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Thought that might be the case, U.  I didn't actually take it as directed at me, since my point had nothing to do with any supposed "side" here.

But since ikosmos seems to be into tarring people with that brush I figured I should probably spell it out.


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6079_Smith_W wrote:
My point was ikosmos is up in arms about there not being a peep to be heard in western media, when in fact the NYT ran an even more in-depth piece than the Times did. And no paywall, seeing as ikosmos has concerns that amounts to some sort of coverup.

The second largest newspaper in the United States running the story is not dead silence.

Nice bait and switch.

Here, I will type nice and slowly. So Banderists will understand.

The Times of London story had to do with torture by the "freedom loving" Banderist regime in Kiev. The other stuff about not having access is a previous story and it was, by and large, unaccompanied by any UNHRC reports on atrocities. Obviously, because they didn't have access to the Banderist dungeons.

One story about lack of access and the subsequent suspension of an investigation. The other story is about documented torture by the brutal, Western-funded and sponsored regime in Kiev.

You know. The one that has the co-founder of the Ukrainian National Socialists as Speaker of their Parliament. The very same official who was welcomed in such a kindly and "non partisan" way by the trained seals of the Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic Parties.

Bait. And Switch. You're wasting your talents here Smith. Try selling used cars.


ikosmos wrote:

The Times of London story had to do with torture by the "freedom loving" Banderist regime in Kiev. The other stuff about not having access is a previous story and it was, by and large, unaccompanied by any UNHRC reports on atrocities. Obviously, because they didn't have access to the Banderist dungeons.

Bait. And Switch. You're wasting your talents here Smith. Try selling used cars.

From the New York Times story:


Another detainee reportedly had a plastic bag placed over his head, and was then hit in the face, head and body. Later, his son was taken to a separate room from which he could hear his son’s screams, the report said.

"The Report" is the most recent previous one published in March by the UN High Commission for Human Rights. There's a hyperlink to it in the story, just before the paragraph above.


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So, to summarize:

"The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has issued a new report on the human rights situation in Ukraine. Released on June 3, 2016, the report is the 14th such report on Ukraine issued since March 2014 by the OHCHR’s Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine. The report is announced in the UN press release below.

The report explains that Ukraine’s secret service, the SBU, systematically uses torture, ill-treatment and intimidation against critics of the Kyiv government. The SBU also runs secret detention centers, the UN human rights body says.

Although the UN report criticizes the actions of the Ukrainian government, it does not provide a balanced view of the human rights situation in Ukraine. This is a familiar reporting pattern by the UN body."

This last point is significant. If you can't whitewash the atrocities of the Banderist regime, then lump together everyone else (just as Western MSM lumps together the 4 Israeli casualties with the 4,000 Palestinian casualties in those conflicts) and hope no one notices.

Well, noticed.

Grim HR record in Ukraine.


Ah, so they are telling the truth until they start talking about the situation in eastern Ukraine.

And I can see why you wouldn't want to discuss those "other numbers" they are being lumped in with in this case.

Here's the UN's own press release regarding the report:


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Human Rights Reports on Ukraine.

A very, very  lengthy archive.

Recent reports suggest that the colour Red has been banned by the Banderist regime. Beets and red cabbage will no longer be allowed in Borscht. A dome may well appear over Ukraine, over the obstinate Sun that continues to shine red at inappropriate times of day.

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In summary:

Now using the UN numbers, Kiev's missing numbers and German intelligence, we can give a rough understanding of the vast numbers of humans killed in this war. It falls at about 30,000 dead for Kiev of it's troops,about another 5000 dead or missing including the US Special Forces,CIA, FBI and DEA guys CIA Director Brennan came over to try and get back. Plus about 20,000 other deaths of civilians from both sides. No 100% accurate accounting of war deaths is ever possible. But the takeaway today is the Western media continues to black out and outright lie about the vast numbers killed in the Donbass war. As Stalin said, " One death is a tragedy, a million just a number." Reviewing the losses here in Donbass we must conclude the price paid for America's greed includes a body count known to God, and lied about by man.

"... we must conclude the price paid for America's greed includes a body count known to God, and lied about by man."

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Intelligence Briefing: the Body Count in Donbass

The western media paints the Donbass conflict as a small, insignificant "dispute" or civil war and not worthy of news coverage in an effort to explain it's complete blackout of coverage in English speaking nations. Today we take a look at just what we know about the body count in Donbass. This information is not classified and is available, but like anything worth having, you have to really dig to find the diamond of truth.

The numbers carried about like gold bars on a sterling silver tray by the Western media come from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), this is a United Nations (UN) body formed in December 1991 by General Assembly Resolution 46/182. The resolution was designed to strengthen the UN's response to complex emergencies and natural disasters. According to these "experts" the total number of deaths in Donbass is 9,208 with 2,568 being civilians ...

Why these numbers are one of the greatest lies in modern history ...

The report is lengthy and detailed. Also of note is the following

Foreign mercenaries and advisers

- 103 employees of the CIA, FBI, DIA US Special Forces,

- Foreign mercenaries - 1066 people from the Polish PMC «ASBS Othago» (139 to 22.04 at 13.07 '14), American PMCs Asademi (until 2009 was known as Blackwater to) and its "daughter» Greystone Limited PMCs (125 people to 22.04. at 13.07 '14), Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Finland, African and Arab and other. countries.

So Canadian mercs have been killed in this predatory US-sponsored ethnic cleansing. Charming.


iyraste1313 gratitude to you for keeping this post alive!
The world political situation is changing rapidly!
Sooner or later, movem,ents will spring up in Canada!
WE need to keep those Canadian leaders, political and economic in mind, complicit in the killings! 

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Body count of journalists in Ukraine: 14 so far.

Dead bodies of journalists and politicians continue to pile up in Ukraine.... Today news came in through the wires that well-known Russian journalist Pavel Sheremet died in Kiev when the car he was driving blew up minutes after it started.

Some recent history ...

As recently as May, Ukraine was rocked by a big scandal after the personal data of more than 4,000 media staff were posted online by Ukrainian ‘witch-hunting’ website Mirotvorets supported by the aide to Ukraine’s interior minister. The employees were accused by pro-Kiev activists of “collaborating with terrorists” for their reporting from war-torn eastern Ukraine.

The list included the names of people working for such as news agencies AFP, AP and Reuters, broadcasters BBC, CNN, CCTV, Deutsche Welle and Al Jazeera, newspapers including the New York Times, Gazeta Wyborcza and Kyiv Post, websites Vice News and Daily Beast, and many others. RT journalists are on the list too.

Many journalists on the list said they received threats following the publication.

and, for the record ...

Not taking into account journalists murdered by the Ukraine military in 2014 (Russian photo journalist Andrey Stenin, and Russian journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin), from January 29th 2015, 11 (eleven) politicians and journalists, critical of the Ukraine putsch government have been mysteriously murdered.

  • January 29, 2015: Former Chairman of the local government of the Kharkov region, Alexey Kolesnik, hanged himself.
  • February 24, 2015: Stanislav Melnik, a member of the opposition party (Partia Regionov), shot himself.
  • February 25, 2015: The Mayor of Melitopol, Sergey Valter, hanged himself a few hours before his trial.
  • February 26, 2015: Alexander Bordiuga, deputy director of the Melitopol police, was found dead in his garage.
  • February 26, 2015: Alexander Peklushenko, former member of the Ukrainian parliament, and former mayor of Zaporizhi, was found shot to death.
  • February 28, 2015: Mikhail Chechetov, former member of parliament, member of the opposition party (Partia Regionov), “fell” from the window of his 17th floor apartment in Kiev.
  • March 14, 2015: The 32-year-old prosecutor in Odessa, Sergey Melnichuk, “fell” to his death from the 9th floor.
  • April 13, 2015: Sergei Sukhobok, a journalist from Donetsk region, was found dead in Kiev, reportedly killed in a fight with neighbors in the Ukrainian capital.
  • April 15, 2015: Oleg Kalashnikov, a former Ukrainian MP and a vocal critic of the country’s ruling government was murdered in Kiev, found dead of a gunshot wound on the landing of his apartment.
  • April 16, 2015: Oles Buzyna, a 45- year-old journalist, critical of Poroshenko’s government, shot dead in the street. Buzina’s body was found on the ground near his apartment close to the city center.
  • July 20th, 2016: Pavel Sheremet died in Kiev when the car he was driving blew up minutes after it started.

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supplemental: some context about the killings of journalists, and others, in the region.

A. Mercouris wrote:
I predict that this murder will receive little attention or condemnation in the West.  Other murders of opposition activists and journalists which have happened in Ukraine since the Maidan coup have received scant attention.  There is no reason to expect this one to be treated any differently.

This of course is in sharp contrast to the way deaths and killings of opposition figures and journalists in Russia in the West become a major news story, with huge campaigns following the deaths of people like Anna Politovskaya and Boris Nemtsov.

So, in comparison...

The situations in Ukraine and Russia are not in fact comparable.  Political killings in Russia were very common in the 1990s, and continued to be so for a time after Putin came to power.  They have now largely tailed off as order in the country has been restored, and they are today very uncommon.  That is one reason why the murder of Boris Nemtsov last year was for many Russians so shocking, even though he had long since ceased to be a significant political figure.  By contrast political killings in Ukraine are today a commonplace.

Another important difference is that in Russia political killings are big news.  Thousands of people turned out for Nemtsov’s funeral – by no means all of them his supporters – and his killing attracted heavy media attention in Russia as well as in the West.  By contrast political killings in Ukraine are now so common they encounter large-scale indifference.

The authorities, says Mercouris, also take widely differing views of such killings. In Russia, the state authorities take such killings very seriously. In Ukraine? More like going through the motions (sometimes even publicly criticizing the victims!).**

There was some [Western] concern about journalists threatened, etc., but that had to do with their own only. "Where the killing of Ukrainians or Russians is concerned by contrast it shows indifference."

Final point: "That is how dangerous even the mildest form of criticism or opposition activity in Ukraine has become.  This is something people need to bear in mind when they consider the political situation in Ukraine, and when they judge the political views individual Ukrainians express in public or even in opinion polls."

Political Killings and the Double Standard

** Related story: Ukrainian politicians "dancing on the grave" of murdered journalist Oles Buzina

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What fucking next??!!


The barbarous Ukrainian regime OPENS FIRE on medics.


But the sins of fascists are quickly forgiven. Because freedom.

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Ukraine's Intelligence Services got caught carrying out terrorist acts in Crimea. This is what the Russian President had to say about it ...

Russian President V.V. Putin wrote:
But I would also like to address our American and European partners. I think that by now it is obvious for all involved that the current Kiev authorities are not looking to solve problems through negotiation. Now they escalate to acts of terror. That is very concerning.

At first glance what we saw in Crimea seems to be a stupid and criminal act. It's stupid because it's impossible to regain the trust of the Crimean population that way. And it's criminal, because people have died. But I think that the underlying situation is even more alarming. Because there is nothing to be gained from such attacks, except to distract their own people from the ruined Ukrainian economy, from the plight of many ordinary Ukrainians - that is the only reason.

Trying to provoke violence and conflict can only serve to divert public attention from those who seized power in Kiev, and still continue to usurp it and continue to rob their own people.[They're playing dangerous games] in order to stay in power as long as possible, and loot as much as they possibly can.

What do the stinking Western barbarians want? Endless violence?

Putin: "But the most important thing is that those [Western governments] who support the current Kiev authorities (like Canada - ikosmos) must decide - what they want? Do they want their proxies to continue attempting to provoke us? Or do they still want a real peace agreement?"

Putin rips the Western barbarians a new one.

You won't fucking see that on the CBC. Ever.

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You're right. Propaganda is against the CBC's journalistic standards.

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Follow-up: Shootout in Crimea: Russia’s FSB vs Ukrainian Saboteurs. 

On  10th August 2016 came final confirmation of the incident from Russia’s counterintelligence and anti terrorism agency, the FSB (full statement attached below).  It reported separate incidents involving three Ukrainian sabotage groups connected to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry, shoot outs between FSB operatives and the Russian military and the Ukrainian military across the border line, and the deaths of one FSB operative and of one Russian soldier caught up in the shoot outs.  Other reports speak of the death of at least two Ukrainian infiltrators, and of the capture of several others, which claims however the FSB report does not confirm.  The FSB report does however speak of twenty improvised explosive devices containing more than 40 kilograms of TNT equivalent, ammunition, fuses, antipersonnel and magnetic bombs, grenades and the Ukrainian armed forces’ standard special weapons being found in one of the locations involved in the incident.

The Ukrainian regime looks like, rather than deal with the fact of getting caught, they want to further escalate the conflict. Poroshenko seems to have placed military on high alert, massed troops near the border of Crimea, etc.

That brutal Kiev regime is truly out of control.


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Timebandit wrote:
You're right. Propaganda is against the CBC's journalistic standards.

lol. Like their coverage of Israel? Give me a break. It's hardly worth watching international news on the Mother Corp anymore. Ditto for the once great BBC. And, of course, CNN (recent admission of payment by the US government/military to direct editorial policy) and the rest of the large, corporate media in the US - including once decent PBS I might add - is just garbage.

Alternative media, like, and some notable exceptions (RT comes to mind; so does TeleSur and some others) are much better.


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RT largely spouts propaganda. There is no balance there.

I don't know what it is about Putin that gives you such a hard-on, ikosmos - wondering whether it's the toxic masculinity or the paycheque. If it's the latter, you should maybe tone down the worship a bit, it's starting to sound less believable and genuine.


And never mind that you praise Rabble when is suits you, and turn into quite the schoolmaster when it doesn't.

What was it you said earlier today? How far have we fallen?


Mr. Magoo

If news sites like RT or TeleSur are really "alternative" news sites, are they "alternative" news sites in their own part of the world, too?

By that I mean, can we count on RT to be critical of the Russian government?  Can we count on TeleSur to tell us about the failings of Maduro's government in Venezuela?  Or are they only really "alternative" in their criticism of the U.S. or Britain or Canada?

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RT is fine in providing a critical platform on Western MSM. It's hard to find elsewhere. Mark Sleboda, a conservative International Relations analyst who appears often on RT, once described the role of that network as providing a platform for those whose voices are silenced. He specifically said that this is an approach that imitates the Western approach to the Soviets back when. Simply give a voice. I cannot find fault with that.

Chris Hedges, Ed Schultz, Asfan Ratansi and George Galloway all have shows on RT. Show me any MSM in the West with such a galaxy of iconclastic brilliance. This is why RT is getting so popular and why they are often just trouncing the Western MSM.

For Magoo: I don't rely on them for much in the way of domestic Russian coverage, any more than I rely upon al-Jazeera for Qatari and related Gulf State politics.

Now ask yourself, - why Western MSM doesn't do the same with Russia? I don't mean those fake liberals over there - they're mostly too racist - but the real opposition to Putin and United Russia. It's the Communists, in fact. It ain't gonna happen. No way the corporate media will give the Reds - in any country - a platform.


I don't have much to say about Putin. Foreign policy wise - good stuff. I've already remarked that perhaps this is a residue of something postive from the Soviet era. There's more to it than that, obviously.  But the unpleasant truth is that this Russian conservative is more enlightened on many - not all - issues than the louts we have for leaders in our Parliament.

And that sucks.