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Galloway: TMOATS - 11-05-18


Israel, Iran, Trump, Corbyn, Brexit, North Korea and much more...


George Galloway - TMOATS - 14-5-2018


GG on Palestine, Israel, USA and more...


George Galloway - TMOATS - 15-5-2018


Gaza, Erdogan, Brexit, Labour and much more...


Sergei Skripal Discharged From Hospital After Being Poisoned by 'Deadly Agent'


"Doctors gave no details on the condition of Skripal and his current location is not known..."


"Which other day would the British state choose to release Mr Skripal from hospital than the day when every news outlet is outside Windsor Castle?"


Rev Pesky

It was a bit of a remarkable recovery alright. The head of the OPCW said there had been 150 grams of whatever agent was used. For the sake of providing a picture, a baseball weighs just under 150 grams. I believe the head of the OPCW had to reverse course on his statement, but when he made the statement it was to emphasize that nobody outside of a government would have that amount.

In any case, a pretty piss-poor chemical agent that leaves the targets running around happily after receiving a dose that should have killed the whole neighbourhood.

Rev Pesky

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, after his brilliant trip to Washington, is scaling even greater heights. Now he's off to Argentina to lay a wreath for the Falkland War dead. 

Nothing quite expresses the pleasure of the PM like the words, "Get off to Argentina, Boris, and apologise for us killing those Argies back in the eighties. No rush to get home. Take some 'me' time. Wha...oh, I think it's somewhere in that other America."


Yes, a very swiss cheesy sort of scenario we've been asked to believe. Perhaps that's why the story has been disappeared from the mainstream media. Russophobia however makes the wildest nonsense tenable as continues to be demonstrated here and elsewhere, including the Canadian H of C where a unanimous vote of condemnation against Russia for this 'serious crime' is instantly forthcoming, as are equally unproven 'chemical weapons' by Syria, but where condemnation of Israel for shooting children is somewhat more difficult to come by. But keep reading The Guardian and New York Times and you'll believe anything.


The Philip Cross Affair  -  by Craig Murray


Who's Altering Wikipedia - And Why?

"...Just as revealing are the people who 'Philip Cross' seeks to protect and promote...Labour Friends of Israel's Ruth Smeeth MP has had reference to the WikiLeaks released diplomatic cable that showed she was an informer to the US Embassy on the secrets of the Labour Party deleted by 'Philip Cross.' Right wing columnist Melanie Philips had her embarrassing climate change denial excised by Cross.

'Philip Cross' not only carefully tends and protects the Wikipedia entry of Guardian editor Katherine Viner, who has taken the paper four-square into the neo-con camp, Philip Cross actually wrote the original hagiographic entry. The Guardian's MI6 contact, Luke Harding is particularly looked after by Cross, as are their anti-Corbyn obsessives Nick Cohen and Jonathan Freedland. So are Murdoch hacks David Aaronovitch and Oliver Kamm.

What is particularly interesting is that 'Philip Cross's views happen to be precisely the same political views as those of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Jimmy Wales has actively spoken against Jeremy Corbyn, supports the bombing of Syria, supports Israel, is so much of a Blairite he married Blair's secretary, and sits on the board of Guardian Media Group Ltd alongside Katherine Viner.

My view is that Philip Cross probably is a real person, but that he fronts for a group acting under his name. It is undeniably true, in fact the government has boasted, that both the MOD and GCHQ have 'cyber-war' ops aiming to defend the 'official' narrative against alternative news media, and that is precisely the purpose of the 'Philip Cross' operation on Wikipedia..."


Galloway - TMOATS - 18-05-18


School shooting, Skripals, Nixon, Wikipedia and much more...


Has There Been A Coverup Over the Skripal Affair?


"If Yulia Skripal's version of events would support the British government's case, you would expect that Yulia Skripal would be on the front page of every newspaper's headlines telling her story. And yet it's been kept absolutely quiet. Nobody's asking questions..." Frmr Intel officer


Philip Cross Mystery: Craig Murray Asks if WIKIPEDIA Editor is Network 'Demeaning Alternative Media'. * See also #660 and Craig Murray's website for further analysis.


Not just a UK story, this should be of great concern to all Wikipedia users and anyone supportive of alternative media vs mainstream narratives.


The Skripal Case is Being Pushed Down the Memory Hole with Libya and Aleppo


Remember when Canadian MPs voted unanimously to condemn Russia for the use of a nerve agent in the streets of Salisbury? Remember 'highly likely'....? It is 'highly likely' our MPs are trained seals who turn tricks on command and never ask questions.


Russian Diplomats Must Be Allowed Access To Yulia Skripal To Know She's Not Held Forcibly - Embassy (and vid)


"We are glad to see Yulia Skripal alive and well,' the Russian Embassy in the UK said in a statement. 'However, the video shown only strengthens our concerns as to the conditions in which she is held. While the release of Yulia's video is most welcome, it does not discharge the UK authorities from their obligations under Consular conventions,' Russia's embassy reminded..."

And where's Dad?


More on the curious case of the disappearing Skripals

British Hostage Video of Yulia Skripal Released


"Yesterday the British news agency Reuters published a hostage video and a statement of Yulia Skripal..."


Yulia Skripal and the Salisbury WUT


"My conclusion is that Yulia's statement was written by a British official and then translated to Russian for her to speak..."


"Somewhat revealing that Haaretz got direct access to 'Philip Cross' and defended Wikipedia's open tolerance of his/its military-grade manipulations of the platform to tar the reputation of anti-war and leftist UK public figures."



Galloway: TMOATS - 24-05-18


Korea deal collapses etc.



Galloway: TMOATS - 25-5-18


EDL, Eva Bartlett, Manchester bomber, Libya, Grenfell etc


Galloway: 'Forget Skripal Poisoning, Arkady Babchenko's Fake Death Takes the Biscuit.'


"...How many other of 'Putin's crimes' have in fact been carried out by others? And in fact, by the wild West, gangster, anti-semite state of Ukraine? These endless provocations of Russia by Ukraine cannot end well..."

Canada loves the Nazi oligarchy of Ukraine and proudly shouts 'Slava Ukraini' at every opportunity. Being toxically Russophobic, Canada doesn't mind a bit. After all, the only thing that matters is, it's anti-Russia.

Full show



Renegade Inc: Modern Day Propaganda (and vid)


"Are we becoming more aware of modern-day propaganda? Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by Professor Piers Robinson, chair in Politics, Society and Political Journalism at the University of Sheffield; and Dr Florian Zollman, author of Media, Propaganda and the Politics of Intervention..."


Galloway: MOATS - June 1, 2018


"Roman Abramovich's money and Russophobia. Latest on Grenfell Towers. More shootings in London, Donald Trump's tariffs and the Spanish Prime Minister..."


It appears likely the UK will have to redo their Brexit referendum.


Revealed: Brexit backer Arron Banks’s golden Kremlin connection



Renationalising railways supported by almost two thirds of Britons, exclusive poll reveals

Exclusive: A poll for The Independent finds nearly six out of 10 people believe privatisation of Britain's railways has been a failure


Leave voters losing faith in Tories' handling of Brexit, poll suggests

Conservative lead on issue is the lowest recorded by Opinium so far this year

 - from the guardian


The Guardian Mounts Defence of British Government Lies Over Skripals


"The Guardian's June 4 event, The Skripal Case: A New Cold War? was a blatant attempt to propagandize against Russia in the interests of British imperialism. The newspaper of what passes for the 'liberal left' instead proceeded to solidify its alliance with the most right-wing layers of the US and British political establishment by churning out anti-Russian propaganda of a distinctly McCarthyite character."


The Parallel Universe of BBC Propaganda


"The BBC flagship documentary series 'Panorama' has long been a stalwart of state-funded television propaganda. They can always be relied upon to tell us what we're supposed to think..."


British Government Peddles Warmed Over Skripal Muck


"All British media outlets report a middle-aged British couple fell severely ill in Amesbury, a town near Salisbury and near the British chemical site Porton Down. The parallels to the poisoning of the British-Russia spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter 4 months ago are obvious..."

Warming up for a good 'Russia-hate' NATO meeting?


"The Russian scientist who invented Novichok says the Skripal batch could not have lasted this long. Degrades fast he says. Ergo: Russia RETURNED with more in the middle of the WORLD CUP to 'sow confusion' in Britain. If you believe that you're a fucking idiot. That's all."



After David Davis did yesterday, Boris Johnson resigns today.


BREXIT - Still Not Gonna Happen


"Delay as long as possible, then panic the people into a revote, then stay within the EU."


George Galloway's MOATS, 6 July, 2018


Douma chemical attack bogus says OPCW, Novichok 2 - the sequel, Craig Murray etc.

Ken Burch

josh wrote:

After David Davis did yesterday, Boris Johnson resigns today.

"...long time passing..."?

(abject apologies to Pete Seeger there).


GG on all of that: DD, BoJo, Brexit and More...


Monday, July 9, 2018 - podcast - Election coming?


Trump Arrives in the UK Wielding A Brexit Dagger, 'A True Friend Stabs You in the Front'


"US President Donald Trump arrived in the UK on his official visit to the country and promptly wielded a Brexit dagger, stabbing Theresa May in the back..."


George Galloway, Friday, July 13, 2018 - MOATS (podcast)



From Novichok to Donald Trump to Brexit, Labour traitors, NATO, North Korea and more


George Galloway: Israeli Extraction of Western 'White Helmets' Assets and 'Resettlement' in UK - Monday, July 23, 2018 (Podcast: 10:00-1300) 


@ 19:30 "There is an abundance of evidence, footage, their own propaganda, and personal testimony from people who have been liberated from opposition controlled territory, that their function was far more nefarious than we have been led to believe...And I'll tell you who else have questions to answer for, and that's our mainstream media. Because instead of asking the questions we're asking now, - to a man and woman almost, they've aligned behind the government's narrative. 

And not only that. They've attacked those who are asking these hard questions and painted them as 'conspiracy theorists', 'Putin apologists' and 'Assad stooges.' These people should be hanging their heads in shame, given the contours of this conflict and how it's playing out..."

Unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does..


George Galloway, MOATS, 24th July, 2018


On 'saving' jihadis, the global heat-wave, etc

voice of the damned

NDPP wrote:

Trump Arrives in the UK Wielding A Brexit Dagger, 'A True Friend Stabs You in the Front'


"US President Donald Trump arrived in the UK on his official visit to the country and promptly wielded a Brexit dagger, stabbing Theresa May in the back..."

In an explosive interview with Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid newspaper, the cash cow of the UK wing of Murdoch's vast media empire, the president accused Theresa May of ignoring his advice on Brexit and claimed that in opting for a 'soft Brexit' and continuing ties to the EU, she had killed any prospect of a bilateral trade deal between Britain and the US.

As the POTUS, Trump has the right to say what the USA's trade policies with the UK will be under various circumstances. Obama did the same thing, albeit somewhat more diplomatically, when he went over there pre-referendum and said that, if Brexit passes, there will be no special trade deals with the US as compensation.

Trump probably shouldn't be attacking May personally in interviews, and leaking details about private conversations they may have had, but I think it's generally understood by now that that's the way they guy is. I doubt he really has the power to make the UK do anything it doesn't want to do in regards to Brexit, or to swing public opinion in that country one way or another.


George Galloway, MOATS, July 26


Climate change, lakes on Mars, Novichok 2, Julian Assange, and more


The Silence of the Whores


"The mainstream media are making almost no effort today to fit Charlie Rowley's account of his poisoning into the already ludicrous conspiracy theory being peddled by the government and intelligence agencies..."


George Galloway, MOATS, Friday, August 3, 2018 (podcast 1900-2200)


msm decline and state narratives, occupations, interventions, the smearing of Jeremy Corbyn, his ineffectual response -  and much more!


George Galloway, MOATS, Tuesday, August 7 (1900-2200)


Jeremy Corbyn and the 'dirty dozen' Labour plot, Iran sanctions, Ron Paul, Russiagate and more...


George Galloway, MOATS, Friday, August 10, 2018 (podcast: 1900-2200)


Turkey in turmoil, trade war, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Trump sanctions, WWI, Corbyn and more!

Mr. Magoo

If Galloway would just become a babble member and post his own musings, think of how much time you'd get back.


Alternate Current Radio: UK (audio)


"The Sunday Wire  - 'Murder on the Saudi Express', suppression of dissident media, narrative spin, Syria, Gaza, Corbyn..."


Russian Ambassador to the UN on Skripal, Brexit, Syria etc (and vid)


"In this season finale, we speak to the Russian Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, about the Skripal poisoning, the BRICS, Syria, the Turkish crisis, NATO and the 2018 World Cup."


Galloway: MOATS, Friday, August 24, 2018


South Africa, Corbyn, Digital commons, Syria, Bolton, Trump, Manafort, and more!


Galloway, MOATS, Friday, Aug 31, 2018 ( podcast) @08:15


Fascism, Corbyn, Labour and a 'concerted coup',  Fake anti-Semitism, McCain, Trump and more!


Are the Brits finally coming to their senses over Brexit?



The only ones that need to 'come to their senses' are those that voted 'Remain'.


Since Nigel Farage is the UK's most sensible person?!?!


Brexit Now Holds Britain in a Headlock


"They cannot go forward, they daren't go back..."


Boy, did the Brits ever get suckered by Farage, May, Johnson, and the Russian bots!

Scallop war: UK will be unable to protect waters post-Brexit, former first sea lord warns

'We have insufficient ships to patrol territorial seas,' says former chief of naval staff




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