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'No Trans Mountain!'


Canada Approves TMX Despite Failing To Achieve Consent: Declaration of Climate Emergency Rings Hollow: 'The Title and Rights Holders of Our Indigenous Nations Have Not Provided Their Consent...


"We do not accept Canada's pre-meditated decision and we are prepared to continue to oppose this project through any means possible..."


'Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Approved': CBC (and vid)


"This is the CBC News Network political panel from Tuesday, June 18, 2019."


WATCH: How Canadian Taxpayers Bought A Climate-Killing Pipeline


"In the midst of a climate emergency, the new Trans Mountain Pipeline that Canadian taxpayers bought is not only environmentally dangerous but financially risky as well. Dr Gordon Laxer, an expert on trade agreements and energy transition, tells us that the government also went out of its way to reword the new NAFTA so that they could continue to subsidize the pipeline. Learn more in Laxer's ground-breaking report here..."


"This is just so perfectly Trudeau, King of Gesture Politics. Declares a 'climate emergency' one day, approves a massive tarsands pipeline the next. All symbol, no substance, no matter the stakes. This will not stand."


An excellent description of the Canadian political class in general. And unfortunately much of its 'opposition' too.


Walking Eagle News


"The Assembly of First Nations issues statement somehow both condemning and welcoming federal decision on Trans Mountain Pipeline."

voice of the damned

"This will not stand."

I think there's a pretty good chance that it will stand. TMX is going to effect very few votes outside of the region where it's being built. Though I suppose if there are enough seats there, it could reduce the Liberals to a minority, best-case scenario. 



TMX solid investment in B.C.'s future (princegeorgecitizen.com)

Herb Conat, business representative at the Operating Engineers union


Canadians warn Trudeau against building Trans Mountain with public money (dogwoodbc.ca) [to get anything to display, the dogwoodbc.ca site requires cross-site ECMAScript from a third party web site cdnjs.cloudflare.com]


"The fight against the Trans Mountain Pipeline will be at the doorstep of the Prime Minister's office (Elgin and Wellington) today at 4 pm with Indigenous speakers and an Extinction Rebellion 'bitumen' spill."



mmphosis wrote:

TMX solid investment in B.C.'s future (princegeorgecitizen.com)

Herb Conat, business representative at the Operating Engineers union

Good propaganda piece that misses the point that his members can be put to work on any kind of project and this one makes no sense as a project. Yes, put his members to work, building zero energy infrastructure in Prince George not pipelines to sell gunk to unproven Asian markets. Being a BC'er this carbon driven boom seems like deja vu all over again.


ETA: did I mention all the promises the Socreds made about paying for schools etc with the tax revenues.


NDPP shame on you.

Kanahus has sadly completely discredited herself with her spoon fed fabrications about Valemount and the alleged man camp being built video. 




If someone can humor me , what are the big arguments against this pipeline being built?


Paladin there are differing reasons for differing people.


The local argument is based on the Killer whales and general threat to the environment. 


With the federal government expected to announce its decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion on Tuesday, Janice Antoine, a resident of the Coldwater reserve in B.C., wants to know when contamination from the pipeline discovered on her property five years ago will be cleaned up.

It makes zero sense to have any trust in the oil industry.  Promises of security and clean-up have proven useless time and time again. They can't even look after little spills. 

We can't use up all the world's oil reserves without catastrophic harm to the planet. The places in which oil is cheaper to produce will undercut Alberta to make sure their reserves get used first. 

Alberta can keep their existing business going fine and get better pricing simply by limiting production to what can comfortably be shipped out. Upgraded oil takes less space in pipes and commands a higher price. Alberta has had solutions at hand for decades. As far as I can tell they have been rejected based on ideology. 


Paladin1 wrote:

If someone can humor me , what are the big arguments against this pipeline being built?

Like Northeast coal it is a bad business plan dealing with toxic carbon fuels that should just be left in the ground. If this fucking plan had any economic merit it would have not need tax dollars. We have a limited amount of tax dollars why are mine being spent to build an export industry that will risk the tens of thousands of tourism jobs in the Salish Sea for 50 permanent TM jobs in BC.  There is no good economic reason to built it but go ahead, try and tell me why it is a good idea compared to other places billions of tax dollars could be spent.


For a start it isn't Canada's land to build a pipeline on. There are other reasons as well, but as that's the binding constitutional and international law [suppressed] upon which Secwepemc made their sovereignty stand previously under the leadership of their elder/warrior Wolverine, it will do just fine.

"KKKanadians, your National Interest is Killing Secwepemc...We Secwepemc NEVER surrender & we taking it ALL BACK!  #NOTMX  #no ManCamps  #noconsent



About The Pipeline   -   By Bruce Clark


"...Another fraud is happening in the pipeline situation."


Unfortunately international law doesn't really exist because it is subject to individual countries deciding whether or not to follow it. I think Canadian courts can apply it in Canada but I am not certain of that. 


"There shall be no alien intervention in the affairs of this state." - BC NDP AG/Minister of Human Rights, Ujjal Dosanjh 1995, Refuses international monitors re Gustafsen Lake standoff, Secwepemc territory.


'More Evidence of How Canadians Are Using the Pro Tar-Sands Chiefs'


"Colonization is violence. Colonialism is genocide. AND Divide and Conquer techniques are the hallmark of colonial manipulation."


TMX Pipeline Shovels Could Be in the Ground 'As Early As September'...


"...However, Morneau declined to say what steps Ottawa would take to ensure the project was completed and whether the federal government would use the army to enforce injunctions. Morneau is the minister who oversees Trans Mountain Corp."

Will this BC NDP government and Liberal Ottawa, once more, as at Gustafsen Lake in 1995, dare to mount a military campaign against Indigenous Secwepemc defending their sacred lands and waters against an illegal, destructive and ecocidal incursion/violation of their own unextinguished sovereignty on their own unceded lands? Only Canuckleheads bought the 'squatters, criminals and terrorists' NDP/RCMP  line on this last time, the international community knew it for what it was, a settler-state taking care of business in its own occupied territories. They will again. And it will be another international big black blot for the 'Nice Canada' brand to match the 'genocide' one, no matter what PM Fancy Socks or the AFN 'Grand Chief' et al may say.

'Did you find someone that can help us with a smear or disinformation campaign?' - RCMP Crisis Mgmt Team: Gustafsen Lake, Secwepemc Occupied Territory, 1995

'Canadian Forces does not wish to 'play' in BC...' Gen John De Chastelaine, Chief of Defence Staff, letter in response to Herb Gray, after request for CF involvement by BC NDP AG Ujjal Dosanjh, 1995


Insiders Reveal How Canada Used Dubious Research To Approve Major Industrial Projects


"...The consultants all experienced similar pressure to overlook evidence that might make it difficult for projects to get approved by regulatory agencies. 'They'll pay your consulting fee, take your report and it'll just get thrown in a bin somewhere and you won't get a job with them again. If you speak up too much against the project, you'll probably just get fired..."

No surprise to find like  most of the Canadian 'democracy', the process is hollowed out and largely a fixed game. Like Liberal hack Frank Iacobucci's 'indigenous consultations' with the 'friendlies' on TMX.


Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet


"The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses." - Utah Philips


'Native Peoples Could Shut This Whole Country Down' (and vid)




Paladin1 wrote:


Alaska to Alberta rail way. BC doesn't have to worry anymore.

Alberta already has rail access to the United States (and BC, for that matter). Adding Alaska to the mix isn't going to do anything, unless Albertans think Alaska's likely to shut down Prudhoe Bay and take Canadian oil instead.


Indigenous-Led Group Ready to Bid on Majority Stake in Trans Mountain Pipeline


"An Indigeous-led group says that it will be ready to submit a bid for a majority stake in the Trans-Mountain pipeline and the expansion of the project as early as next week. The group called Project Reconciliation   says that its coming bid will work for all sides..."

Saved by 'the friendlies'...


Trans Mountain Protesters Warned They May Already Be Under Surveillance


"...Trans Mountain opponents are preparing for what is expected to be a summer of protest against the pipeline expansion project, but experts fear police and private security teams already have them under surveillance. Corporate security teams for major energy companies have long worked hand in hand with the RCMP and CSIS to deter protesters who are seen as political eco-terrorists according to a paper published by two academics in 2016. Its authors suggest the same situation is likely  with the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project..."


'Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.'  - Mussolini -


McQuaig: Trudeau's Climate Plan is a Dangerous Fraud


"...But if climate scientists are not lying, if they're just honestly reporting their scientific findings, Trudeau's package is a dangerous fraud - one that gives us a false sense that we can dramatically increase output from Alberta's oil sands without seriously imperiling the world and ourselves. I'm inclined to believe the scientists.

Trans Mountain expansion would triple the pipeline's capacity to transport the province's heavy crude oil - one of the world's dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fuels. That would be equivalent to adding 34 million cars to our roads. Renowned US climate scientist James Hansen has said if Alberta's oilsands are fully exploited, it's 'game over'..."


Indigenous Women Vulnerable To 'Man Camps': MMIWG Report


"What do BC towns need to think about to protect vulnerable residents now that the Trans Mountain pipeline has been approved...?"


well a bit more balanced article than the last tirade by Kanahus you put up NDPP.


The Myth of the Asian Market for Alberta's Oil


"Virtually no exports go to any markets other than the US. Shipments to Asia reached their peak seven years ago. Since then, oil exports to Asia have completely dropped off..."


"There was 5 trucks driving together each full of massive pipes. We do not give consent to transport bitumen through our Secwepemc territory."




As First Nations Seek Trans Mountain Stake, Ottawa Calls on Experts (and vid)


"A former Enbridge executive has been appointed to head a committee that will advise the federal government as it consults with Indigenous communities that want a financial stake in the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Earlier this summer and Indigenous-led group called Project Reconciliation said it could make a bid for majority ownership of the pipeline..."

Bring on  the government funded  'friendlies' to fight the traditionalists opposing. Tweeking the optics of the dirty deal with 'First Nations participation'  is all that is required for Canadian liberals to salve their guilty consciences and go along with this grotesque, stage-managed scenario for yet another outrageous, ecocidal, colonialist depradation of sovereign, unceded Indigenous territories.


Construction on Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Could Resume Within The Month


"Construction on the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project could start up again within the month..."


MUST HEAR: KPFA Interview with Secwepemc activist Kanahus Manuel on TMX


"We are being held hostage. Our rights will never be recognized by Canada. We have to assert them.This pipeline must never be built..."



Why the reference to Canadian liberals? This is being done by the Liberal Government not Canadian liberals in general. Sadly the pipeline still has majority support in Canada and some say in BC as well. There are even NDP supporters that support the pipelines. The indigenous angle isn't anything new. From the beginning they have tried to portray indigenous peoples as divided as though they are supposed to be of one mind like a province rather than a group of nations with separate territories. 

Divide and conquer works. When the left fights the right rejoices. The left needs to unite the 99% who are harmed by pipelines including those who mistakenly support them. Falling for propaganda is the norm not something to condemn people for. 



Trans Mountain Mobilizes Workforce To Start Pipeline Expansion, Expects Completion By Mid-2022


"The federally owned Trans Mountain Corp said it has issued 'notice to proceed' directives to construction contractors, mobilizing the workforce it needs to expand the pipeline. Contractors are expected to begin mobilizing equipment and crews in 'select areas' in August and September..."


Trans Mountain Preparations (and vid)


"Getting ready for the construction. There is no consent for this pipeline..."


Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Faces New Setback as Indigenous Opponents Score 'Huge Win' in Court


"In the latest setback for the Trans Mountain expansion, the Federal Court of Appeal has approved six new Indigenous legal challenges to the project, once again raising questions about the fate of the pipeline. The Crown corporation that now owns Trans Mountain said planning and construction will move forward in the meantime, but lawyer and resource development strategist Bill Gallagher said he wouldn't expect to see 'any shovels in the ground any time soon.'

'This to me is looking like a dead pipeline walking,' Gallagher said, calling the court's decision a 'huge win for First Nations.' The decision also ensures the Liberal government will be saddled with the legal uncertainty around the project -- which it spent $4.5 billion to purchase, alongside the existing pipeline - through this October's federal election..."


CALL TO ACTION: RCMP ATTACK/ARRESTS of Secwepemc Tiny House Warriors


"Call the Clearwater [RCMP] detachment in support of Tiny House Warriors, condemning the violence on an Indigenous woman and demanding the immediate release of Kanahus Manuel and her family member Isha Jules.  (250) 674-2237 (Press 2 to leave message)."

More info on above twitter thread. Spread the word. Talk is cheap - defend the Defenders!


Kanahus was transported to Royal Inland Hospital lad6n8gjt around 8 with a broken wrist received while in custody. 

don't know if she remains in custody after medical attention.

they were protesting about 50km south of here when arrests happened.


High Violence On Secwepemc Warriors!



Perhaps Jagmeet Singh and his new BC Grand Chief/NDP candidate wife friends, can assist?




"This is high violence and genocide. Free Secwepemc Warriors Now!"


though i think the RCMP went way overboard and am angry about Kanahus having a broken wrist things are not the way she is spinning it still.

the Simpcw band are the only recognized territorial holder there is no broader  recognition of other Shuswap bands. whether or not there should be is another topic.

Simpcw have signed an agreement and as far as the RCMP is concerned Kanahus and spouse are in the wrong. whether they are or not needs resolution. 


Sometimes, especially under an illegal occupation, which is the view of sovereigntists like Manuel, 'Band' business and Secwepmec national imperatives to oppose the existing usurpation-as-genocide with which the 'band' as administrative unit of the Canadian government colludes, have priority.

"...The older law says that no development can occur until the Indians have signed a treaty. No treaty has been signed. But the [some] Indians were consulted. Under the older law the Indians enjoy the power of veto. Under the newer law the Indians enjoy nothing.

Which is why they have an injunction against them, because the assumption is that the newer law rules. The assumption is in error. That is why it is fair to say 'Ongoing Genocide (is) Caused by Judicial Suppression of the 'Existing' Aboriginal Rights. But you have to read the book really to understand first that fraud is normal for the courts in Indian affairs, and secondly that fraud is happening in the pipeline situation.

The judiciary is capitalism's bourgeois agent in spite of the law. The constitution enacts the Indians 'should not be molested or disturbed by Us.' Regardless, the judges in lockstep issue injunctions paving capitalism's unconstitutional final way."

About the Pipeline



WATCH: 'Crown Land' is a Figment of Your Imagination Justin Trudeau. No Consent to Pass this pipeline through our Unceded lands..." - Kanahus Manuel [ daughter of Art Manuel, grand-daughter of George Manuel.]


Sovereignty is the issue. Canada is the problem. Freedom!


"Tiny House Warriors were arrested on October 19th. Kanahus Manuel was arrested, RCMP broke her wrist, my  brother Isha Jules was arrested. Their bail hearing is this morning at 9:30 am at the Kamloops courthouse. Her mother, Beverley Manuel stated, 'The RCMP are dangerous and I am concerned about my daughter and son-in-law's safety, and outright angry with the RCMP for treating her so violently..."



'Where Are You on This...?'


"Where are you on this...? Are media abandoning Indigenous Land Defenders because of Election 2019...?"


WATCH: 'The Honour of the Crown' in Action...


So given all the pearl-clutching and loud lipservice paid to 'saving the planet' from climate catastrophe, where's all the obviously desperately needed help here from 'allies' gone BC/Canaduh greenie orgs? Too busy 'conferencing' or 'fund-raising' via glossy direct mail campaigns and frequent flyer trips abroad to 'spread the word' in Paris, London or Zurich...? I thought that was Tzeporah Berman's trapline. Shouldn't there be a whole lot of people and resources backing this stand? WTF!?




Looks like the RCMP is doing a little remote control thuggery for Trans Mountain INC...


"Now that the election circus is over let's all put our focus to the frontline and support our land defenders and water protectors."