Why is it that the most powerful nation on our planet also houses some of the stupidest people on our planet as well?

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Why is it that the most powerful nation on our planet also houses some of the stupidest people on our planet as well?

Just askin'

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Will he give them a pass if they're trying to save money so they can buy into Independence, USA?



Here's one answer to the question...(Canada too!)


Dying For Control (II) An Exhausted Culture, Founded on Psychological Manipulation  -  by Arthur Silber


"...The fact that all of us are taught manipulation (and therefor, control of others to varying degrees) as a crucial means of survival helps to explain one pronounced aspect of our culture: the overwhelming sense of lethargy and passivity, where vital, spontaneous signs of life are suffocated beneath a gray ooze of unrelieved exhaustion.

Sustained passon on behalf of any cause, personal or political, is all but impossible beneath the tremendous weight of perpetually being on the lookout for emotional signals from those with whom we interact, and especially being on guard for any sign of disapproval from those above us in the pyramid of authority..."


Maybe because America's power, stature, and cultural prominence mean that idiotic Americans are more likely to be noticed internationally than idiotic Canadians, Rwandans, or Cambodians?

Just sayin'.

After all, the guy behind the "Axis of Evil" speech was Canadian, and Australia's given us this lovely lady.


@ cco

Yup, I agree. I think people in the developed world have a perticular kind of stupidity given how pampered and isolated we are, but I can think of plenty of examples of behaviour which is just as ignorant, and just as nasty and abusive elsewhere.


I remember when I first moved to Canada as a teenager. I was convinced that once I'd quit the Evil Empire, I would find nations full of the educated and erudite, ready to help repudiate the ignorant imperialist idiocy I'd grown up with.

That lasted about as long as it took for me to meet a Canadian (and a very nice young lady, too) who thought Winston Churchill had been "prime minister of Canada back in the 1800s".

Morons are everywhere. America just gives 'em TV shows.


Read this, it may help clarify the situation:



You could also add some of the most forward-thinking and brilliant. And the same thing would apply for other parts of the world.


A bit of a charged question don't you think? Do you really want an answer or do you just want to insult Americans?


@ cubicalgangster

Could be taken that way, but I think it is fair. And it is true, if not in the sense of actual stupidity, certainly in the sense of blindness to what is going on in the world, and a sense of self-importance.

And besides, the technical point aside, I took the question to mean us too. And it's not like the question claims we are MORE stupid than people elsewhere.