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Having floated long-shot presidential efforts before, in 2006 Bob entered a race he knew he could win: An effort to unseat long-term Republican incumbent Dave Weldon in the historically Republican 15th Congressional District of Florida. Bob explicitly campaigned as a 9/11 truth candidate, and it earned him hysterical mainstream media vilification – and a lot of votes. He won the primary – AND the general election. According to the exit polls, Bob beat Weldon in a 55 to 45 percent landslide. Rigged voting machines apparently flipped that outcome for the official count. Bob repeatedly stated afterwards that he knew the election had been stolen, and that he would not run for office again in a country whose voting machines are rigged....Kevin Barrett



Exit or entrance polls are not always accurate as we have just seen in the Iowa caucuses results.


CNN's town hall meetings or debates are excellent. Rather than have the candidates talking at or over each other, CNN gives each candidate their own time to talk, and to respond to questions from reporters and the audience uninterupted. 


In spite of this article Jimmy Carter nails it.

Imagine for a moment a Sanders-Trump finale! Laughing

Jimmy Carter Lends a Hand to Ted Cruz; Goldman Sachs Does the Same for Bernie Sanders




There has been enough shenanigans in US politics.


Des Moines Register calls for audit of Sanders-Clinton result in Iowa

That makes a full recount impossible, and a Democratic official confirmed to The Hill Monday night that there is no recount provision.

The Sanders campaign has called on the party to release the raw vote totals at each precinct. Historically, the party only publicly releases how many delegates the candidate won out of each precinct. Sanders has accused the party of failing to staff precincts with independent staffers. 

The Register, which endorsed Clinton, is calling for a full audit that would include a release of raw vote totals and the results of coin tosses.

"Too many questions have been raised. Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems," the Register writes.

"Too many of us, including members of the Register editorial board who were observing caucuses, saw opportunities for error amid Monday night’s chaos."

The Register notes that the party's refusal to provide additional accountability "confirm[s] the suspicions, wild as they may be, of Sanders supporters."

"Their candidate, after all, is opposed by the party establishment — and wasn’t even a Democrat a few months ago," the board writes. 



The Granite State folks appear to be feeling the Bern as this 31% support advantage Sanders now has over Clinton just increased by 8% in the last 3 days. 

CNN Poll - NH

Feb 1 / Sanders / 57% / 61% / Up 4%

Feb 4 / 34% / 30% / Down 4%  


Senator Boxer must think people are idiots and that there are no lower or middle class people in New York that need representation.

Gotta hand it to Hillary though as she can lie like the best of them.

Hillary Clinton: I Took $675,000 In Speaking Fees From Wall Street Because I Didn't Know I Would Run For President  Laughing






Sanders 61%

Clinton 31%



Trump 28%

Rubio 17%

Kasich 13%

Cruz 13%

Bush 9%

Fiorina 5%

Christie 4%



Don't forget Midnite voting in NH.

Log Haven in Dixville Notch and expanded to other towns as well this year. 


Looks like bad news for Rubio

SCHLAFLY UNLOADS ON RUBIO: 'HE BETRAYED US ALL'Conservative icon calls media favorite 'lackey for the establishment'




"That's what they offered"

Those 4 words may well come back to haunt Hillary

$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented



Hillary is running a hard left campaign for USA standards. You know, the ole campaign on the left, and govern on the right scenario.

I heard somewhere today that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have vey high negatives

How high are Hillary's negatives?

Is Clinton not progressive enough for young voters? Iowa suggests that wasn’t her problem.




The author brings support from others for Hillary's position but none for Sanders. What does Elizabeth Warren say for example? Why doesn't the author quote supporters for Sander's position?

The real differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, explained



Hillary Clinton Is Again Put on the Defensive Over Perceived Ties to Wall Street



Some interesting comments, eh! 

Iowa Democratic Party Shifted Delegate From Sanders to Clinton on Caucus Night



Good on UltraViolet!

Once they choose their Democratic nominee for President, the Dems should go after Rick Snyder, the Republican Governor of Michigan with a vengeance 

As of today, what has he done to correct the problem?

'Snyder poisoned kids in Flint,' reads banner flying over Ann Arbor



More accurate than the polls?

Election Betting Odds



Pages and pages of most likely good information.

And probably skipped over and never read by most people becauwe the posts contain no information from the person who posted it. Not to speak for others but just to feel it out a bit and revisit the notion?




Please Do Not Poison My Brain With the US Elections  -  by Andre Vltchek


"Could someone still honestly believe that it matters who is the President? I ignore it, like others who do not believe in some primitive fairytales. Like my comrades, I have to think about how to get us out of this filthy shit created by the Empire. For that I cannot waste time on the US elections."


In 1988, Ted Cruz spoke of his ideals in life : « Take over the world. World domination, rule everything, be rich and powerful, that sort of stuff ».

If he were to win the coveted place in the White House, it would prove that it is possible to subvert an electoral campaign by using the techniques of psychological operations.

Thierry Meyssan


The debate over “Bernie Bros” isn’t about Bernie Sanders at all



On campaign reform, Lessig sees a challenge for Sanders and opportunity for Trump



Huge number of big undecided voters in NH. 

CNN are about to release their final polling for NH.


Watching the GOP candidates they are acting like a really bad SNL show.

Bloomberg, as an Indie, now giving serious consideration to entering the race.  Laughing


Most recent CNN/WMUR NH Poll:

Trump - 31%

Rubio - 17%

Cruz - 14%

Kasich - 10%

Bush - 7%


So contrary to a lot of pundits it appears Rubio is holding his own



They caught the Rubio surge on the final weekend.


Tks josh.

Maybe why Trump is attacking Bush.

What is Emerson's track record like? In Iowa for example, it appears that Emerson had Clinton winning by 8% whereas she basically end up tied with Sanders.


Bernie Sanders Is No Favorite Son

Five of New Hampshire’s top political minds on what will really happen Tuesday, why the socialist from Vermont is hardly beloved and how the Trump show is changing Granite State politics.



Trump rally draws big crowd on eve of New Hampshire primary – live coverage

6m ago01:26

Trump refers to the blizzard outside to disprove climate change. He’s right that it’s not warm outside.



A board to record votes of the nine registered voters of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, is seen before voting begins for the U.S. presidential primary election in Dixville Notch. Since 1960 residents of Dixville New Hampshire cast the first election day ballots of the U.S. presidential election moments after midnight. Photo by Mike Segar/Reuters


State law requires polls to be open between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday, but each town and city sets its own hours. Most allow voting between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., with a handful opening polls as early as 6 a.m. and about 20 remaining open until 8 p.m. And three tiny towns — Hart’s Location, Dixville and Millsfield — have permission to open their polls at midnight and close them moments later once everyone has voted. Altogether, there are 319 polling locations — cities and larger towns have multiple wards.



"I will say this, ever since we've had both Democrats and Republicans voting in the primaries, which was 1972, each president since has won their party’s vote in .. the Dixville primary," said Tillotson.



Across the thirteen outlets, the tally ends up like this:

Christie: 10 wins, 1 loss
Trump: 4 wins, 1 loss
Bush: 3 wins, 0 losses
Kasich: 2 wins, 0 losses
Cruz: 2 wins, 2 losses
Carson: 0 wins, 5 losses
Rubio: 0 wins, 13 losses

There is a universal consensus, then, that Rubio screwed the pooch (to use the technical term). And the news did not get better from there. His rivals, particularly the three governors, spent all day Sunday talking to crowds about "Marcobot," while Rubio himself tried desperately to defend his performance. And if he was hoping that a Saturday night debate might draw a small crowd, well, it was the highest rated debate of 2016, drawing an average of 13.2 million viewers. Further, there is now a Twitter account, @RubioGlitch, dedicated to "Senator Rubio's" take on the events of the day, such as his assessment of the Super Bowl:

I'm glad the Broncos won but honestly this notion that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing is wrong. He knows exactly what he's doing.





The Ebb and Flow of the Road to the Nomination

I looked at polling over the last 30 years or so, and the best way to determine who is likely to win the New Hampshire primary is to look at who was winning NH prior to the Iowa caucuses. In 1980, before he lost Iowa, Ronald Reagan was beating George H.W. Bush by double digits in NH. After Bush won Iowa, the race initially closed, but on Election Day, Reagan won NH by double digits. In 2000, prior to his Iowa caucus victory, George W. Bush was losing to John McCain in NH by a large margin. Bush won Iowa, and again the race closed initially, but by Election Day McCain swamped Bush.

And more recently, McCain had a solid lead over Romney prior to the 2008 Iowa caucuses, and in New Hampshire he soundly beat Romney days later. On the Democratic primary side in 2008, Hillary Clinton held a small lead over Barack Obama in NH in nearly every public poll prior to her surprising loss in Iowa. Obama then got a big bump from Iowa and took a lead in NH. In the end, NH trended back to where it had been before Iowa, and Hillary again regained top position. This exact same pattern unfolded in 2012 for Romney. He led in NH prior to the Rick Santorum Iowa surprise, then won in NH by nearly the exact amount he polled at earlier.

The bottom line for tomorrow is that if this pattern holds, Trump andBernie Sanders should both win New Hampshire solidly. For the GOP, what is unclear today is who finishes second or third, and unlike in years past, that could have a dramatic effect on the road ahead in this race.

In both the Democratic and GOP races, no one can predict the twists and turns that will emerge. Will a victory for Trump propel him forward with dominance? Will a Sanders victory reset the national race and give him a legitimate shot at winning states many say he can't conquer? Will a new runner-up on the GOP side emerge and how will this change the dynamic? Who will stumble next?



If Bloomberg enters the race you could have all three candidates from New York: Bloomberg, Sanders, and Trump


I wonder what the ages are of the voters in Dixville Notch who will be voting in 5 min. 


They have voted and polls are now closed.

Do the different colour cards mean GOP or Democrat?



Dixville Notch primary voting results


Trump - 2 votes

Kasich - 3 votes (Remember though he visited Dixville Notch)


Sanders - 4 votes

Total 9 votes


Millsfield NH results

Cruz - 9 votes

Trump - 3 votes

Some other Republicans received 1 vote

Clinton - 2 votes

Sanders - 1 vote

Total - 21 votes


CNN will shortly be going live to one of the 3 tiny NH midnite voting towns who will be voting in just over 2 hours now.

It's Dixville Notch only 20 miles from Canadian border.

Kasich visited Dixville Notch earlier and also today phoned all 9 voters.


Voting starts in 2.5 hours in Dixville Notch, Millsfield, and Hart's Location, and then polls will close probably one minute later.


Dixville Notch, NH

It was a second straight shutout loss for Mrs. Clinton, who also failed to get a single Dixville Notch vote in the 2008 primary, but she did then go on to win the NH primary


3 Tiny New Hampshire Towns Voted At Midnight. Do They Predict Anything?

In nearby Millsfield, local Republicans gave half their 18 votes to Ted Cruz and three to Donald Trump while scattering the remaining votes across six candidates, including recent dropout Rand Paul. Clinton got two votes there to Sanders' one.

Hart's Location, farther south, is the third town that has cast ballots. Kasich got five votes there, Trump four, Chris Christie two and one each for Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders got 12 votes while Clinton got seven. Mark Stewart Greenstein, a Democratic candidate from the Live Free or Die Alliance also got two votes.

The very early count, across all three towns: Kasich 9, Cruz 9, Trump 9, Christie 3, Rubio 2, Bush 2, and one each for Carson, Fiorina and Paul; Sanders 17, Clinton 9



NorthReport wrote:

If Bloomberg enters the race you could have all three candidates from New York: Bloomberg, Sanders, and Trump


I think Bloomberg will only enter if it looks like Sanders and Cruz are the nominees.


CNN reports that Independents if exit polls are to be believed are breaking more for the Dems than the GOP which if accurate should be a boost to Bernie. But with so many people making up their minds in the last minute it will be difficult for the pollsters to accurately forecast the results. 

CNN is also reporting that that most polls are closing in about 20 minutes.


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