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Margaret Kimberley: US Wages War Against the World

"This columnist has spent many years predicting a US war on Iran. There is now a US president who may finally make good on that long expressed threat. Donald Trump is deep in the thrall of Saudi Arabia and Israel, the two nations that pose the greatest risk to Iran. He happily does their bidding and is in a position to bring the sick neocon fantasy to reality.

Unfortunately, no one who ought to educate the public on this subject are doing what they should. The corporate media always support presidents at war. Even supposedly liberal outlets have spent years demonizing Russia, Venezuela and Iran. In so doing they have made the population ignorant or bloodthirsty. Democrats in congress are equally imperialist and will say nothing as the government plans a humanitarian catastrophe..."

Michael Moriarity

According to Juan Cole, it appears that WWWTT is correct about China being willing to defy the U.S. on importing Iranian oil. Good to see.


Threat of War With Iran With CodePink's Medea Benjamin (and vid)

"Chris Hedges discusses the threat of war with Iran and the US' relationship with Saudi Arabia and Israel with anti-war activist Medea Benjamin of Codepink."

Michael Moriarity

trnn has a 20 minute interview with Vijay Prashad which I found very enlightening about the current international situation regarding Iran. Perhaps surprisingly, Japan is part of the group of nations defending Iran.


More from TRNN:

Manufactured Iranian Threat in the Persian Gulf

"It's all make believe..." - Col Larry Wilkerson-


Michael Moriarity wrote:

According to Juan Cole, it appears that WWWTT is correct about China being willing to defy the U.S. on importing Iranian oil. Good to see.

Thanks for giving me some credit Michael Moriarity. However I believe it was India that I thought would defy Trump Iranian oil sanctions. And I was wrong.

It appears that Modi caved in to Trump. I was really hoping that cheap Iranian oil woul temp Modi to defy. Apparently according to the link, India will still be trying to convince the US to abandon embargo of Iranian oil. 

Good to see China defying the USA 


Tweet From Trump: 'If Iran Wants To Fight, That Will Be the Official End of Iran.'

"We oppose Iran's support for terrorist organizations, its threats toward Israel, its ballistic missile program, its ongoing human rights violations and its support for the murderous Assad regime. We remain concerned by Iran's nuclear program and call on Iran to continue to uphold its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.' - Freeland, Global Affairs - 

No surprise Canada supports the USAUDRAELI warparty.


As we all know NDPP, Freeland is an American puppet (along with Justin and the rest of the liberals)

But going back to that tweet Trump made, it sounds like those others he was writing about North Korea s couple years back. And nothing ever came out of those. 

At this point I’m not entirely sure of Trumps motivation behind this anti Iran tantrum he’s having?

Is he trying to intentionally ramp up the price of oil by threatening war against Iran? Is he appeasing Israel Saudi Arabia to secure those lucrative foreign political donations? Is he really an anti Islamic war pig? Is it all talk? I suspect it’s some kind of combination. 

Michael Moriarity

I've read several leftish commentators who think Trump is following the same pattern as he did in North Korea, as WWWTT suggests. Threaten and bluster in a bullying way, then make a deal and declare victory. They also point out that this is the technique he bragged about using in business in his book "The Art of the Deal". That does seem to me a reasonable interpretation of Trump's actions so far.


Michael Moriarity wrote:

I've read several leftish commentators who think Trump is following the same pattern as he did in North Korea, as WWWTT suggests. Threaten and bluster in a bullying way, then make a deal and declare victory. They also point out that this is the technique he bragged about using in business in his book "The Art of the Deal". That does seem to me a reasonable interpretation of Trump's actions so far.

I hope you're right - and I believe you're right. Can't imagine another plausible scenario.


'No Talks, Only Resistance': Iran's Rouhani Rules Out Negotiations Under Current US Stance

"Iran is open for talking and diplomacy but those avenues are closed under the status quo, with its economy being strangled by the US, the Iranian president said, adding that Tehran's only option now is to resist. Iran's president Hassan Rouhani, under whose tenure the universally acclaimed 2015 nuclear deal was struck, said on Monday that his country welcomes diplomacy and all sorts of negotiations in principle, but will not be coerced into them by debilitating economic sanctions and miltiary threats.

'I favor talks and diplomacy but under current conditions I do not accept it, as today's situation is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only,' Rouhani said..."


Netanyahu/GOP Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson: 'Nuke Iran'


Here's John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018

"The declared policy of the United States should be the overthrow of the mullahs' regime in Tehran. The behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change and therefore, the only solution is to change the regime itself."

Wrong on an Iran 'solution' but right on an Israeli one.


Taylor: Trump's Reckless Sabre Rattling With Iran is All the Excuse We Need To Bring Canadian Troops Home From Iraq

"Did we learn nothing from our failed decade long involvement in Iraq...?"

Note the admission of Canadian involvement in the massacre of Mosul with 11,000 civilians killed as part of the US-led coalition. Canada also had Aurora surveillance aircraft assisting in 'targeting'. This is a major warcrime almost completely hushed up in Canada.


Here’s an update on those Iranian oil sanctions imposed by the US

Turkey China and North Korea are probably still buying Iran crude oil. 

Also, the article I provided states that Euro companies with no US connection are still buying. 


Another point to add here. Iran sanctioning is driving up crude. Some countries like this(oil producers) and the rest don’t like. 

Its very possible that the US actions of tariffs and sanctions are driving Asian African European and South American countries/companies away from the US and other western countries/companies. 

The west’s economic potential has already maxed out, whereas Africa Asia Pasifica and South America is still far from maximizing and heading there!

To me, it appears more and more likely Iran oil sanctions are going to create trillions of mistrust loses onto the US. 


Tankers Attack Suspicious, Regional Dialogue Imperative: Zarif (and vid)

"Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif says the attack on two tankers in the Sea of Oman amid a landmark visit by the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe to Iran is suspicious, calling for the promotion of dialogue among 'regional countries.' Taking to his official Twitter page on Thursday, hours after the attacks occurred, Iran's top diplomat siad, 'Suspicious doesn't begin to describe what likely transpired this morning.'

Highlighting the fact that the attacked tankers were bound for Japan, Zarif noted, 'Reported attacks on Japan-related tankers occurred while PM Shinzo Abe was meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei for extensive and friendly talks..."


'Stay As Far Away As You Can!' : Iranian Commander Warns Enemies

"We are warning the enemy: There is no safe zone for extraterritorial military aircraft in Iranian skies and lands. Even approaching Iran's borders would be met with a strong response. Thus, I advise you to move as much away from Iran's frontier as you can,' Brigadier General Sabahi-Fard said..."

'Oil prices jump after tanker incident in Oman Sea, price to hit $100 if shots fired...'


from Debka

Against the first round of Iranian attacks, Trump stuck to a policy of military restraint. That policy failed to hold Iran in check. Now it has been seized by Khamenei as a stick for beating Washington. If the US does not use its might to strike back, other adversaries, such as China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong un, will follow Khamenei’s example.... doubt via Debka, the Israeli´s are warning Washington....Counter attack!


Israel Lobbyist: 'We Need A False Flag to Start War With Iran' (and vid)

"Friendly reminder of that time a DC think-tanker gushed enthusiastically about the ways the US could use false flag attacks to 'get us into war with Iran."


Mike Pompeo: 'CIA Lies, Cheats & Steals' (and vid)

"Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director, proudly admitted that he's a liar, a cheater and a thief. But we're supposed to believe him today as him and his neocon buddies beat the drums for war with Iran? Hard pass."


US Gov As Global Mafia

"...Shame what happened to your nice tanker, Mr Abe, would be terrible if that sort of thing kept happening."


"Don't let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected-- be careful Republicans!"  - Donald Trump

Remember the 'evidence' of weapons of mass distraction in Iraq? 


Seven Reasons To Be Highly Skeptical of the Gulf of Oman Incident

"As the US points the finger at Iran for attacks on two ships in the Gulf of Oman, Caitlin Johnstone notes: 'Sometimes the things put out by the US State Dept feel like they're conducting experiments on us just to test the limits of our stupidity..."



Trump Doubles Down on US Lies About Iran

"In examining the crime from the standpoint of the age-old detective maxim of Cui bono?, or who benefits?, the answer is obvious..."


'CNN Just in...'

"More Pentagon/Bolton spin through one of its favored outlets. Zero evidence for any of these claims."


Screaming classic false flag operations. 

I doubt the US has the courage to go against Iran directly. Especially with Japan and South Korea so dependent on imported oil. 

An iranian invasion would make all the pro Israel Saudi in the US overjoyed. But I would imagine that every other country in Africa Asia would probably galvanize against the US

As well, a war against Iran would require a huge amount of resources to win. And at this point, the US would probably have to look at bringing back the military draft. 


The Jimmy Dore Show

Corporate news pushes Iran war for Trump


Engler: Munk School of Global Affairs Feeds Anti-Iran Propaganda

"The Munk School has been a hub of anti-Iranian activity. A senior research fellow until recently, Mark Dubowitz was dubbed ' The Man Who Fights Iran' by Ynet, Israel's largest English language news site. Alongside his position at the Munk School, Dubowitz was executive director of the extremist pro-Israel Foundation for Defense of Democracies..."


Iran's IRGC Force Shoots Down Intruding US Spy Drone (and vid)

"Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has shot down an intruding American spy drone in the country's southern province of Harmozgan..."


Iran Shoots Down Strategic US Drone - Is Ready For War - Puts 'Massive Pressure' on Trump

"The incident is another piece of evidence that Trump's 'maximum pressure' campaign against Iran now works against him..."


Veteran Navy Officer Exposes Flaws in US Version of Iran Oil Tanker Narrative

"According to Gwynne Dyer US intelligence about the incident does not add up."


The Drone Iran Shot Down Was A $220m Surveillance Monster

"So Iran dropped a quarter billion dollar boondoggle - and apparently recovered it along with the billions in US military tech on board - using a cheap, locally-produced SAM based on 1970s technology. Maybe Tehran is trying to send DC meatheads a message?"


CrossTalk: Careening Toward War?

"The most important thing in this story is that the US is waging economic warfare against Iranian women and children. The United States is waging what our foreign minister called 'economic terrorism.' They are trying to make the Iranian people suffer so much that the government will submit to the United States..."


Michael Levitt, MP [for Israel]: 'Today the Foreign Affairs Committee Passed A Motion Calling For Listing IRGC As A Terror-Group'

"Trudeau's govt again seeks to get on board with Team Trump. This time the Liberal-controlled Foreign Affairs Committee seeks to designate Iran's military (IRGC) 'terrorists'. At a time when Trump is provoking a war with Iran, is this really something Canada should be doing?"


'More Evidence'

"More evidence - including enroachment of an MQ9 spy drone on 5/26, speedboat purchases & phone calls planning to attribute ship attacks to Iran - indicate B Team [Bolton/BinSalman/Bibi Netanyahu] was 'moments away' from trapping Donald Trump into a war. Prudence prevented it..."


'The $259 Million Incentive For Trump to Bomb Iran'

"Fatcat GOP Jews (Adelson, Marcus, Singer et al) who are paying Trump to fight Israel's war against Iran..."


NDPP wrote:

'More Evidence'

"More evidence - including enroachment of an MQ9 spy drone on 5/26, speedboat purchases & phone calls planning to attribute ship attacks to Iran - indicate B Team [Bolton/BinSalman/Bibi Netanyahu] was 'moments away' from trapping Donald Trump into a war. Prudence prevented it..."


More making excuses for Trump


Listen: Leaked Audio Shows Saudi-MKO Collusion over Tanker Attacks



Trump's cock and bull story about calling off a last minute Iran strike because he 'didn't want to kill 150 people', is much more likely due to some quiet moves by Russia to make such a strike more costly than the 'B-Team' was probably willing to pay...

Helmer: Against the Blitz Wolf - Russian Reinforcement For Iran's Defence in War Against All

"The Russian General Staff has reinforced the air defences for Russians at the Iranian nuclear reactor complex at Bushehr, on the Persian Gulf, according to sources in Moscow. At the same time, Iran has allowed filming of the movement of several of its mobile [Russian] S-300 air-defence batteries to the south, covering the Iranian coastline of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. More secretly, elements of Russian military intelligence, electronic warfare, and command and control advisers for Iran's air defence systems have been mobilized to support Iran against US and allied attacks. The Russian military source says there is now active coordination between Russian and and Iranian military staffs..."


Iran Will Never Pursue Nuclear Weapons: FM Zarif

"Iranian FM Mohammad Javed Zarif says the Islamic Republic will never pursue a nuclear weapon based on its religious and strategic beliefs, stressing the importance of dismantling chemical arms across the world..."

Probably, given the malevolence of mad-dog Israel and its arsenal of nukes, a big mistake.


NDPP wrote:

"Iranian FM Mohammad Javed Zarif says the Islamic Republic will never pursue a nuclear weapon based on its religious and strategic beliefs, stressing the importance of dismantling chemical arms across the world..."

Probably, given the malevolence of mad-dog Israel and its arsenal of nukes, a big mistake.

Personally I have never subscribed to the Mutually Assured Destruction model of peace.


 Canadian progressives who feel as you do should then redouble their efforts towards an internationally enforced nuclear disarmament of Israel as well as to stop supporting  parliamentary parties which are effectively complicit, component parts of a national lobby that consistently shields it from preventitive actions or even criticism. Otherwise, the status quo, a besieged Iran without nukes facing a coalition of malevolent enemies that are nuclear armed and seemingly bent on war, is far more dangerous, as the present situation abundantly illustrates in my view.


US Pins Hope on Iran's Terror Group

Iran and the MEK


How the US and Israel Attacked Iran - And Failed

"Sabotaging another nation's power grid, or blowing up industrial plants are actual acts of war under international law..."


Zero Days (Doco)


NDPP I don't think you get to tell me what I have to do.


Obviously. Let me be clearer and change 'must' to should.


JCPOA Malfunctioning, Iran Not To Shoulder It On Its Own: UN Envoy

"Since the US withdrew from the JCPOA, the Europeans have not done anything tangible, meaning it is malfunctioning,' said Majid Takht-Revachi in a briefing with journalists in New York on Saturday. 'We cannot continue to carry out our obligations under the JCPOA single handedly and not to benefit from it,' said the senior diplomat..."


US, EU Fail to Protect Iran Nuclear Deal - Analyst

"The Europeans are simply doing what Trump tells them to do, even as they say positive things about the agreement..."


Porter: Was There Ever An Iranian Nuclear Program?

"A review of the evidence points to Israeli and MEK disinformation..."


Escobar: The Un-Submersible US-Iran Stalemate

"...Expanding on serious discussions at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek - which included Iran's President Rouhani - at the Putin-Xi meetings in Moscow and St Petersburg and of the G20 in Osaka, both Russia and China are fully invested in keeping Iran stable and protected from the Trump administration's strategy of chaos.

As for Iran being accused - by the US - of 'breaching' the JCPOA, that's absolute nonsense. To start with, Tehran cannot possibly 'breach' a multinational deal that was declared null and void by one of the signatories, the US..."


UK Plays 'Pirate' for US Seized Iran's Tanker - Galloway


Royal Marines Seize Iranian Tanker Under Orders From US

"Britain's seizure of an Iranian supertanker carrying 2 million barrels of oil is an act of piracy and a major escalation in tensions that threaten to spiral out of control. It was carried out at the behest of the United States as part of the campaign of military provocations and economic sabotage against Tehran. The UK said it had seized the ship to prevent Iran breaking sanctions against Syria..."

Canada supports.


'Pretty Please' - Trump Asked Iran To Allow Him To Bomb It

"The whole storyline of 'a strike ordered but Trump held back and saved the day', might well be false..."


Tensions Between Iran, US has Implications For Canadian Troops in Iraq: Analysts

"The escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf between Iran and the US have implications for the future safety of Canadian troops in Iraq, analysts suggested Monday..."

Fuck Trump/Netanyahu war plans. Pull this CF 'tripwire' out now!


IRGC Says Captures British Oil Tanker in Strait of Hormuz

"Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has said it has captured a British oil tanker for breaking international maritime law while crossing the Strait of Hormuz. The oil tanker was tranferred to the coast to undergo the required legal proceedings a statement added..."


Britain Pirates Iranian Ship 'Grace 1' - Iran Responds - Takes British Tanker Hostage

"The ship's arrest today is another consequence of Trump's idiotic anti-Iran policies which the British minions seem to support..."


John Baird at MEK 'Free Iran' Gathering (and vid)

No surprise to find such a fervent supporter of Israel also supporting MEK terrorists touted to be  Bolton's proxy 'government in waiting'.


Prof Seyed Mohamed Marandi on 'Tanker Crisis'

"UK to take measures against Iran..."


Cunningham: Hubris Before the Fall

"Hubris is usually a forewarning of imperial calamity. Extreme arrogance blinds the hubristic person to the limits of their power. So, blindly, they push on with reckless excess, leading to potentially disastrous results. The US and Britain are exemplars of this kind of mad hubris in the present mounting tensions with Iran..."


Galloway: UK's First Brexit Move? Provoking Iran


"Get ready, it's another Uncle Sam/John Bull show..."



OK here's some WWWTT speculation on the latest Iranian victories.

The US claims it shot down an Iranian drone. Iran denies, suggests the US shot down one of its own. Provides video taken from the alleged drone. The US has esentially shot itself in the foot by making a "so far" proven fabrication. I suspect the US made this fabrication up to imply the US can retaliate against the Iranian shooting down of a US drone.

This further suggests that Iran has posession of highly advanced military tech with an advantage over the US military!

The counter seizure of a UK oil tanker. This is a huge bold victory for Iran! Iran has proven without a doubt that Iran will successfully hit back  The UK/US appears very weak now. Iran has proven that it will not be intimidated by any feeble illegal sanctions imposed by imperialist bullies! Iran now holds the high ground.

Iran has sentensed over a dozen people

This is a tricky one! I'm against the death penalty. Canadian governmant is all for the death penalty, just not on people IN Canada. Don't believe me? Then go see NDPP's NATO nazis thread for further details. NATO/Canada is a huge supporter of the death penalty. And with no trial to boot!

These arrests sends a message to the US. Also strongly suggests that Iranian intelligenceis very sophisticated and they can counter US/NATO/Israel successfully. This is another victory for Iran. This ICM clip I posted below only boosts Irans  status higher!


WATCH: 'US Economic Terrorism Will Backfire': Iranian FM Calls for Unity in Nicaragua..."

"Grayzone's Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal asked Iran's FM Javad Zarif about US sanctions, Europe's role in the nuclear deal..."


"US [and Canadian] sanctions on Iran are denying Iranians desperately needed medications and  medical equipment. If only [North] Americans were aware that their government policies are hurting children with cancer. Instead all they hear is how evil Iran is."

Iranians Say US Sanctions Blocking Access to Needed Medicines


State Department Issues Manipulated Photo As B-Team Pushes Trump Towards War on Iran

"An old propaganda trick is to paint one's enemies in darker colors than oneself..."


Helmer: Blitz Wolf Caught in Persian Gulf - Iran and Russia Stronger in Defence Than the US and US in Offence

"This month's escalation of US and British threats to Iran's oil export shipping and maritime defences in the Persian Gulf is to be matched with Russian assistance to the Iran Navy and to shore batteries of air defence missiles, as well as the 300-kilometre range Russian Kalibr missile, a US Navy ship-killer. The result has already been signalled by the British, German and French governments in their responses to Trump Administration requests for a multinational naval convoy operation in the Persian Gulf, and also in response to Iranian warnings..."


Israel Taking Part in Coalition To Secure Persian Gulf

"Israel taking part in coalition in the strait of Hormuz to secure the Persian Gulf. Must be considered an excellent and first target to Iran in case of war."