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Palestinian Minister Dies After Run-In With IDF Soldiers in West Bank Protest (and vid)

"...There are conflicting reports on how Abu Ein, a leading member of Abbas' Fatah movement and cabinet minister died. 'Palestinian minister without porfolio planted a tree at a demo in Turmusiyya, was hit by IOF soldiers, gassed and then died.'

The Israeli military said it was looking into the incident and is awaiting an autopsy.

Jibril Rajoub, a Palestinian official, announced the halt of security coordination with Israel following Abu Ein's death."

Adam T

This New Political Partnership Could Shake Up Israel’s Election

The centrist Hatnuah party's alliance with the Labor Party could be a serious rival to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party in next year's elections


It would be nice to get rid of that asshole Netanyahu.

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American Radical Norman Finklestein clashes with AJE's Mehdi Hasan on why the thinks a one state solution is fantasy.




The Jewish Nationality bill, approved by the Israeli cabinet in late November, has been through various changes in wording, but most versions would strip Arabic of official language status and declare Hebrew the only official language of Israel.

The bill has been panned by mainstream American Jewish organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.

But unlike the U.S. and the European Union, the Harper government has so far declined to criticize it.


George Galloway's Comment: How to Protest Israel's Illegal Settlements? (and vid)

"There is indeed, as George Bush once said, an axis of evil in the world. The problem is it is not quite the axis that George Bush had in mind. The axis of evil is the United States, Israel and its allies...

We've reached a situation where Canada is worse than the United States in its attitude to this question."


This is NOT Recognition -  by Miko Peled

"We would all be wise to remember that the recognition of a 'State' that does not exist in order to numb the resistance to a racist, colonialist regime is not new.

It works well for those who do condemn Israel and its policies but still want to see the state of Israel as part of the solution.

Rather we should demand recognition that Israel is occupied Palestine, that all Israeli towns and cities are illegal settlements, and that it is time to free Palestine and its people from the illegitimate colonialist regime known as Israel."


BREAKING: European Parliament Votes To Recognize Palestinian Statehood 'In Principle'

Now all they have to do is push the Jewish state off of it.


CIJA: Canada Strongly Opposes Decision to Convene Anti-Israel Conference in Geneva

"Dec 16, 2014 - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement regarding the decision to convene a conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions:

'...Canada has complete faith in the strength of the rule of law in Israel, and we believe the Israelis are capable of investigating matters surrounding the events that took place in Gaza in the summer of 2014.'

Israel's 'best friend'...


Israel Breaks Cease-Fire by Bombing Gaza

"Israel's warplanes launched two airstrikes in eastern Al-Qarara-Khanyounis city, teleSUR's correspondent in Gaza Noor Harazeen reported.

She said rocket fire, a 'violation of the truce' following Israel's 'Protective Edge' bombing campaign earlier this year, 'is one of the most serious attacks on Gaza."

But it's Israel, so it's ok


Palestinians Criticize Canada for Boycotting Meeting on Israeli Settlements

"Said Hamad says Canada should have joined other countries at a conference that harshly criticized Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem...."



Why are Abbas and Fatah going to the Hague Court (ICC) to solve a political problem. Israel itself could consider Hamas’s rockets as war crimes. More and more countries are recognizing a Palestine State which they never did in 1948 or 1967. That recognition is increasing. Bringing in the so-called International Criminal Court (largely a creation of the NATO countries-which China, Russia, India and the USA refuse to submit to) will stiffen the resistance of many Israelis. This is grandstanding by Abbas who is nearly as much part of the problem as Netanyahu.


'Kick Their Ass and Steal Their Gas!'


US Army Report Calls For 'Military Support' of Israeli Energy Grab  -  by Nafeez Ahmed

US Military strategists are contemplating the threat of war to redraw the Middle East energy architecture around Israel

"A new report of the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute emphasizes the need for 'US security and military support' to its key allies in the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly Israel, over access to recent vast discoveries of regional oil and gas.

The army study, released earlier in December 2014, concludes that extensive US military involvement 'may prove essential in managing possible future natural resource conflict in East Mediterranean,' due to huge gas discoveries in recent years.

Visible US engagement is also necessary to ward off the regional encroachment of 'emerging powers and potential new peace brokers such as Russia - which already entertains a strong interest in East Mediterranean gas developments - and notably China.

The new US Army report argues that this hydrocarbon discovery is one of tremendous economic and geostrategic significance, not just for the allies but for the United States itself. Israel especially.

This Orwellian document thus reveals that in the name of maintaining regional peace a new Great Game is at play. To counter Russian and Chinese influence while cementing influence over its Arab allies, US military strategists are contemplating the threat of war to redraw the Middle East energy architecture around Israel."


The Second Most Powerful Banker in America

Fischer is an Israeli-US dual ciitzen and was Governor of the Bank of Israel from 2005 - 2012


The Guardian: 'Heroes of 2014 - (wait for it...) The President of Israel  -  by Jonathan Freedland'

"This rightwing member of Likud has become Israel's conscience, challenging racism and standing up for Palestinian rights..."

If it's in the Guardian it must be true...


Israel Expresses Outrage Over ICC Probe into Tel Aviv's Crimes in Gaza

"Israel has expressed outrage over a move by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a preliminary investigation into Tel Aviv's war crimes against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that he rejected the 'scandalous' ICC decision, claiming the court has no jurisdiction over Palestine as it is not a state.

Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the examination solely aimed to try to harm Israel's right to defend itself from terror."


Gazans Seek Justice in Wake of ICC Probe of Israeli War Crimes (and vid)

"Families of war victims in Gaza say the launch of a preliminary investigation into Israeli war crimes is a step in the right direction."


John Baird's Convoy Pelted With Eggs in W Bank (and vid)

"Activists call for boycott of foreign minister over his government's pro-Israel stance. Dozens of Palestinian protesters in Ramallah have hurled eggs and shoes at the convoy of Canada's John Baird."

a welcome he deserves, except he represents you canada and pals wonder you don't do something about him?

hepdo yes, palestine no?


When you go out of your way to make Sweden hostile . . . .,7340,L-4616107,00.html

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To good not to quote:


...Much easier for politicians to march in the street in front of the cameras.

And who marched in the first row, beaming like a victor?

Our own and only Bibi.

How did he get there? The facts came out within record time. Seems he was not invited at all. On the contrary, President Francois Hollande sent explicit messages: please, please don’t come. It would turn the demo into a show of solidarity with the Jews, instead of a public outcry for the freedom of the press and other “republican values”. Netanyahu came nevertheless, with two extreme rightist ministers in tow.

Placed in the second row, he did what Israelis do: he shoved aside a black African president in front of him and placed himself in the front row.

Once there, he began waving to the people on the balconies along the way. He was beaming, like a Roman general in his triumphal parade. One can only guess the feelings of Hollande and the other heads of state – who tried to look appropriately solemn and mournful – at this display of Chutzpah.

Netanyahu went to Paris as part of his election campaign...

The rest of Avnery's reflections on the Paris solidarity march and terrorist attacks is an excellent read:


Israeli Troops Force Old Palestinian Women to Leave Home

"...Israeli forces claimed that the move was for security reasons, without giving further information."

Of course, what else?


Iran Mulls 'Special Retaliation' Over Israel's Golan Attack: Commander

"A senior commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Irael should brace for 'a special retaliation' for killing six members of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, and an Iranian general, in Syria's Golan Heights. 'We will be certainly consider a special retaliation for this issue,' IRGC's second-in-command, Brig-Gen Hossein Salami told al Alam on Saturday.

The commander also explained plans to stretch the anti-Israeli battlefield and open up a new front across the occupied West Bank. 'This is part of a new reality that will gradually unravel,' he added..."


Israel To Russia: 'We're in Favor of Calming Situation With Hezbollah'

"Political sources in the Zionist entity stressed to Russia that Tel Aviv is not interested in escalating the situation with Iran and Hezbollah following the Israeli raid that killed six Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian General in Syria's Golan last week.

Lebanese daily, Al Akhbar, cited Israeli media as saying that 'Israel wants to calm the situation with the Islamic Republic and the Lebanese resistance. Israeli Channel 10 reported that the Zionist entity appointed Russia as a mediator between Tel Aviv, Iran and Hezbollah..."


Fatah Movement Calls For Anti-Israel Protest Across Palestine

"...The movement released a statement on Saturday calling on Palestinians to participate in an event to back the Palestinian leadership in its efforts to table another draft resolution on an independent Palestinian state to the UN Security Council.

The statement further noted that the protest against Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories will be held in the centers of Palestinian districts at 12:00 Noon local time on January 26 [MONDAY]..."


How Israel High Tech Firms Are Turning the US-Mexico Border Into A New Kind Of Hell

"It was October 2012. Roei Elkabetz, a brigadier general for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was explaining his country's border policing strategies. In his PowerPoint presentation, a photo of the enclosure wall that isolated the Gaza Strip from Israel clicked onscreen.

'We have learned lots from Gaza,' he told the audience. 'It's a great laboratory.'



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