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Dnieper-1 is Kolomosky's PRIVATE ARMY. He offered a million bucks to murder a Federalist leader in Ukraine. Here's more about him. wrote:
The Israeli-Ukrainian oligarch living in Switzerland, Ihor Kolomoisky, called South-East pro-federalist leader, Oleg Tsarev, to inform him that the Ukrainian Jewish community was prepared to pay a bounty of $ 1 million to whoever would assassinate him. He ordered him to immediately flee the country [1].

Mr. Kolomoisky holds Mr Tsarev responsible for the death of a Jewish Kiev-coup supporter on May 9 in Mariupol.

However, a leader of the Ukrainian Jewish community, Ian Epstein, denied Mr. Kolomoisky’s allegations. According to him, Mr. Kolomoisky does not represent Ukrainian Jews [2], even though he plays an important role in the international Zionist movement.

Ihor Kolomoisky had already proposed a reward of 10,000 dollars for each “Russian saboteur” arrested in his stronghold of Dnipropetrovsk.

Ihor Kolomoisky is regarded as the main leader of the Ukrainian mafia. He ranks as the second or third wealthiest man in the country (after Rinat Akhmetov and/or Viktor Pinchuk). He owns the metal industry, Privat Bank and, in 2011, he took over the gas sector.

Ihor Kolomoisky chairs the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and the European Jewish Union. He founded the European Jewish Parliament (branded as a sham by the CRIF, an umbrella organization of French Jewish organizations) with the support of Bahrain. He is the co-owner of the Jewish News One international network (currently broadcasting as Ukraine News One) [3].

Ihor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast by the junta authorities in Kiev. He played an active role in the organization of the Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014 together with his private army, the “Dnieper-1″ Battalion [4]. He recruited R. Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, and Devon Archer, co-chairman of the finance committee for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, as board members of his gas holdings company [5]

Kolomoisky, he's a real mensch.

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A large scale mine sweeping operation in underway in south-eastern Ukraine as numerous unexploded shells and missiles remain in the area after months of deadly conflict.

Despite the ceasefire between the government troops and the self-defense forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, locals remain in constant danger from unexploded devices, which they call “the army's gifts".

"Gifts" from the Ukrainian army.


Yes ikosmos, apparently Kolomoisky shot down MH17 too - to distract from the Gaza invasion.

I'm not going to post the link, because of it's racist nature, but feel free to PM me and I'll send it to you.

Next we will hear that he started the Ebola outbreak, I am sure.

And yes, he has offered a bounty for the capture of Russian agents. There is a bit of a difference between that and assassination.

And who put those landmines there?

Ukraine is a signator to the Ottawa treaty; Russia is not. All the coverage in the summer was of rebels laying mines, nto Ukraine.




@ Smith -Billionaire Kolomoisky's involvement has been with both Azov / Dnipro battalions, Pravy Sektor, and the National Guard actually. As Cunningam states in the second article below, 'he has been a key figure in prosecuting Kiev's so-called anti-terror operations..'


Explaining the Battle For Donetsk Airport (and vid)

Video interview with analyst Joaquin Flores

"The Donetsk airport served not a direct military role, but a political one, as Flores explains in this 9 minute piece. The US was using the airport as a makeshift military base to house the operation of death squads.

These US-backed death squads were using close range mortars to shell random locations within the city. This resulted in the death of scores of civilians since the start of the fictional ceasefire."


Spinning in the Grave  -  by Finian Cunningham

"...Yet, according to the Daily Telegraph, Radio Free Europe and other Western news media, the central fact of an atrocity committed by Kiev forces is buried under scurrilous accusations that Moscow is somehow engaging in 'spinning'. It is not Russia that is spinning. It is Western media, who are ironically presumed bastions of free speech and independent thinking.

This week further evidence emerged to implicate the Kiev regime. According to testimony obtained from a former member of the Dnieper Battalion, named as Sergei Litvinov, the soldier says that he was personally involved in the killing of women and children. This battalion is accused of being involved in the atrocities around Nzyhnia Krynka - the location of the mass graves.

More damning is that Litvinov says he was paid by Oleg Kolomoisky to carry out the killings. Kolomoisky is one of Ukraine's richest oligarchs and was appointed by the Kiev regime as the governor of Dnepropetrovsk. As financer of the Dneiper Battalion, he has been a key figure in prosecuting Kiev's so-called anti-terror operations against the breakaway pro-Russia People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk."




As I said, it seems he's behind absolutely everything,

Interesting that they send them all to Moscow for a "psychological examination". That's what they did with that jet pilot who was kidnapped too.


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The Holocaust in Dnepropetrovsk Style or ... the MASS KILLING OF JEWS  by the Ukrainian regime

From a story of hacked e-mails of the CLOSEST associate of Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky, Boris Albertovich Filatov, we have the following:

7. September 12, 2014 11:20
Subject: Parasyuk
Pankevich to Filatov:

“No, it is not all, Boris. Your idiots slaughtered 37 civilians, 19 of them were Jews! And you know where I got such a detailed information? Yesterday night somebody dug out the garbage bags and boxes with the remains of all those 37 people! You know me well, I would not have mind, if all 37 had been Jews, but do you realise, that this kind of Mini-Holocaust that your fighters committed will not die down in time? Do you have an idea how to move it ahead and present to the public? Didn’t you have enough trouble with the Trade Union Building (May 2, Odessa—edit.), did you? Do you realise that it was not some mushroom hunters, who found the mass grave? That there was a certain person who pointed out those bags and boxes? Give it a thought, my dear Boris, either nobody recognized your guy in captivity (Parasyuk is one of most visible members of Kolomoisky mercenaries, captured but claimed to be able to escape because nobody recognized him—edit.), or he sang to them like a nightingale while in captivity. Please, be so kind to make sure that your Parasyuk will not come close to our current affairs. Only God knows, what kind of person he became after captivity.”

The following commentary was added ...

  It is not fully clear from the message of Pankevich when exactly the execution took place—allegedly in May—but the bodies were dug out only now. From the correspondence it follows that one of the detachments of battalion “Dnepr” exterminated 37 Ukrainian civilians, 19 among them were Jewish. Considering very strong nationalistic atmosphere in such paramilitary units, the events looks a sort of a Ukrainian-made Holocaust. Of course, very few details. Who found the bodies? In which way they were identified as Jews? Who organized the burial, putting the bodies in garbage bags?

Levin also writes to Filatov, conveying to him the rumors about executions of Jews. Let me remind you that Levin allegedly is the chairperson of Jewish religious community in Kiev as well as the president of the International Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry. However, the plan “whom to blame for executions of Jews” is actually ready ...


Dnepr is the private army of the Ukrainian-Israeli (dual passport) oligarch, Kolomoysky, aka Benya.


So let me get this straight...

THe guy says in the first sentence that he's not sure whose email it is, and there is no information on who he got it from, or who the hacker was. I did a search on this, and the only source seems to be this blog.

You may not be interested, but here's a list of some (80) of the fakes used by Russian and rebel media.

Number 68 might be of interest to Canadians; it is Lac Megantic being passed off as Kramatorsk:

Right next to it is a story with a barbed wire fence that is supposed to be a camp in Slavyansk. Except that it is really Dachau.

And it is worth noting where the Russian media actually get some of the images of skinheads and neo-Nazis.

And calling Volodymyr Parasiuk a "mercenary" isn't quite accurate:




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Fine. Let's wait till the bodies are exhumed and then you can apologize for trivializing the mass killing of Ukrainian Jews.

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RT wrote:
The Russian Lower House is calling on international organizations and national parliaments and governments to investigate crimes against civilians in south-east Ukraine, and to step up efforts to find a peaceful settlement in the region....

The proposal draws special attention to the mass graves recently discovered near Donetsk. Russian MPs say that the bodies belong to victims of pro-Kiev forces, and are calling on the international community to give an unbiased assessment of the activities of those who committed the crimes against civilians, and those who gave orders in Kiev and financed the punitive units.

The State Duma calls upon the UN, the OSCE, and the international community to hold an objective, independent and all-sided international investigation of the crimes that have caused numerous victims among the civilian population in the south-east of Ukraine,” the motion reads.

All participants in criminal acts against the Ukrainian people must stand before a court and receive a well-deserved punishment,” it adds....

The State Duma also voiced concern over Western nations sending weapons and military advisors to the Ukrainian authorities. “Such actions can undermine the settlement process and provoke a new round of violence,” the lawmakers warned.

Every time the US puppet masters send a high-ranking representative to Kiev, a new round of violence follows. This has led many to believe that another round of violence by the Kiev regime will follow ... even before the scheduled "elections" at the end of October.


link- investigation needed

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5 horrors, likely by the Western (and Canadian) sponsored Ukrainian puppet regime, that remain poorly investigated and unresolved.

In no particular order, these brutal deaths involved HUNDREDS of civilians ....


1. Mass graves in Donetsk. The brutal regime, while carrying out its admitted "anti terrorist" campaign, claims that it "wasn't there". The victims had their arms tied behind their backs and were shot, point blank, multiple times;

2. Slaughter in Maidan. Over 100 [protestors and police alike] shot dead, 1,000 or more injured,  by unknown snipers. Not so unknown, however, that the Estonian Foreign Minister  couldn't help but mention to EU mouthpiece C Ashton that the new regime doesn't want to investigate this brutal atrocity given that the snipers were allegedly hired by Maidan "leaders";

3. Massacre in Odessa. 50 dead, 250 injured as protestors were incinerated or shot as they leaped from a burning trade union building. No one responsible has been identified, serious allegations of falsification of the evidence have come out, so much so that a Ukrainian MP had her signature removed from the report because it was so full of lies and fabrications;

4. Russian Journalists killed and abducted from reporting from the war zone. Kiev has done little or nothing;  

5. Shelling, using heavy artillery, of civilian areas in Lugansk, Donetsk, etc. Hospitals, schools, residential areas were not spared. The barbarous Ukrainian regime blamed the resistance for shelling their own civilians.


What has this regime done to investigate all this?



ikosmos wrote:

What has this regime done to investigate all this?


Never mind that there are plenty of sources contradicting that, your posted article, as inaccurate as it is (and there are some outright lies), doesn't even say it.



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More evidence of disgusting atrocities by the brutal Ukrainian puppet regime.

Warning: images of torture victims.

Punitive troops from the "Aidar" battalion drowned a woman in a recreation zone that is located 10 kilometers away from Lugansk. Before the murder the national guardsmen tied the victem hand and foot, subjected her to cruel torture. Her jaw was broken and a finger was shot off.

According to the militia, apparently the Aidar troops killed not only this civilian resident of Donbass, but also their own comrades – they finished them off during the retreat. One of the disfigured corpses of the natonal guardsmen was found in a golf-club. In the same place they also found a dry ration and a Czech-English dictionary, announces LifeNews.

Tortured and murdered by the Ukrainian regime.

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Did you watch that video, ikosmos?

I only ask because I wonder what you base those comments on.

The things that caught my attention were the pro-cop boosterism by that ex-FBI agent (did he even know he was being interviewed for a documentary on Maidan?), and the fact that virtually everything offered as evidence was just speculation and not based at all on what happened.

Pravy Sektor people were at that building the day before? Obviously they did it, even though the FBI guy went on and on about professional snipers getting in and out quickly without being detected.

I also wonder what a cop injured by buckshot had to do with the sniper investigation. And the mention that someone from the Baltic states had been arrested by the cops (for what? though the implication is that she must have been a sniper) makes me concerned about the next target.

Though one of the interviewees did offer his opinion at the end of who would benefit by having third party snipers involved: Russia.


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6079_Smith_W wrote:
I only ask because I wonder what you base those comments on.

lol. I "believe" you. Maybe it's just the shrill Russophobic propaganda based on nothing but speculation. TAke your pick of the lies. There are just so many.

Though one of the interviewees did offer his opinion at the end of who would benefit by having third party snipers involved: Russia.

Since you quote him then you agree with him? OK, so how is it, exactly, that Russia is supposed to benefit from snipers taking out citizens and police alike? Or don't you feel you need to answer because its just so, like, "obvious" . lol.

The maidan massacre has not been property investigated. The bloodthirsty Ukrainian regime has a responsibility to investigate the slaughter and, just because their storm troopers, or hired mercenaries, may be implicated, their interest has dropped off to zero.

The Maidan massacre was also a catalyst for further violence, the coup d'etat, and all the rest of the benefits of Yanqui imperialism including the failed state that Ukraine is teetering on the precipice of.

But don't let that bother you. Some guy says the Rooooooooooooooskies are to blame and you re-gurgitate his remarks. How helpful.


No. I was more asking where you got your conclusions from, since his was the only comment speculating as to who these alleged third parties might be.


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The Lower House of the Russian Parliament (Duma) has called on the international organizations and national parliaments to investigate crimes against civilians in south-east Ukraine, and to step up efforts to find a peaceful settlement in the region. The vote was 428-0 with one abstention.

"The State Duma also voiced concern over Western nations sending weapons and military advisors to the Ukrainian authorities. “Such actions can undermine the settlement process and provoke a new round of violence,” the lawmakers warned."

Duma calls on the international community to investigate crimes against civilians.

The deafening silence on this issue, from the Western regimes like Canada, continues.

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The deafening silence also applies to the human rights organizations in the West. They could give a shit about the horrific atrocities against ethnic minorities in Ukraine - like those in Novorossiya -

VV Putin, President of Russia wrote:
I would like to touch upon another acute issue, one that can leave none of us indifferent – I am referring to the developments in Ukraine. We have all been following them lately. These developments have revealed a large-scale crisis in terms of international law, the basic norms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. We see numerous violations of Articles 3, 4, 5, 7 and 11 of the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of Article 3 of the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of December 9, 1948.

We are witnessing the application of double standards in the assessment of crimes against the civilian population of southeastern Ukraine, violations of the fundamental human rights to life and personal integrity. People are subjected to torture, to cruel and humiliating punishment, discrimination and illegal rulings.

Unfortunately, many international human rights organisations close their eyes to what is going on there, hypocritically turning away. Meanwhile, look at what is happening now, in the course of the election campaign – and this has to do with voting rights – do we not see it? Those in disagreement are beaten up and humiliated all the time. What kind of democracy is it that is being imposed on this territory...

Putin also notes the crimes against religious believers ... while the human rights activists in the West say nothing. Squat.

"You know, the media has shown over the past few days – today and yesterday – they are celebrating OUN-UIA, this nationalistic, pro-fascist organisation; it is practically an official celebration in Ukraine accompanied by calls for reprisals against representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy. All this while the Patriarch is doing everything to stop the fratricidal conflict. The Patriarch himself and other Church Primates are doing so much and are being attacked: 18 churches have already been taken away and believers are chased out of churches. Where are the human rights activists regarding the right to religious worship and freedom of religion? There is almost total silence here, by the way. Not a word, as if nothing is happening, while this is very serious. People are being chased out of churches, beaten up and humiliated and their property is taken away."

Russian President meets with civil society and human rights organizations

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Maidan Massacre


The documentary looks like a good summary of the sequence of events in Ukraine, including the stage management of events by the US Empire and its satraps like Canada and other NATO members, which is probably useful as Western mass media has the repulsive practice of erasing or "forgetting" everything that contradicts the current plateful of lies and hate propaganda.

Supplemental: While not everything in the documentary looks correct, it is still useful to have a look at these events that have virtually gone down the rabbit hole of "forget" by Western corporate media and the faux left.

A new prize-winning American documemtary film has been released which suggests that the snipers who killed 100 demonstrators on Kiev's central square in January and February of this year may have been working for pro-western groups seeking to overthrow the then president, who was pro-Russian.  The full video can be seen at the end of this article.

This is precisely the opposite of what the western media reported at the time.

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While pro-Nazi, Bandurist elements continue to hold public marches honouring their predecessors, a review of the horrific atrocities of those predecessors might be in order. The following link provides a list of documented atrocities against civilians by OUN-UIA.

They are calling their current marches, "The March of Heroes".

“The March of Heroes”—a torchlight procession of Right Sector activists—took place today in Odessa. It was arranged by two nationalist social and political organisations: Social-Nationalist Assembly (SNA) and the social organisation “Patriot of Ukraine”. They were joined by fighters of the Azov Battalion, who had returned to civilian life from the ATO zone as a result of the recent troop rotation. Azov is staffed by activists of the SNA and, according to the organisers of the march, “it was initially considered a Right Sector battalion.” Right Sector football fans and other “patriotic youth” also participated in the procession. The march has threatened to become the main event in the city of late. A “March of Heroes” was also held in Kiev and Kharkov. It is not yet clear what the consequences are for the residents of those cities. We will probably find out later. However, we take this opportunity to recall some of the “heroic deeds” engraved in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s history.

And here are some of the things those "heroes" did ...

WARNING: gruesome atrocities listed!









  1. Nailing a big thick nail into the skull.
  2. Scalping (tearing away of skin and hair from the head).
  3. Hitting the skull with the handle of an axe.
  4. Hitting the forehead with the handle of an axe.
  5. Carving out an “eagle” on the forehead.
  6. Nailing a bayonet into the temple of a victim.
  7. Knocking-out of an eye.
  8. Knocking-out of both eyes.
  9. Amputation of the nose.
  10. Amputation of an ear.
  11. Amputation of both ears.
  12. Spearing a child with a stake.
  13. Transfixing the head with a sharpened thick wire stretched from one ear to another.
  14. Amputation of lips.
  15. Amputation of the tongue.
  16. Slitting the throat.
  17. Slitting the throat and pulling out the tongue through the wound.
  18. Slitting the throat and inserting a snip into the wound.
  19. Knocking-out teeth.
  20. Breaking the jaw.
  21. Tearing off the mouth from ear to ear.
  22. Stuffing the mouth with tow while transporting still alive victims.
  23. Slitting the neck with a knife or a sickle.
  24. Striking the neck with an axe.
  25. Сleaving the head with an axe.
  26. Rotating the head 180 degrees backwards.
  27. Crushing the head, gripped in a vice, tightening the clamps around it.
  28. Decapitation with a sickle.
  29. Decapitation with a scythe.
  30. Decapitation with an axe.
  31. Stabbing the neck with an axe.
  32. Inflicting stab wounds to the head.
  33. Slicing off narrow strips of skin from the back.
  34. Inflicting other types of chopped wounds to the back.
  35. Sticking the back with a bayonet.
  36. Breaking ribs.
  37. Hitting with a knife or a bayonet at heart or near it.
  38. For women—amputation of the bust with a sickle
  39. Amputation of the bust and sprinkling the wounds with salt.
  40. For men—amputation of genitalia with a sickle.
  41. Sawing the body of a victim in half with a carpenter saw.
  42. Inflicting stab wounds to the body of a victim with a knife or a bayonet.
  43. Piercing pregnant woman’s belly with a bayonet.
  44. For adults—slitting the belly and pulling out the intestines.
  45. Slitting the belly of a woman in late pregnancy and replacing the foetus, for instance with a cat or a rabbit, with subsequent suturing up of the wound.
  46. Slitting the belly and pouring boiling water inside.
  47. Slitting the belly, putting stones inside of it and throwing the victim into the river.
  48. Slitting the belly of a pregnant woman, filling it up with broken glass shards.
  49. Pulling out the sinews from groin to heels.
  50. Inserting red-hot iron rods into vagina or anus.
  51. Inserting pine cones, narrow tip forward, into victim’s vagina.
  52. Inserting a sharpened stake into the vagina and pushing it until it comes out at the throat.
  53. Slitting a female torso with garden scissors, from the vagina to the neck, pulling the intestines out.
  54. Hanging a victim up by the intestines.
  55. Insertion of a glass bottle into the vagina, and breaking the bottle.
  56. Insertion of a glass bottle into the anus, and breaking the bottle.
  57. Slitting the belly, filling it with animal feed, exposing a victim to starving pigs which eat the feed along with victim’s intestines.
  58. Chopping off an arm with an axe.
  59. Chopping off both arms with an axe.
  60. Piercing the palm of the hand with a knife.
  61. Amputation of fingers with a knife.
  62. Amputation of a hand.
  63. Burning the palm of a hand on a superheated coal furnace.
  64. Chopping off the heel of a foot.
  65. Chopping off the whole foot.
  66. Fracturing hand bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  67. Fracturing leg bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  68. Sawing a torso, restrained by planks, half-and-half with a carpenter saw.
  69. Sawing a torso half-and-half with a rip saw.
  70. Amputation of both legs with a saw.
  71. Sprinkling red-hot coal over tied legs.
  72. Nailing hands to a table, and feet to the floor.
  73. Nailing the victim’s hands and feet to the cross in a Catholic church.
  74. Striking the back of a head with an axe, victims put lying on the ground.
  75. Inflicting axe wounds all over the body.
  76. Quartering of the whole body with an axe
  77. Breaking bones of lower and upper extremities with a specially invented device.
  78. Nailing a small child’s tongue to a table, so that the child is hanged up by the tongue.
  79. Quartering a child with a knife, throwing the body parts all around.
  80. Tearing open a child’s belly.
  81. Nailing a small child to a table with a bayonet.
  82. Hanging a male child by his genitalia from a door handle.
  83. Knocking out the leg joints of a child.
  84. Knocking out the arm joints of a child.
  85. Smothering a child by rags put over the face.
  86. Throwing a live child into a deep well.
  87. Throwing a live child into a burning house.
  88. Smashing babies’ heads by dashing them, held by the feet, against a wall or a furnace.
  89. Impaling a child on a stake.
  90. Hanging a monk up by his feet at the pulpit in a Catholic church.
  91. Hanging a woman up by her feet on a tree, followed by amputation of bust and tongue, tearing open her belly, gouging her eyes and cutting out pieces of her flesh with a knife.
  92. Nailing a small child to a door.
  93. Hanging a victim up on a tree.
  94. Hanging a victim up on a tree by the feet.
  95. Throwing a victim into a lighted bonfire, while girls are dancing around and singing songs accompanied by live music from an accordionist.
  96. Piercing a body with a stake, attaching it to the ground.
  97. Tying a victim to a tree and shooting at him or her as at a target.
  98. Taking a victim, naked or in only underwear, out in the severe frost.
  99. Smothering a victim with a lathered noose.
  100. Dragging a body on the ground, tied by a noose around the neck.
  101. Tying up a woman with feet and hands to two trees, slitting her from groin to breast.
  102. Tearing up the torso of a victim with chains.
  103. Dragging a victim, tied to a carriage, along a roadway.
  104. Dragging along the roadway a mother and her three small children—arranged in the following way: one leg of the mother is tied to the carriage; a leg of the eldest child is tied to the other leg of his mother; a leg of the younger child is tied to another leg of the eldest etc.
  105. Transfixing a body with a carbine barrel.
  106. Сonstriction of a victim with barbed wire.
  107. Сonstriction of several victims together with barbed wire.
  108. Recurrent tying up of a body with barbed wire and regularly drenching with ice water every few hours, in order to bring round the victim and to continue painful torture.
  109. Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck and leaving them in such position.
  110. Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck with subsequent decapitation with a scythe.
  111. Tearing a victim apart by tying the body to two horses and driving them apart.
  112. Throwing adults into a burning house.
  113. Setting aflame a victim doused with flammable liquid.
  114. Laying round a victim sheaves of straw, setting him or her aflame—so-called “Nero’s torch”.
  115. Jabbing a knife into a victim’s back, leaving it inside the wound.
  116. Sticking a baby on a pitchfork and throwing it into the bonfire.
  117. Cutting off the skin from a victim’s face with a blade.
  118. Nailing oak stakes along victim’s rib bones.
  119. Hanging a victim up on barbed wire.
  120. Tearing the skin off the body of a victim, pouring ink or boiling water over the wounds.
  121. Tying a victim to a pier, with subsequent using for knife-throwing practice.
  122. Tying up the hands with barbed wire.
  123. Inflicting mortal blows with a spade.
  124. Nailing the hands to the threshold of a house.
  125. Dragging a victim along the roadway with legs tied.

These units, that are now integrated into the structure of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine, honour those who carried out these endless cruelties and atrocities.

Banderite atocities. Proud of being merciless.


At least they don't wear white after labour day. That truly would be a gruesome atrocity.

Here's something that actually did happen in Ukraine in recent days. Ousted rebel leader Pavel Gubarev survived an assassination attempt:

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6079_Smith_W wrote:

At least they don't wear white after labour day. That truly would be a gruesome atrocity.


Trivializing and riduculing fascist and Nazi atrocities. You might be more comfortable at another discussion board.


Trivializing? Sorry man, but I am not the one using it as pornography. How do you justify printing it?

What atrocity are you actually talking about here? A party polling at 4 percent in the polls stages a rally to protest the government for among other things, turning down recognizing OUN as heroes.

Though it might, just might also have something to do with the fact there is an election on.

I think we all know Bandera's faction were butchers; that was established in these threads over six months ago. It was also established that most of the people who (unfortunately) recognize him as a nationalist leader are neither Nazi, nor would they dream of doing any of the things in your reprinting of  de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom (at least according to a propaganda blog).

So I'll turn the question around. How do you think using that imagery and that list of horrors is at all called for in reference to that protest rally where there were in fact no atrocities at all? Do you think if you ran some in colour with extra blood it would get your point across better?



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Another worthless contribution. Thanks for that.

In other news, Dr Jonathan Levy, Ph. D. in Poli Sci and an attorney member of the International Criminal Bar has written an article in which he suggests that, given the disinformation campaign of Western propaganda (and echoes from the faux left even here on , Novorossiya should go it alone and create its own international tribunal to try war crimes suspects. 

Novorossiya Must Bring Kiev’s War Criminals to Justice: A Legal Analysis

As Levy points out, until Novorossiya gave the Ukrainian military junta and its fascist militias the merciless pounding they so richly deserved, there was a very real scenario of another hopelessly biased UN sponsored kangaroo tribunal like the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia) which mainly persecuted Serbs for defending themselves ... this was looming large in the case that the Ukrainian junta suceeded with its brutal and barbaric ethnic cleansing in Eastern Ukraine.

Happily, that scenario did not develop. However, the ICC has, to its shame, ignored the snipers of the Maidan and the paid thugs who burned innocents alive in Odessa. The possibility of UN-sponsored show trials of the defenders of Donetsk and Lugansk was a disgusting possibility. Levy wrote a piece in which he suggested that the Council of Europe (of which both Ukraine and Russia are members), separate from the hopelessly bigotted EU, sponsor a War Crimes Tribunal.

Sadly, this did not come to pass, as the council has become little more than a megaphone for the supporters of the Ukrainian junta. 

Therefore Novorossiya itself as a sovereign state must seize the initiative.  Just as Novorossiya and only Novorossiya defended itself from Kiev, it is only Novorossiya that can move forward with a war crimes tribunal. Evidence and testimony has been already been collected and it is abundant.  Many of the perpetrators both high and low are known and the rest will be discovered. The enablers, propagandists and funders of genocide outside Ukraine are also numbered and known for the most part.  There is no lack of allegations or suspects. What is lacking is the mechanism to bring them to justice.

There is also a Canadian connection here.

When the oppressed people of Ukraine finally wake out of their slumber and throw out the rascals in the Kiev government and cleanse the country of Nazis and corrupt oligarchs, the criminals will find a soft landing in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada just as many blood stained Banderists did after Second World War.  The Vatican, MI6, and the predecessor to the CIA did all they could to help certain useful Nazis and their collaborators escape justice via the ratlines and find a new life as assets abroad. A repeat of this travesty of justice must be avoided as these rotten apples have a way of resurfacing later with their message of hate and ultra nationalism.

Certainly, we see many examples here in Canada of that same disgusting and frothing hatred so typical of fascists and their supporters. Anyway, some critical points follow ...


Novorossiya as a sovereign state may engage in foreign relations.  It can sue in the courts of other countries because it is an independent sovereign state under international law and its agencies are legal entities. Novorossiya may file cases with international tribunals. However, it is also blocked from membership in the major international organizations and the existing tribunals seem heavily prejudiced against Novorossiya.

Novorossiya therefore must set up its very own International Tribunal and give it independence to act in lieu of the UN, ICC, and Council of Europe. This bold act will result in recognition of the tribunal even when states may still shy away from recognizing Novorossiya itself. Progressive states will recognize the tribunal and its power to seize property and extradite criminals. Perhaps a third party country host can be found too.

Just to remind babblers, or those who are actually anti-fascist and not fascist bootlickers, etc, ....

" ... a war crimes tribunal is an important weapon against fascism. Fascists thrive in dark places and times and hide their identities behind masks and hoods; the threat of exposure their identities and deeds scares them greatly.  Even during the worst days of the Second World War, Himmler eased his murder of the Jews in Hungary in fear of prosecution after the war. The cowards and the cravens in Kiev, who allow their forces to target schools and mass transit in Donetsk would likely modify their behaviour if they risked indictment for war crimes from a recognized tribunal.  But the Kiev regime is currently well protected by backers in United States and NATO and consequently is emboldened in its attempts to intimidate the people of Novorossiya."

As Levy points out, Lawfare can be just as important a form of struggle as warfare.


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Supplemental remark about Levy's brilliant idea.

"If this ever happens, it will be a remarkable step towards creating a real international civic society with its own justice system, powered by modern technology (more details here), which would be independent of international leaders and their lackey organisations, which so far showed little signs of being concerned about bringing justice for killed East Ukrainian civilians."

Technology in the service of freedom, human rights, and justice. Is this not itself?


ikosmos wrote:

Just to remind babblers, or those who are actually anti-fascist and not fascist bootlickers, etc, ....

And you do know that the more you froth at the mouth and say ridiculous things like this, the more you are going to get called out for it.

But if you are really so fixated on fascists and swastikas and all that, one thing I have to say about the Russians is their novel take on the symbol. As a design, it is actually quite beautiful (if you ignore the far-right xenophobic politics, of course):

As it happens, that fellow who got his car forced into a tree on Wednesday was a member:

I have left out the actual link to the page because there is a very anti-semitic (and VERY aryan-looking pro-Slav) propaganda poster there. There's a reference to Gubarev talking at rallies about fighting Nazis and Banderists while wearing that fancy stylized swastika, as a matter of fact. You figure that one out.

You can probably find it if you are really interested, or PM me if you can't.



ikosmos, as you well know personal attacks are not permitted on babble. If someone doesn't see the world as you do you can't go around calling them a fascist boot-licker. It's beyond offensive.

As for worthless posts, ones that pointedly attack individuals are on the same level as posts by trolls and spammers, ie., not wanted here.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

I really don't understand why trolling a thread isn't also worthy of a public warning. And stalking. If Smith and like-minded babblers have nothing useful to contribute to a thread, why can't they be cautioned to stay away?

For example, the previous post by Smith has nothing to do with Ukrainian atrocities and war crimes. etc.


That is kind of begging the question, because neither did yours, which was my point.

Again, what is the news item you are talking about? A political rally, at which there was a bit of a scuffle at the end, and if anything, showing that the Ukrainian government rejected honouring the OUN factions, as well as rejecting Svoboda and other hard-liners.

You running reams of historical atrocities in a frankly exploitative fashion doesn't make this event into something it is not, and it doesn't make all the people at that rally into either fascist hard-liners, or complicit in those crimes.


As for cautioning people to stay away, I can see why you might want to have a free stage to print falsehoods unchallenged, but sorry. That is not how a forum works. If someone sees something that is not true (or in this case, really offensive), we have every right to correct it.


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Kiev's War Crimes Are Not in Doubt. Why the Silence?

"Despite widespread and undeniable evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses little is being done to hold Kiev to account."

Mind you, the virtual dead silence from the Western corporate media about the unending atrocities and war crimes from the Ukrainian junta didn't stop the recent Nobel Peace Prize winner from expressing his concerns about the slaughter of children thanks to this very same junta.

A day after winning the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday, Kailash Satyarthi, in an interview with RIA News, urged the Ukrainian government to protect Ukrainian citizens and especially children: “It is the responsibility of the Ukrainian government to save their citizens, particularly children. Safety of children will be their utmost priority. I will appeal to the Ukrainian government so as to ensure that such incidents against children will not occur in future.”

According to the recent UN report as many as 3,660 people have been killed and over 8,756 have been wounded in Donbass since Kiev launched its military operation in April. Even though a ceasefire was announced on September 5th, more than 330 people have died since, including 20 children. UNICEF stated that at least 35 children have been killed in the Ukrainian conflict and 87 have been wounded.

Yeah, they're killing children as well as adults. Oh well - just blame the Rooskies! The resistance are killing ... their own kids! Human shields! etc.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Human Rights Watch notes the use of cluster munitions in populated areas of the city of Donetsk, likely by the Ukrainian junta. The brutal regime neither confirms nor denies the allegations.


RT wrote:
The forces of the Kiev government used cluster munitions in populated areas in the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, says Human Rights Watch. It adds that the use of this forbidden weaponry violates the laws of war.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) was documenting the “widespread use of cluster munitions” in fighting between government troops and self-defense forces, according to investigation carried by the watchdog

“While it was not possible to conclusively determine responsibility for many of the attacks, the evidence points to Ukrainian government forces’ responsibility for several cluster munition attacks on Donetsk [Donetsk Region, Eastern Ukraine],” says the report.

Plausible deniability! Hell yeah! Blame the Rooskies! The resistance bombed themselves! It was little green men!

Kiev govt used cluster munitions in populated zones in E. Ukraine – Human Rights Watch

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

US mini-documentary shows how, using public domain video, that provocateurs organized by the Kiev-backed Odessa authorities, dressed to look like "pro-Russian" demonstrators, fired at the right-wing extremists, in order to incite the riot.

Follow-up from the Corporate-owned media? Still nothing.

The Odessa massacre is the other shoe, along with MH17, and the discovery of mass graves proving war crimes in East Ukraine, which is waiting to drop.  

The facts about these three issues are going to go mainstream, and when they do, support for Kiev, inside and outside Ukraine, is going to evaporate quickly....

This excellent mini-documentary, done by an American investigative journalist, came out a long time ago, on May 12, just one week after the massacre.  It has over 200,000 views on his Youtube channel.  No doubt many journalists covering Ukraine have seen it.  Yet still no follow-up stories.

Agent Provocateurs and the Odessa Massacre

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Human Rights Watch Confirms Widespread Use of Outlawed Cluster Bombs by Kiev on Civilians

Human Rights Watch ... published a video yesterday on their youtube channel detailing their accusation against Kiev that it used cluster bombs, banned in 114 countries because of their indiscriminate destructive nature.  

The video charges that cluster bombs were used against civilians in East Ukraine by Kiev, saying that this "violates the laws of war, and may amount to war crimes."

"The video is very professionally made and presented, reflecting a decision HRW made several years ago to create its own media creation capabilities, to better convey its findings to the public, bypassing interpretation from media.

The video features expert testimony, graphics showing how the bombs work, interviews with eyewitnesses and relatives of those killed by cluster bombs, and those wounded."


This is wearying, ikosmos.

Do I need to go through that yet again and flag the lies point-by-point?

Here are just a couple: that guy with the rifle? At the time of the fire BBC reported that he was being shielded by riot police, and there are wider shots that show that clearly. So this notion that it is an unreported revelation are completely bogus. Not only is it common knowledge that police were on both sides of the conflict, the actual investigation (which WAS done) found the police in part to blame for the fire.

The story about that woman being murdered? Debunked by a number of sources.

The accompanying photo might seem grisly, except it is of someone who is neither pregnant, nor (since she is actually standing) dead.

And that nonsense that took up the last half of the video? Tyahnybok and Yarosh were never in the interim government.



swallow swallow's picture

Ukrainian government forces used cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk city in early October 2014, Human Rights Watch said today. The use of cluster munitions in populated areas violates the laws of war due to the indiscriminate nature of the weapon and may amount to war crimes. .... Ukrainian forces should immediately make a commitment to not use cluster munitions and to investigate and hold accountable any personnel responsible for firing cluster munitions into populated areas. Ukraine should accede to the treaty banning their use, Human Rights Watch said.

While not conclusive, circumstances indicate that anti-government forces might also have been responsible for the use of cluster munitions, Human Rights Watch said.

Human Rights Watch also called on Russia to make an immediate commitment to not use cluster munitions and to accede to the cluster munitions treaty.

[url= the HRW's mouth[/url]


Yes, it is. They have documented indiscriminate shelling from both sides for several months now.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

6079_Smith_W wrote:
Yes, it is. They have documented indiscriminate shelling from both sides for several months now.

That's what the Israelis and their supporters keep saying about the Palestinians.  Some truly remarkable similarities between that conflict and the Ukrainian civil war. For example, Ukrainian political rhetoric has compared the people of the Donbass to insects. Israelis do the same thing when their propagandists talk about Palestinians. 

Good luck elaborating on the many civilian casualties of the resistance. Although, you're still going to have to explain why they would bomb themselves. That's a tough one.


ikosmos wrote:

Although, you're still going to have to explain why they would bomb themselves. That's a tough one.

That should be obvious, if you have been following what has been happening for the last year, Ukraine didn't actually start fighting back until May.

Who do you think is fighting on the governnment side, ikosmos? Azov was formed in Mariupol by locals defending their city.

And if you're going to ask that question, you can answer it yourself: who shelled the southern front near Mariupol? Why would the rebels bomb their own territory? THough they don't seem to have any problem turning Donetsk airport into a quarry.

I agree, it is much easier for foreign fighters like Vostok, the occasional lost Russian,  and the rebel commanders to trash eastern Ukraine because it is a win-win for them.

But how do you explain any civil war?

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

6079_Smith_W wrote:
They have documented indiscriminate shelling from both sides for several months now.

No sources, of course. Because there are none, for the sort of thing that follows.

Warning: graphic images of atrocities by the Ukrainian junta towards Donetsk civilians.

Video: What Shelling of Civilians Looks Like Up Close (captions)


This is just one of hundreds of videos showing Poroshenko's government doing the same sort of thing, again and againNo material has been produced showing the Resistance doing anything remotely like this.

Yes, but if babbler Smith says its true then it must be true. Take Smith's "word" for it. Just like we should take the "word" of Western intelligence agencies that say they have "proof" of this or that fabrication regarding Novorossiya, Russia, or both.

Seriously Smith, let's see another thread with all the Novorossiyan (or Russian since they're all the same to you) "atrocities" against civilians comparable to what is in this clip.

And no, hurt feelings of Nazis don't count, nor do re-gurgitating junta lies about Novorossiyans bombing themselves, shooting themselves in the back, running themselves over with tanks, etc. Just straight evidence that others can evaluate for themselves.




swallow swallow's picture

ikosmos wrote:

6079_Smith_W wrote:
They have documented indiscriminate shelling from both sides for several months now.

No sources, of course. Because there are none, for the sort of thing that follows.

I believe his source there would be Human Rights Watch itself, which has been critical of both sides. 

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

swallow wrote:

ikosmos wrote:

6079_Smith_W wrote:
They have documented indiscriminate shelling from both sides for several months now.

No sources, of course. Because there are none, for the sort of thing that follows.

I believe his source there would be Human Rights Watch itself, which has been critical of both sides. 

Read more carefully. This is typical pretend "even handedness" and trying to equate actual combat between the warring militaries with barbaric attacks by the junta on civilians. There is no evidence of the latter from the resistance.

"This is just one of hundreds of videos showing Poroshenko's government doing the same sort of thing, again and againNO MATERIAL HAS BEEN PRODUCED SHOWING THE RESISTANCE DOING ANYTHING REMOTELY LIKE THIS."


Incidently, this isn't the only point about the Ukrainian junta aiming at non-military targets. The bombing of the area around the crash site of MH17 effectively slowed down the investigation and undoubtedly destroyed some of the evidence of how the plane was brought down. Western media even tried to criticize the resistance while the latter was protecting OSCE observers from the barrage coming from the junta. HTFG!


... and several Amnesty International Reports, and the Committee to Protect Journalists, and United Nations reports, and the OSCE, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and a few more. If you really want a bibliography with every post let me know, and I will PM it to you; I don't think everyone here needs that for every statement.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

6079_Smith_W wrote:
... and several Amnesty International Reports, and the Committee to Protect Journalists, and United Nations reports, and the OSCE, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, and a few more. If you really want a bibliography with every post let me know, and I will PM it to you; I don't think everyone here needs that for every statement.

Apparently, I need to repeat myself.

""This is just ONE OF HUNDREDS of videos showing Poroshenko's government doing the same sort of thing, again and againNO MATERIAL HAS BEEN PRODUCED SHOWING THE RESISTANCE DOING ANYTHING REMOTELY LIKE THIS."

Got a shred of evidence that the resistance is bombing civilians? How about direct video evidence, of the sort provided upthread, showing the civilian victims, with their fresh blood still flowing into the gutter, lying dead or dying on the ground?

I didn't think so. But hey! There's no babble rule against trivializing the disgusting war crimes and atrocities by the barbaric Ukrainian junta, or equating their horrific and endless crimes with the just and righteous resistance to those terrible crimes. So keep it up. They say karma's a b*tch. lol.

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Leading US Human Rights Group Confirms Widespread Use of Outlawed Cluster Bombs by Kiev on Civilians

The Ukrainian Army appears to have fired cluster munitions on several occasions into the heart of Donetsk, unleashing a weapon banned in much of the world into a rebel-held city with a peacetime population of more than one million, according to physical evidence and interviews with witnesses and victims.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Pro-West Snipers Murdered Kiev Demonstrators in False Flag: Canadian Academic Analysis


the work of a well-known Canadian political scientist at the University of Ottawa, who is a native of Ukraine.  His specialization is Ukrainian politics and history.

The study concludes that, though there is some evidence that some of the protesters killed during the Maidan disturbances may have been accidentally shot by police snipers, the great majority were killed by snipers controlled by the pro-West demonstration leaders in a false flag operation. 

The study suggests this was a pre-planned provocation to discredit the then government and that these same leaders both before and especially after they seized power have engaged in a systematic cover up of the facts to conceal their own guilt.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

There are some unsubstantiated claims about finding the bodies of 286 rape victims in Donetsk, where the junta's Dnepr-1 forces were located, but I'm not seeing any substantiation or follow-up yet.

It reads like over-zealous reporting. ugh. There are enough atrocities already, there is no need to fabricate any more.

Bodies of 286 women listed as missing found ...

Maybe NOT!

Zakharchenko denies ....

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Sunday Morning TV: Junta Repressive Force - Shelling a Church, Graveyard, Civilians with Incendiary Munitions on Friday

Yeah, because like nuns are just such, you know, terrorists!


IAC: Stand With Odessa!


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Europe commemorates the victims of the Odessa Massacre.

In the government citadels of Yanqui imperialism and its Canadian satellite?

Squat. For there are the "good dead", approved by the Empire, and the "bad dead" who are, like the Palestinians, like the Novorossiyans, like the civilian victims of US Drone strikes around the globe, not worthy of mention.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

2 teens were killed, 4 injured, as the Ukrainian junta shelled a school in Donetsk. The attempts to recover the dead and injured ... were hampered by ... ? You guessed it!

More shelling! Even Amnesty International, riddled with pro-Empire sycophants, is taking notice.

“There should be a thorough investigation into the shocking attack in Donetsk,” Denis Krivosheev, the deputy head of Amnesty International's Central European and Central Asian program, was cited by RIA-Novosti news agency as saying. “If the components of war crime are detected, those responsible should be brought to justice."

From Canada? SQUAT!

Then again, maybe Canadian companies ... can sell Ukraine the shells! Because war ... is profitable! So be quiet about these killings! Profits are more important than these "pro-Russian" untermensch anyway! [end sarcasm]

2 teens killed, 4 injured in shelling nr Donetsk school, E. Ukraine