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Brown University Divest

On December 2nd, 2019, the Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies (ACCRIP) voted in favor of divestment from companies “facilitating human rights violations in Palestine.” The committee voted six in favor, with two alumni voting no, and one abstaining from the vote.

The vote comes after eight months of deliberation, starting in April 2019, when 69 percent of voters in a Brown undergraduate referendum voted in favor of the same motion. In response to Brown University President Christina Paxson’s dismissal of student concerns the day following the vote, over 100 faculty members authored a letter in favor of the student referendum. Since then, members of Brown Divest have presented to ACCRIP on multiple occasions, as have Brown Students for Israel.

On December 2nd, nine members of ACCRIP met at Brown University, and heard presentations from faculty opposed to divestment, as well as those in favor. After the presentations, a motion was put forth to vote on whether the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories constitutes social harm. Seven members voted yes, while two alumni abstained. At the end of the meeting, members of the committee motioned to vote on the following language:

We recommend that the Brown Corporation exclude from Brown’s direct investments, and require Brown’s separate account investment managers to exclude from their direct investments, companies identified as facilitating human rights violations in Palestine. In addition, the Investment Office will share with all investment managers the University’s desire to adhere to this investment philosophy. We recommend that the Corporation and Brown’s separate account investment managers maintain the withdrawal of investments from said companies until they cease to engage in social harm…


Israel in Toronto 'Still Working'

"The Cybertech International Conference and Exhibition is returning to Tel Aviv from Jan 28-30th 2020. This year a large delegation of  Canadian companies will be heading the world's cyber event. Don't miss your chance to sign up!"


"I wonder if the unimaginable suffering of Gaza's people - one half of whom are children - ever crossed Jagmeet Singh's mind as he told CIJA a few days ago that he opposes BDS."

NDP = No Difference Party


Roger Waters Ads Banned By Major League Baseball After Outcry From Jewish Group

"..In Janury, Jewish advocacy organization B'nai B'rith international began a campaign to protest ads for Waters' new tour, 'This is Not a Drill,' which appeared on MLB platforms. The group claimed that the musician is an 'avowed anti-Semite' whose views on Israel 'far exceed the boundaries of civil discourse.' B'nai B'rith sent a letter to MLB, pointing to Waters' support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement among other things. In response, the League reached out to the organization to assure them that 'There are no plans to schedule more ads..."

The anti-BDS campaign is still working.


The following list needs international connections especially to the Israeli companies....

Times of Israel: The UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday published a “database” of 112 companies it says are conducting business in West Bank settlements.

In the report the council said the companies’ activities “raised particular human rights concerns.”

The list is dominated by Israeli companies, including banks and construction firms. But it also lists a number of international firms, including travel companies Airbnb, Expedia and TripAdvisor, tech giant Motorola and construction and infrastructure companies including France’s Egis Rail and British company JC Bamford Excavators.

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Six of the companies listed are based in the US, four in the Netherlands, three in the UK, three in France, and one each in Luxembourg and Thailand.

Israeli authorities reacted with fury to the report, which they described as a “blacklist,” while the Palestinians lauded the list as “a victory for international law.”

The list includes companies that are directly engaged in the West Bank, parent companies that own a majority share in firms operating in the West Bank, and companies granting franchises or licenses to West Bank businesses.


Below are the 112 companies listed in the report, and their home countries:

1. Afikim Public Transportation Ltd., Israel
2. Airbnb Inc., United States
3. American Israeli Gas Corporation Ltd., Israel
4. Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture Ltd., Israel
5. Amos Hadar Properties and Investments Ltd., Israel
6. Angel Bakeries, Israel
7. Archivists Ltd., Israel
8. Ariel Properties Group, Israel
9. Ashtrom Industries Ltd., Israel
10. Ashtrom Properties Ltd., Israel
11. Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd., Israel
12. Bank Hapoalim B.M., Israel
13. Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M., Israel
14. Bank of Jerusalem Ltd., Israel
15. Beit Haarchiv Ltd., Israel
16. Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunication Corp Ltd., Israel
17. B.V., Netherlands
18. C Mer Industries Ltd., Israel
19. Café Café Israel Ltd., Israel
20. Caliber 3, Israel
21. Cellcom Israel Ltd., Israel
22. Cherriessa Ltd., Israel
23. Chish Nofei Israel Ltd., Israel
24. Citadis Israel Ltd., Israel
25. Comasco Ltd., Israel
26. Darban Investments Ltd., Israel
27. Delek Group Ltd., Israel
28. Delta Israel, Israel
29. Dor Alon Energy in Israel 1988 Ltd., Israel
30. Egis Rail, France
31. Egged, Israel Transportation Cooperative Society Ltd., Israel
32. Energix Renewable Energies Ltd., Israel
33. EPR Systems Ltd., Israel
34. Extal Ltd., Israel
35. Expedia Group Inc., United States
36. Field Produce Ltd., Israel
37. Field Produce Marketing Ltd., Israel
38. First International Bank of Israel Ltd., Israel
39. Galshan Shvakim Ltd., Israel
40. General Mills Israel Ltd., Israel
41. Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd., Israel
42. Hot Mobile Ltd., Israel
43. Hot Telecommunications Systems Ltd., Israel
44. Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd., Israel
45. Israel Discount Bank Ltd., Israel
46. Israel Railways Corporation Ltd., Israel
47. Italek Ltd., Israel
48. JC Bamford Excavators Ltd., United Kingdom
49. Jerusalem Economy Ltd., Israel
50. Kavim Public Transportation Ltd., Israel
51. Lipski Installation and Sanitation Ltd., Israel
52. Matrix IT Ltd., Israel
53. Mayer Davidov Garages Ltd., Israel
54. Mekorot Water Company Ltd., Israel
55. Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd., Israel
56. Merkavim Transportation Technologies Ltd., Israel
57. Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd., Israel
58. Modi’in Ezrachi Group Ltd., Israel
59. Mordechai Aviv Taasiot Beniyah 1973 Ltd., Israel
60. Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd., Israel
61. Municipal Bank Ltd., Israel
62. Naaman Group Ltd., Israel
63. Nof Yam Security Ltd., Israel
64. Ofertex Industries 1997 Ltd., Israel
65. Opodo Ltd., United Kingdom
66. Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd., Israel
67. Partner Communications Company Ltd., Israel
68. Paz Oil Company Ltd., Israel
69. Pelegas Ltd., Israel
70. Pelephone Communications Ltd., Israel
71. Proffimat S.R. Ltd., Israel
72. Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd., Israel
73. Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing Communication Ltd., Israel
74. Re/Max Israel, Israel
75. Shalgal Food Ltd., Israel
76. Shapir Engineering and Industry Ltd., Israel
77. Shufersal Ltd., Israel
78. Sonol Israel Ltd., Israel
79. Superbus Ltd., Israel
80. Supergum Industries 1969 Ltd., Israel
81. Tahal Group International B.V., Netherlands
82. TripAdvisor Inc., United States
83. Twitoplast Ltd., Israel
84. Unikowsky Maoz Ltd., Israel
85. YES, Israel
86. Zakai Agricultural Know-how and inputs Ltd., Israel
87. ZF Development and Construction, Israel
88. ZMH Hammermand Ltd., Israel
89. Zorganika Ltd., Israel
90. Zriha Hlavin Industries Ltd., Israel
91. Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd., Israel
92. Alstom S.A., France
93. Altice Europe N.V., Netherlands
94. Amnon Mesilot Ltd., Israel
95. Ashtrom Group Ltd., Israel
96. Booking Holdings Inc., United States
97. Brand Industries Ltd., Israel
98. Delta Galil Industries Ltd., Israel
99. eDreams ODIGEO S.A., Luxembourg
100. Egis S.A., France
101. Electra Ltd., Israel
102. Export Investment Company Ltd., Israel
103. General Mills Inc., United States
104. Hadar Group, Israel
105. Hamat Group Ltd., Israel
106. Indorama Ventures P.C.L., Thailand
107. Kardan N.V., Netherlands
108. Mayer’s Cars and Trucks Co. Ltd., Israel
109. Motorola Solutions Inc., United States
110. Natoon Group, Israel
111. Villar International Ltd., Israel
112. Greenkote P.L.C., United Kingdom

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UK Supreme Court Reverses BDS Ban

A major decision by the UK Supreme Court protects the rights of organizations, including government organizations, to boycott, divest and sanction the State of Israel, even companies that support the exploitation of Palestine. In 2016, the British government issued severe guidelines banning government organizations and even local governments from participating in the BDS movement in any way.

Now this has impacted the Local Government Pension Scheme, the LGPS, which were obligated to invest the pension money of public service workers in companies that violate international law. Now, that decision was met in Britain with some resistance. Channel four of the BBC spoke with Rafeef Ziadah from the Palestine Society at SOAS University.....


Excellent result but as I thought not really a progressive move forward in law but merely an affirmation of the rights of private capital to invest their money as they see fit.

Ben Jamal: So as I said, we made the argument and the thrust of our campaign obviously was the ethical position, but we had to fight it. And the reason we took the cases, we were advised that we had good legal grounds and that the most likely chance of success was the government didn’t have the power. There’s a principle in UK law relies on a Latin phrase called ultra vires. It means you’re acting outside the boundaries of the powers you have. So the argument that was used in that one was the pension regulations, the pension law to which the government attached these regulations puts obligations upon pension companies to make decisions that are always in the benefit of their members to enhance proper investment decisions, et cetera. And the argument in that one was the government did not have the right to attach conditions to how they invest money.

That had nothing to do with any of those considerations. I thought they were to do with foreign policy positions. So that’s the basis on which we won. So it’s a very important victory. Obviously the legal principle was narrow, but as a line in the sand against the government attempts to introduce anti-bias law is very important. But we do have another battle on our hands because the government in the recent Queen’s Speech, so that’s the statement that a new government makes when it’s elected, about what laws it intends to bring in over the next parliament over the next five years. The government has announced that intends to introduce another law that would ban all public bodies from supporting BDS campaign. So we know I have to take the fuel from this victory and build the coalition, which we’re in the process of doing to oppose the next law that the government is trying to bring in.

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European Court of Human Rights rules in favour of BDS in France

The European Court of Human Rights ruled unanimously on Thursday that the highest appeals court in France had the violated the rights of activists with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement when it upheld their criminal convictions in 2015.

The ruling judged that the activists, part of the nonviolent movement advocating boycotts of Israeli goods, had their rights to freedom of expression contravened under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human rights

“This momentous court ruling is a decisive victory for freedom of expression, for human rights defenders, and for the BDS movement for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality,” Rita Ahmad from the Palestinian-led BDS movement said in a statement.

The judgement marks a major victory for the BDS movement, not only in France, but for those defending Palestinian human rights across the world.

The timing of the ruling could not have come at a more important moment, as the Israeli regime seeks to annex large sections of land across West Bank....

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Support for sanctions against Israel (by political party)

@liberal_party : 42%

@NDP : 68%

@CanadianGreens : 59%

@BlocQuebecois : 54%


Yes, but the leaderships are loyal to Israel and its lobby and so nothing happens except the continuing shame of Canada's collaboration with this racist Apartheid terror-state.

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Angela Davis @ Israeli Apartheid Week 2020, University of Toronto: 'Justice Is Indivisible'

The University of Toronto’s Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement and CUPE 3902’s Racialized Caucus are deeply honoured to have hosted legendary freedom fighter and renowned intellectual, Dr. Angela Davis, for the opening keynote of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) 2020 on International Women’s Day, on “Justice Is Indivisible.”

It is hard to imagine a more fitting time to share her radical, anti-imperialist vision of abolition and internationalism than in this moment when the movement for Black Lives is pushing forward, at great sacrifice, the program of defunding the police and ending the prison-industrial complex and state-sanctioned violence. Dr. Davis explores the connections between movements and struggles in the Global South and how we can build toward liberation based on her experience in the struggle over many decades. Her words inspire us, as do the social uprisings against anti-Black racism now taking place globally.

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..just completed this remarkable davis speech. her perspective never fails to amaze me as she provides evidence of how our struggles are linked together.


Israel Seeks to Bankrupt Progressive Pro-Palestinian Restaurant

"The pro-Israel community is engaged in a remarkable effort to bankrupt a small progressive Toronto restaurant. In their attack on Foodbenders, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and B'nai B'rith have once again allied with the violent, far-right Jewish Defence League..."


And yet....

'Israel in Toronto' : Cafe Landwer

"Enjoying good Israeli food. Cafe Landwer is back to business!" - Consul of Israel



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..from an email


I'm thrilled to invite you to IJV's next online event on August 13 at 5pm

PT // 8pm ET "Anti-Fascist Klezmer from the Shtetl to the Streets"!


Have you heard this one before? What do you get when you mix 5 anti-fascist

klezmer musicians, 3 accordions, 1 rubber chicken, 1 banjo, and a violin

all together on a cross-continental Zoom webinar? Well, we're not too sure

either. But one thing we DO know - white supremacists and nazis are gonna

be running the other way. And if we're lucky, Trump might tweet about it.

Mark your calendars for IJV's next online event "Anti-fascist Klezmer From

the Shtetl to the Streets" on August 13th! You don't want to miss this

evening of live performance, storytelling, and sing-alongs against racism,

police violence, and injustice.

Featuring the whisky rabbi himself GEOFF BERNER [2] (from Vancouver), the

anti-fascist folk-punk joie-de-vie of BRIVELE [3] (from Seattle), and IRA

TEMPLE [4] (from Brooklyn)!

In these times of growing white supremacy, police brutality, and neo-fascism, we need music that rises to the occasion. This summer in particular, we have seen a powerful uprising to these injustices, led by Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. Accordions, violins, clarinets and voices can be some of the most dangerous tools at our disposal to combat
injustice. Klezmer has a long tradition of songs that cried out for workers rights, against police brutality, and for a world free from fascism. Today, there is a growing movement of klezmer musicians drawing on that tradition, dusting off the beautiful, tragic, and celebratory songs of old, and re-imagining them for modern times. Come hear from some of the best of them.

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Geoff Berner - Grand Hotel Cosmopolis

Brivele - Fuck the Police

IRA TEMPLE - Tsibele: Mir Veln Zey Iberlebn/ We Will Outlive Them



Israel Extends Military Detention of BDS Movement's Mahmoud Nawajaa

"Without charges or a shred of evidence, they throw outrageous lies at Palestinian human rights defenders like Mahmoud, to smear them and to make it easier for the rubber-stamp military courts to exact their detention and often cruel interrogation."

Calle 13 (2013)

Free Palestine!


Ceasing the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement

"Under the banner 'Against Israel's annexaction of the Jordan Valley. No to the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement!', the march seeks to politicize CIFTA amidst Israel's plan to formally annex parts of the West Bank....

'The Palestinian leadership calls on the Canadian government to act in accordance with Canadian and international laws and amend without delay, the Canada-Israel Free Trade implementation Act (Bill c-85), which affords products originating from illegal Israeli settlements tariff free status, in flagrant violation of Canada's obligations under international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, and UN Security Council resolutions, including resolution 2334 (2016)."

Canada boycotted Apartheid South Africa. With Apartheid Israel we do Free Trade instead...


There will be a march against Israel's annexation plan in Montréal this Sunday 9 August, starting off from métro Jarry (Trudeau's riding office was across the street from there; don't know whether it still is). At 14h/2 p.m. I don't know where it is winding up - it would be a long march to downtown. I'll try to find out.

Please inform us if similar marches or other events are planned in other cities. Of course we must be careful not to cause scheduling conflicts with Lebanese events, whether mourning or activist, in the wake of the Beirut horror.


In an order released today, Judge Mark Cohen ruled that the University System of Georgiaviolated journalist and filmmaker Abby Martin's constitutional rights when it cancelled her speaking engagement on a college campus because she refused to sign a state-mandated oath pledging not to engage in boycotts of Israel. Martin is a well-known advocate of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, which the court ruled is protected by the First Amendment.


Activists Force Shutdown of Israeli Weapons Factory in UK

"This is one of the most bravest, most effective and absolutely necessary BDS actions today."

Let's hope it's a trend that continues...

Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Stop Apartheid Israel! BDS Now!


Attn: Canada's Academics and Scholars: Can You Not Do Better?

"Over 400 Australian academics and scholars have sent an open letter urging the Australian government to condemn Israel and its actions, and reevaluate its current and proposed trade agreements, between Australia and the occupying state."

You can't say you 'support' Palestinians unless/until you actually do something.


Over 500 Dutch academics sign call to cut ties with Israel

"The petition calls on the Dutch government to 'sever all economic, political and military ties with Israel' over Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, in which at least 279 Palestinians were killed including 69 children and 40 women."

Let's have a Canadian one!


Academic Boycott

"Israeli universities are major, willing and persistent accomplices in Israel's regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid. Palestinian civil society has called for an academic boycott of complicit Israeli academic institutions..."

So why this?

"Consul General Idit Shamir and DCM Shani Azulai had a wonderful first meeting today with the Exec-Dir of Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University, Stephen Adler. Israel-Canada academic exchange of students, professors and experts has a long and successful history. We look forward to fostering more win-win partnerships."

Obviously 'bds campaign is still [ NOT ] working here'. Who besides Israel is collaborating in its failure?


Sally Rooney Is Right to Boycott Israel



Novelist Sally Rooney is under attack for endorsing the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Rooney’s stand for Palestinian rights is brave and necessary — she deserves our full support.

Sally Rooney at the Hay Festival on May 28, 2017, in Hay-on-Wye, United Kingdom. (David Levenson / Getty Images)

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More than 20 acts withdraw from Sydney Festival to protest Israeli embassy funding

Israel is listed as a "Star Partner" of the festival thanks to its $20,000 grant in support of "Decadance", a show based on work by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin and Tel Aviv's Batsheva Dance Company.

At least 23 acts were confirmed to have withdrawn from the festival on Thursday after the board of the event said it had spoken with entertainers concerned over the sponsorship, but that "all funding agreements for the current Festival - including for Decadance - will be honoured, and the performances will proceed".

The announcement had elicited condemnation from several high-profile entertainers who were set to take part in one of Australia's most anticipated cultural events.

The acclaimed play Seven Methods Of Killing Kylie Jenner pulled their show on Tuesday, saying in a statement that they "stand in solidarity with the Palestinian cause".

The creative company behind the play referred to Israel as "another oppressive settler-colony" and also slammed the festival board for "ignoring" the concerns of Palestinian artists: 

"The festival's board ignored artists when concerns first arose, once again forcing people of colour to put their voices, careers and fiscal well-being on the line. Palestinian artists should have been listened to from the very start, instead of being patronised by articles and emails dismissing their pleas for divestment, they should never have had to wait in anticipation for meetings and statements to see if their colleagues were going to validate their existence."

Australian comedian Tom Ballard, who also pulled out of the event, said on Twitter: "I love the Festival and I love telling jokes, but standing up for human rights and standing against a system of apartheid is more important.".....

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Hollywood stars back Emma Watson after Palestinian solidarity post

Major figures from the world of film, including Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Capaldi and Charles Dance have issued a statement in support of Emma Watson and Palestinian solidarity.

Last week, Watson, best known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, was accused of antisemitism after she posted an image on Instagram showing a photograph of a pro-Palestinian protest with the banner “solidarity is a verb” written across it. It was accompanied with a quote about the meaning of solidarity from the intersectional feminist scholar Sara Ahmed.

The post drew strong criticism from Israeli officials, including Danny Danon, a former science minister in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, who said: “Ten points from Gryffindor for being an antisemite.”


In a letter organised by Artists for Palestine UK, a cultural network “standing together for Palestinian rights”, more than 40 named people, including Gael García Bernal, Jim Jarmusch, Maxine Peake, Viggo Mortensen and Steve Coogan, said: “We join Emma Watson in support of the simple statement that ‘solidarity is a verb’, including meaningful solidarity with Palestinians struggling for their human rights under international law.”

Citing a report by Human Rights Watch claiming Israel is committing the crimes of apartheid and persecution, the artists, including Watson’s Harry Potter co-stars Miriam Margolyes and Julie Christie, continued: “We recognise the underlying power imbalance between Israel, the occupying power, and the Palestinians, the people under a system of military occupation and apartheid.

“We stand against ongoing Israeli attempts to forcibly displace Palestinian families from their homes in the East Jerusalem neighbourhoods of Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and elsewhere in the occupied Palestinian territory.”.....