside or outside the country as winter strikes with a vengeance..."

So once again, as a result of western geopolitical aims, , a perfectly viable country with some of the highest social indicators in the region, undergoes 'regime change' and 'Somaliaization'.

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture


It would seem to me the oppsition in Syria which is mostly Sunni (and Syrian) is fighting more to end minority Shite rule than improve the social indicators of the country. Perhaps we as westerners are underestimating the role religion is playing here.


Religion is used to divide and conquer.  It was not the driving force at the start of the protests but it is now the wedge being used to destabilize the country. Syria was not a failed state until the Western powers and their Saudi allies became involved.   The people have already spoken in a referendum last year saying they want a new constitution and new elections based on it.  The foreign backed terrorists refuse to do anything except fight until the country is a replica of Libya and Iraq. 


The Syrian government has swapped 2,130 prisoners for 48 Iranian prisoners held by the anti government forces. I have read about this and wondered about the reports that these 48 men were elite troops and not the pilgrims that the government claimed they were.

The picture of the 48 Iranians tells it all.  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a paper tiger and its elite troops are over the hill old men.  No wonder they got captured.


Photograph: Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty Images



Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Todays my 53rd birthday and your saying my kind and I are over the hill... Thanks man.Wink


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