The new Russophobia 3

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The new Russophobia 3

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Western Media Coverage of Navalny and Le Pen Shows Breathtaking Hypocrisy

"Press coverage of Russia's Alexei Navalny and some of Europe's opposition figures is startling in its myopia and double standards. Thus we have the bizarre situation where a figure who makes Marine Le Pen look like Mary Poppins - and has expressed outright hostility to 'progressives' - is hailed as a modern Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by Western correspondents.

That said, the fact they've had to hitch their wagon to a figure they'd militantly oppose in any Western state, serves to expose the bankruptcy of their ideas. And the complete intellectual collapse of Russia's westernization movement."

A simultaneous bankruptcy of a toxic  and Russophobic, pro-imperialist western 'liberal' intellectual class is also very noticeable.


'No Evidence Whatsoever of Russia Cyber Attacks Against UK' - Former British Intel Officer

"The NSA hacked the private mobile of German Chancellor Merkel, but nobody is saying, 'we must protect ourselves from America hacking us,' said Annie Machon, former British intelligence officer. 'It's an ongoing process of demonizing Russia,' she added."


'Russian Agent'

"Russian agent' - noun - One who criticizes Democratic Party leaders. Syn: 'Useful idiot,' 'Putin loyalist', 'Kremlin spy'


Follow the Money Trail For Source of 'Russian Threat' Paranoia

"Certain people are trying to scare us witless about Russia and 'the threat'..."


The Democrats Anti-Russia Campaign Falls Apart

"Sanity is finally winning over. After raising all kinds of shambolic rumors about 'Russian interference' the 'western' intelligence agencies are walking back their previous outrageous claims. The disinformation campaign against Russia is falling apart for lack of any evidence..."


LOL.  Celebrating victory at halftime is never a good thing.  Or, if you prefer, reaching a verdict barely into a long trial is never smart.


Except Clapper is talking specifically about evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

All they really have is two top officials and Trump himself meeting with the Russian ambassador and lying about it. Nothing, right? Just perjury for no reason at all.

Regarding the concerns that it is Russophobia, or Democratic machinations:

" These concerns are legitimate, but they don’t settle the matter. After all, there is no reason that the narrative of Trump’s unexplained connections to Putin’s government has to be framed in a conspiratorial or xenophobic way. Even the most innocent explanation of all the available facts still suggests that Trump’s close associates have made compromising connections to dubious characters, including oligarchs and Russian intelligence agents. On the issue of xenophobia, it’s worth noting that an alliance with Russia seems part of Bannon’s larger project of a global alt-right, an informal alliance with the likes of Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen as well as Putin, all in opposition to an imagined monolithic Islamic threat.  "




Chrystia Freedland and the Russian Disinformation Bogeyman: Walkom

"...But it was neither Russian disinformation nor false news. It was true. Freeland's grandfather had worked with the Nazis. And as the Globe and Mail eventually reported, Freeland has known of her grandfather's wartime activities for at least two decades.

The lesson for Freeland is that she should be more straightforward."

If it was revealed that she had lied about her grandfather working for the Russians instead of the Nazis, she would have been gone already. Canada has never had a problem with fascists over Russians. Or making up and believing ridiculous stories about them.


But that opinion piece doesn't say that she lied (because she didn't).

If anything, I think it goes a bit soft on her grandfather for his collaboration. But like others, it makes assumptions about what she is calling disinformation.

The articles are disinformation, IMO, because most of them falsely claim that she lied, and they sling the same old Ukrainian neo-Nazi coup narrative.

Contrary to the notion that the MSM are covering things up, the Globe put the fact that she knew about her grandfather's past in the lede without resorting to all the unsubstantiated rhetoric


Russophobia - Symptom of US Implosion

"There seems to be a collective delusional mindset. This is an American implosion. And Russophobia is but a symptom.."


Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy's dossier on Donald Trump


Well said.

War is hell and Freeland has nothing to be ashamed of


Well said? Really?

I am glad to know that in our brave new world that being an editor of a Nazi praising paper has the same moral equivalency as fighting in the resistance.  War is hell and if you survive who cares how many people didn't.

War is Peace

Freedomn is Slavery


The Putin supporters here are basically identical to the Trump supporters in the USA They both support corruption and and thuggery

Leading Putin opponent arrested as anti-corruption protests sweep Russia

Alexei Navalny and his Foundation for Fighting Corruption called for the protests, which attracted crowds of hundreds or thousands in most sizable Russian cities.


Donald Trump's staff 'wiping their electronic devices' in anticipation of giving evidence

Allegations come just weeks after government lawyers ordered president’s aides to preserve materials that could be connected to Russian interference in 2016 election


Navalny is a Crook and a Racist - And a Loser Not A Winner

"Navalny's criminal record and opportunistic racism ["Don't feed the Caucasus!"] means he cannot win - something obvious to everyone except the few [Russophobic western] liberals who continue to support him."

Alexey Navalny

(2010) Colour-revolutionary-in-training .


Alexei Navalny

In 2012, The Wall Street Journal described him as "the man Vladimir Putin fears most"


Probably fears most of all that Navalny might go away, be replaced by a serious contender or be popped off by his own CIA friends, so as to attempt to create a far more serious threat to Putin's popularity in death, than he ever could be in life. His numbers have thus far been much less than spectacular. Everybody knows he's a corrupt, sold out loser.


You appear to have a strong interest in attempting to discredit Navalny NDPP. 

Russia protests: Opposition leader Navalny and hundreds others arrested


No just trying to fill in parts of the 'Russian Mandela' story the BBC seems to have missed.  What's your interest NR? 

The Duran's Eyewitness Report From Moscow's Opposition Protest (and vid)



It seems that Russia deals with "illegal" protests in much the same way as Canadian cities do. No permit means the cops detain anyone they think is an organizer.  The BBC reports didn't say how much the fines are for protesting without a permit. The other reports seem to indicate that they were detained for a few hours and released. I have already vowed to stand against kinder Morgan and the RCMP will be arresting and detaining people.

Alexei Navalny leads a party that is neo-con in perspective and that perspective in Russia after the 1990's has as much support as Marxist-Leninists garner in Canada.  Alexei Navalny himself at the height of his popularity ran for a Mayor's job and come in a distant second.

Of course according to Western media he is the real voice of Russian much like the Free Syrian Army speaks for Syrians. So far the Russians seem to have prevented the Western powers from arming their dissidents. Any power that stops our government's spy agencies from arming their dissidents is by definition a totalitarian regime and proof they need to be over thrown.


Are Russian Lives 'Tough and Thankless' as the Guardian Says?

"The house journal of Britain's liberal elite believes Russian lives are 'tough and thankless'. It's another example of the dreadful quality of English-language coverage of this country. 

Surely this is the only explanation for how the Guardian - a rabidly anti-Russian British newspaper - ended up captioning a report from Irkutsk last week with mind-bogglingly offensive text? Because the Guardian and other Western media outlets, largely restrict their pages to voices hostile to Russia and generally dismiss bearers of alternative opinions as 'shills', a toxic atmosphere has been created.

Where journalists are aware that if they don't convey antipathy to the 'Putin regime' in their dispatches, they won't be hired. And that's what has things the way they are."


15 days in jail, offices ransacked, etc. for the Opposition Leader for trying to exercise his democratic rights. Sure Russia is a democracy.  

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny jailed after protests

Moscow court hands down 15-day prison sentence and a fine to Navalny, who was arrested at anti-government rally


In Canada the NDP did not join the student and other protests in the streets of Montreal because they were not authorized.  I also think that protests should not require permits however if requiring permits and arresting people who organize rallies without them means the country can't be a democracy then Canada is not a democracy either. 

Since I don't believe we live in a real democracy I can agree that Russia is also not a democracy. But then the US is less democratic than either us or the Russians so I guess the term "democracy" in the 21st century is really meaningless.



Michael Moriarity

kropotkin1951 wrote:
In Canada the NDP did not join the student and other protests in the streets of Montreal because they were not authorized.  I also think that protests should not require permits however if requiring permits and arresting people who organize rallies without them means the country can't be a democracy then Canada is not a democracy either. 

Since I don't believe we live in a real democracy I can agree that Russia is also not a democracy. But then the US is less democratic than either us or the Russians so I guess the term "democracy" in the 21st century is really meaningless.

Don't forget that there is empirical proof that the U.S. is not a democracy, and I suspect the situation would be similar in Canada if someone did the same sort of study here.


Wikileaks is Connected to Russia – Despite Their Claims


'So your moles in the NSA recruited Ed Snowden in 2012/2013'


Kremlin Backs Police in Moscow Protest, Navalny Gets Fined

"Alexey Navalny, the organiser of yesterday's unsanctioned protest in Moscow and the person who called the protests elsewhere in Russia, has now been convicted by a Moscow court of organising an unsanctioned protest and has been ordered to pay a $350 fine.

This is part of the regular circus between the Russian authorities and Navalny. He pretends to be persecuted and they pretend to punish him. In reality though, he now has two convictions for serious embezzlement as well as multiple public order offences - some minor, some less so - he remains free and continues exactly as before, with the authorities doing nothing to enforce the various sanctions the Russian courts have imposed on him.

I suspect the Russian authorities have long since concluded that because of his arrogance and extremist views Navalny is a disruptive and divisive force within Russia's liberal 'non-system' opposition, not a consolidating one, which is one reason why they tolerate his activities and his persistent law-breaking..."



Russia Hysteria Reaches Comical Proportions

Jimmy Dore: "This is how stupid, things have gotten."


Why is it wrong to suggest Russia might have interferred in the recent US election? I don't think anyone, at least not here, is suggesting that the USA does not get involved in Russian affairs. They are related but separate issues.



It is not inconcievable that Russia would interfer in the US election it is also not a certainty.  I personally think that the Russians would be more direct than leaking e-mails that were unflattering at worst. As for the insidious influence of RT that is also cited as Putin directed one should remember that Trump won the electoral college not the popular vote. I suspect that if one did an analysis of RT's viewership it likely reaches an infinitismal portion of homes in the red states.

Its not that it's inconcievable its just that this particular story is so absurd it could be a Spy v. Spy cartoon.


We may find out to what extent the Russians were involved when the Senate Intelligence Committee gets going. Regardless the Democrats only have themselves to blame because it they had been above board which they weren't, nothing could have been released to discredit them.



Except that as with most leaks, much of what is taken as evidence is not. It is people having private, casual conversations. And in other cases there is plenty of room for people, assuming bad intent, where there is none. That is how these hacks and smears work.

I have posted this before, but Lawrence Lessig's approach is a good one:

I’m a big believer in leaks for the public interest. That’s why I support Snowden, and why I believe the President should pardon him. But I can’t for the life of me see the public good in a leak like this — at least one that reveals no crime or violation of any important public policy.

We all deserve privacy. The burdens of public service are insane enough without the perpetual threat that every thought shared with a friend becomes Twitter fodder.

In another article (around the time of some similar leaks about Benghazi) I remember reading that these kinds of leaks could potentially damage diplomacy if people feel they cannot have casual conversations. They can also result in false assumptions when read by people who do not understand the context.

That aside from the fact that no, even if it had uncovered a crime (which it did not) it does not justify an illegal wiretap or hack. I don't think any of us would support the government having carte blanche to listen in on all our conversations because if we don't do anything wrong we have nothing to hide.

And if that hack was done with intent to damage the process, that is another matter, regardless of what it uncovered.



Sergey Lavrov: The Interview

"An absolutely artificial hysterical situation was created..."


They need to take privacy out the dictionary now as it does not exist anymore. Just ask Nunes, eh!

Lavrov is smooth I'll grant him that but.......

Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified'

The BBC has learned that US officials "verified" a key claim in a report about Kremlin involvement in Donald Trump's election - that a Russian diplomat in Washington was in fact a spy.

So far, no single piece of evidence has been made public proving that the Trump campaign joined with Russia to steal the US presidency - nothing.

But the FBI Director, James Comey, told a hushed committee room in Congress last week that this is precisely what his agents are investigating.

Stop to let that thought reverberate for a moment.


A diplomat, who is also a spy, talks to government officials and hangers on in the country they are posted to. The extent of the madness has no end. Who could even imagine such a thing. 

Imagine the horror of that diplomat plotting to have third party e-mails released.


American Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante's Vision of Hell

"Before the Tomahawk missiles start flying between Moscow and New York, Americans [and Canucklheads] had better educate themselves fast about the forces and the people who claim that Russia covered up a Syrian government gas attack on its own citizens..."


There Will Be No Russophobia Reset  -  by Pepe Escobar

"At the apex of the Russia-gate hysteria, even before the extremely controversial chemical incident in Syria and the subsequent Tomahawk show - arguably a cinematographic show-off -- a Trump-conducted reset on Russia was already D.O.A., tomahawked by the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and media-misguided public opinion.

The masks at least have fallen - and these relentless intimations of Cold War 2.0 should be seen for what they are: the War Party's primal fear of Eurasia integration."


Mounting Incitements To War with Russia   -   by Stephen F Cohen

"Villainizing the Kremlin - without much evidence - for crises from Washington and Europe to Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan is increasing the possibility of a US-Russian war."


The Pepe Escobar article was also posted on Counterpunch, I read it there.    The notion that a large part of American foreign policy towards Russia is motivated by the desire to prevent "Eurasian integration" is familiar to me and becoming increasingly plausible.   It's certainly in keeping with their divide and rule tactics elsewhere.


Drinking the Russia-Gate Kool Aid

"The 'Moscow Project'...


Newsweek Troll Left Speechless By Russia's Maria Zakharova

"Newsweek's Owen Matthews was joined in the studio of a Russian TV show by Maria Zakharova, Russia's Foreign Affairs spokesperson."


How Russia Became 'Our Adversary' Again   -   by Paul Street

"...So what happened? How did 'our' Cold War super-enemy become 'our' brand new top 'adversary' all over again, more than a quarter century after the tearing down of the Berlin Wall?

After Herr Donald was ironically installed in the White House by leading Russophobe and 'lying neo-liberal warmonger' (LNW) Hillary Clinton, Russia-hating took on a new and seductive political meaning for Democrats and their many US media allies..."


The Ossington Circle Episode 19: The New Cold War with Roger Annis (podcast)

Justin Podur speaks with Roger Annis, editor of about Russia, imperialism, the new cold war, and the analytical challenges for leftists in the West.


The Crisis of US Imperial Governance and the Struggle For a New World

"Economic crisis at home and endless war abroad has placed finance and monopoly capital in political disarray. To distort the crisis, a state of anti-Russian madness has been prescribed to medicate political consciousness in rapidly changing times..."


CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative is 'Bullshit', Just For Ratings (and vid)

"A senior producer at CNN has descibed the intense  speculation that Russia aided the Trump presidential campaign as 'bullshit'. Filmed on a hidden camera, CNN producer John Bonifield admits the organization's anti-Russia reporting is purely for ratings. 'It's mostly bullshit right now..."




CNN's Van Jones Admits Russia Story a 'Big Nothing Burger' in Undercover Video

"Project Veritas has released another video showing a CNN employee admit the Russian scandal gripping US politics is 'just a big nothing burger.'



The CNN undercover footage of the producer and now Van Jones is pretty devastating, I will be curious to see how this plays out.  Unfortunately Trump has gained credibility here, and CNN deserves to reap what it sows. 

Matt Taibbi on the CNN scandal.   He's been so very very good this past year:

"But in the Trump era, the new threat is that we're replacing one bad commercial formula with another. This is borne out in the unsettling fact that media companies are suddenly awash in cash, despite public confidence in our work being at an all-time low. As Variety explains:

"Viewership for the primetime schedules of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC increased 55% to 4.8 million viewers in 2016, while daytime cable viewership grew 36%. In the first half of this year, viewing levels have not shrunk."

Instead of seeking out broad audiences by selling vanilla coverage and phony "balance," big media companies today are abandoning hope of being credible in both directions, and instead aggressively hunting for demographics. Being a quasi-official White House outlet like Breitbart or Infowars that targets Trump fans sells, but so does being "the opposition party."


Stephen Cohen At the AJC 2017 Forum About Russia & Terrorism (and vid)


Russiagate is Bullshit and  We Fucking Told You So

"Russiagate is bullshit and we fucking told you so..."




Three CNN Journalists Resign Amid False Anti-Russia Reporting Controversy


CrossTalk: Counterfeit News Network (and vid)

"In a revealing video CNN is shown as many critics have claimed..."

'CNN is dead!'


Ya I don't get this retro demonization of Russia. Looks like a feeble attempt to resurrect McCarthyism. All started by the Nobel peace prize recipient Obama (who expanded US military campaigns, so much for an award from a white Western European country that never awarded Gandhi) and is trying to hang on by grabbing onto anything that can return those good old 1950's. Looks like the US is really uncomfortable/awkward being the #2 economy behind communist China. And now that the US is resorting to the Ferengi rules of acquisition 186 "kiss the ass that has more money than you" where do they go now?